iOS 4 Update for iPhone: Car Stereo Connection Problems

By Jamie Pert - Jun 22, 2010

As you are probably aware iPhone owners upgrading to iOS 4 have been experiencing quite a few problems], such as a seemingly never-ending backup procedure, however we are hearing of one very annoying problem which some users have noticed since carrying out the update.

If you connect your iPhone to your car stereo via a USB lead you may want to hold back on installing the update to iOS 4, this is because there have been multiple iPhone owners complaining on Apple’s support forums, suggesting that this functionality is no longer working.

You can see the thread in it’s entirety here, the person who started the thread stated that when he plugs his iPhone into his Pioneer car stereo it says “Not compatible”, despite it working fine with previous iOS versions.

Another person on the forums states that songs go back to the start after receiving phone calls or switching the engine off, I can imagine this issue becoming very annoying over time.

There are a couple of workarounds which some users are claiming fixed the problem (see these via the source link below), however I would imagine that different stereos require different workarounds, and with there being so many stereos out there this is going to be a hard problem to resolve.

As we hear an update on the situation we will do our very best to keep you informed. If you have been affected by this problem please state which car stereo you are plugging your iPhone into.

Source: Apple

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  • Oasisroofer

    Kenwood mp5403u

  • Chris_smallwood

    i have a 2008 clio my i phone 3g plugs into the cd changer via a cable into the bottom of my phone, i have recently had my phone repaired and it came back all shiney and new and up to date, now i have no control what so ever over my ipod on my phone!!! it used to work fine through my steering wheel controls but will now only work through selecting songs on the ipod its self!! fuming

  • iPod touch 4.1 jailbroken via redsn0w.
    Pioneer DEH-3250UB (Malaysia) also known as DEH-2200UB (US).
    iPod touch default cable.

    First time plug in via iPod’s cable = Error-19.
    Respring the iPod = Error-19.
    Hard reset the iPod = Error-19.
    Off and on the unit = Error-19.
    Disconnect and reconnect the unit = Error-19.
    Restarted the car = Error-19. 

    iPod touch 4.3.3 jailbroken via redsn0w.

    First time plug in via iPod’s cable = detectable, played instantly! 🙂 *iPod controls disabled*

    To enable iPod control, press the “iPod” button at the pioneer unit. Now it’s fully controlled by the iPod, and can use the iPod while the music is being played. 😀

  • Traceynyoda

    Apple said to me the NOBODY has reported the problem apart from me

  • Stuart Fraser

    2011 Volvo V50 1.6 dRIVE SE via a Factory Fit USB.
    Won't connect. When I plug my 3rd Gen ipod touch in the radio display states 'ipod loading' then after around 30secs it states 'Unreadable'.
    The ipod display states 'Device not supported'.

  • AC

    I have a Griffin RoadTrip player that charged and plays wirelessly through the stereo in my BMW…after the 4.x phone update the player no longer works properly.

  • agha

    3g on iso4 with pioneer deh-3250ub has same probleme. when pluging via usb standard iphone conector show this errore 19

  • Peter

    The old iOS worked fine. Now the iPod connections with both my Toyota Venza and my home Pioneer receiver are broken. No luck with any workarounds…

  • Peter

    The old iOS worked fine. Now the iPod connections with both my Toyota Venza and my home Pioneer receiver are broken. No luck with any workarounds…

  • Dan

    Same problem with My hyundai i30 before work fine now on ios 4.1 no connection no music no steering through my steering wheel basic cr….

  • Futra

    iPod touch 4.1 jailbroken via redsn0w.
    Pioneer DEH-3250UB (Malaysia) also known as DEH-2200UB (US).
    iPod touch default cable.

    First time plug in via iPod's cable = Error-19.
    Respring the iPod = Error-19.
    Hard reset the iPod = Error-19.
    Off and on the unit = Error-19.
    Disconnect and reconnect the unit = Error-19.
    Restarted the car = Error-19.

  • Not Steve Jobss


    Seriously you arrogant ass Jobs, no flash, terrible upgrade, continued problems, breaking the "Standard" interface between iPods and car stereos – looks like you want to push apple back into oblivion once again….

  • Border

    People that did the hard reset while using their iPhones, do you need to do a hard reset every time? Or are you all saying that after doing the one hard reset there has not been an issue with compatibility between iPhone 3G/GS and head unit?

  • Nick

    Hard reset folks worked like a charm for my iPhone 3GS and Sony CDX deck.

  • Yusuf

    I have a Sony xplod. Anyone know how to get it working on that. My iPod video used to work fine but with the iPhone I only get not supported. Pls someone help.

  • brian

    honda insight with built in satnav etc. used to work fine with iphone 3gs 3.0 but after upgraded to 4.02 i also get unsupported.

  • Luther

    My problem is that the car (Ford Kuga with Sony stereo) choose the bluethooth connection with my iPhone 4 when playing music, making me unable to use the stereo to navigate in playlist. I have been able to force it with reconnecting the USB and 3,5mm cables but after the first phonecall its go back to bluethgooth connection. Thise was not a problem with my earlier iPhone

  • Bogie77

    pioneer 2200 deh, worked with os3. Now it plays music but i get a device not supported pop up, I dismiss it and it plays music but I have no on screen ipod control. I have to find music thru my head unit(sucks). Oh yeah and i get a white screen with an image of an ipod on it. updating new software version now 8-17-10. Will post after and let you all know what happens.

  • Eekkoomm

    Sony explode, keeps reading does not play.

  • Sokol

    IS WORKING AGAIN? Hard reset DID the trick. Happy again.

  • Kristi

    Hard reset while plugged in worked for me! Woohoo

  • Jessica

    I have an Alpine CDE 9870 stereo that is hardwired to take an iPod/Phone. For 3 years, I've had no issues. Since the iOS-4 update, I get an "error -01" message indicating a communication problem between the stereo and device, when I connect my 3GS iPhone.

  • casper

    I have the alpine cda-9853… the connector DOES play my iphone 4 but does not charge it… is there something i can do so that it charges? also, is there a way to get around the fact that the connector does not fit my iphone 4 while the bumper is on it?

    ps . . . it never charged my iphone 3g either…

  • davemac

    a hard reboot worked for me and my pioneer deh 3200ub

  • kameraguy

    Seems this is the most active discussion of IOS 4 upgrade issues with head units. Adding my saga to the mix for documentation sake in case anyone finds it useful.

    Alpine 9887 HU with KCE-400BT adapter. Plugging in iPhone 4 running 4.0 via USB interface.

    1) when trying to place a call via the "phone" button on the HU, get constant "Updating". Only way to stop that is disable "sync contacts" option in iPhone bluetooth options for the Alpine adapter. After doing that, I can now see the phone options, but when i try to place a call, HU will now display "No Memory".

    2) Despite showing the phone is paired to the HU via bluetooth, when a call comes in, HU BT adapter won't get call and port through HU.

    3) Random Error 01 messages.

    4) If connected via USB, but also using BT adapter, music will initially start playing via dock connector, but eventually transition to BT audio. I know this was always present in the previous IOS versions, I just wished either the HU or IOS sw would allow fine control over connection behaviour (such as lock down dock connector audio output when present). I know when i used my jailbroken 3G, there was a sweet app that did this.

    Going to try the "connect phone to HU USB connector then perform hard reset" trick and see if that works for me….

  • jj6080

    My Sony GTI-690UI says NO SUPPORT when i connect my ipod touch with USB and my ipod touch shows 'this accessory is not applicable to ipod touch.' LOL

  • djowie

    Mini Cooper S build in stereo not working either!

  • Xav

    It worked! THANK YOU. I listened to you guys! I completed turned off my iPhone 3G3 and then plugged my USB cable into my Panasonic car stereo. I turned on my iPhone and then I just waited patiently while it did it's thing. (PATIENT is the key… the first time I did this, I got the apple screen on my iPhone so I started messing with the buttons and it failed. The second time, I put on my patient face and just let it take it's time (about 2 minutes). THEN, it just started playing music. This is the first time it's worked since I upgraded to IOS4. I just went to lunch and plugged in my iPhone to my car USB again and it worked perfectly. I think this problem is NOW solved. I hope this works for the rest of you too. Remember the patient part of this comment.

    • Cathy

      I followed what you did and it worked! Thank you Thank you! I bought this new Sony car deck and thought I was cooked when my itouch didn't work. Thank God I found this thread!

  • kidda

    i have the iphone 3gs just updated my phone and now does not play with my JVC car stereo, but my girlfriend has the phone with the same update but hers works fine with my stereo is this because she uses a MAC laptop?

  • basje

    here the same problem with the kenwood kdc-bt60u and a iphone 3gs 16gb and ios 4.0

    i hope that apple or kenwood will come with a quick sulution

  • Ryan

    I did a hard reboot while my iphone was plugged into my stereo and now it works, before I did that I was having problems with my songs it would play for about 5 seconds then stop but after the reboot it works fine.

  • Underfoot

    2010 Kia Forte factory stereo – after iOS4 upgrade I would get the "this device cannot be supported" text on my iPod touch 2nd gen. Found that if I turn on the car, wait for bluetooth to finish connecting (~45-60seconds) and then plug in the iPod USB I will get almost fully functional use. It will play through a playlist and the shuffle works (although it turns off randomly) – I have the same song/artists scrolling issues mentioned above (4 second pauses between each 'click' on the wheel – making that feature useless) – and where the songs used to pause when I received a phone call, they now continue to play.

  • Nebi

    Yes finally… i have a sony xav 60..for my car…and it used to play fine with my iphone 3gs, but since i got the iphone 4, it says "this device cannot be supported", there was a trick to it, to make it work, you play the song from your phone and then you connect it to your stereo while its playing, and it will start playing it through your stereo, but now, that doesnt work anymore.

  • nfeddy

    my JVC KD-HDR50 won't read my 3rd generation ipod touch after upgrading to ios 4

  • Matthew Sharpe

    I have a Panasonic CQ-RX400N in my car – same problem after moving to OS4 – but the hard reset while plugged into the stereo does seem to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the tip.

  • Nate

    Pioneer deh-3200 with iPhone 3G and gives error 16. No way of getting it to work so far.

  • travis

    i have jvc car stereo and since getting ios4, says not compatible. only reason i got the stereo was because it was iphone compatible. any idea how to correct this?

  • chops

    Factory stereo on 2010 camaro. 3GS upgraded to iOS4. Worked previously.

  • Joao Machado

    i own a renault clio III phase 2 and it stopped working for me as well
    iphone 3g
    any workaround??
    says usb not compatible

  • Jay

    BMW 5-series 2008 – I'm using the BMW original cable through USB (6FL) and AUX.
    One thing that don't work is the "Artists" listing… It says "Unknown" on the display. Everything else seem to work properly.

  • chad

    2010 camaro boston aucoustics. no go

  • gross

    2010 infinity g37 sedan with navigation systym

    it doesn't load the menu for songs within an album and sometimes it will randomly go to the album a.m by wilco… i am forever stuck listening to wilco's folk/indie rock in my car :

  • Andrew

    Acura RDX 2010 and iPhone 3GS. Updated to 4.0 and now USB connection shows Unsupported. WTF

  • feralcoyote

    3gs on ios4 with Sony xplod has issues too…song starts then you hear a loud static 4 times then phone ipod disconnects music and no controlls

  • ksustyle

    I have my 32G/3GS/iOS4 connected to my Alpine Model # CDA-105 via an Alpine KCU-440i USB iPOD / iPHONE CABLE. Like everyone else here it worked great on all previous software versions. Now I get one of two things. Either it immediately says device error so of course I get nothing, or sometimes it will start playing a song for about 5-10 seconds then go to to static like noise and then I get the Device Error. So naturally I have tried the Hard reset of the phone while it is connected. What I get after powering it back on is usually the second scenario. However when I do the hard reset once it is on again and trying to play music, I will also get a message on the phone now saying that this accessory is not compatible. Come on Apple WTF "Why The Face"

  • Sean

    I've got a Sony stereo. I tried turning off the iPhone (holding the power for 2 seconds) and then turning it back on again while it was still plugged in to the stereo. It took about 45 to 60 seconds while I sat there looking at it wondering if it would work. It all works now.
    If you're having the iOS 4 problem, try the hard reboot while connected to your stereo..

  • Matt

    3GS/iOS4/JVC combo here, no longer working of course. Hard reset did nothing. Stereo displays "cannot read".

    • Brian

      It might be the software on the JVC not being supported for the Iphone 3GS

  • Wendy

    I have a Pioneer DEH-P3100UB. I keep getting Error-19. I tried a hard restart but still not compatible.

    • Brian

      That is the Pioneer software compatibility on the stereo itself. I get error 19 on my Iphone 4 with the same stereo but I just unplug and re-plug and it works fine.

  • daniel

    i have the same prob was able to use fine before update.pluggin into usb on a 09 toyota hilux now saying not compatable

  • Adam

    Pioneer DEH-7250SD – Shows Error-16
    Worked previously…

  • David

    I have a KDC-BT838U. Doing a Reset All Settings from Settings:General:reset helped the issue but it quickly returned afte I launch Panadora. I can't scroll though any of the playlists. I have to disconnect, select the music or album I want to head on the iphone itself and then reconnect.

  • Brian

    2010 Acura MDX with Technology Package. USB connect worked wonderfully with iPhone running OS 3.3, but since upgrading to IOS 4 the system reads "Unsupported" Not real happy since I paid extra for the Tech Package for this feature.

    • Mike

      Same comment. 2010 Acura MDX w/ Tech Pack and am getting "Unsupported". That's a lot to pay for something basic not to work.

      • Kevin

        Same thing – 2010 MDX Tech package – 6 weeks old. Worked once now says "unsupported"

  • lanny

    09 honda fit. the hard restart allows it to play but scrolling functionality is nil.

  • Robert

    I have an Iphone 3GS, 1 year old. I have played music on my Honda Civic for a year through a USB connection provided by the car, but not after upgrading to iOS4. Now I get an unsupported message. What happened? Didn't Honda agree to pay a fee, so Iphones could play music on their cars?

  • Ian

    Clarion DUZ388RMP doesn't work now, 1 blip of music then it freezes. Radio alternates between Error 5 (unreadable) and BUS_PWR, which is an error I've not seen before but I assume it's complaining that the phone is now drawing too much power?!?!?

  • StinkyDuck

    I have a Kenwood KDC-MP642U. My iPhone 3Gs with the new iOS4 update no longer works with my deck. Very annoying.

  • Thilo

    Kenwood KDC-BT60U works after connecting it via USB then doing a hard restart of the iPhone.

  • OKKyle

    JVC KD-R610 shows album/song names and has control, but plays no audio with Iphone 3GS. I'm going to try a hard restart when I go out for lunch.

    • OKKyle

      A hard restart fixed the problem.

  • George

    UPDATE— I was able to get everything working again by doing a hard reset on my iPhone while connected to the usb on my stereo. All is back to normal.

  • Sean

    My 3gs with ios4 sometimes works but mostly not on my 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander. I tried all the tricks and still nothing.

  • George

    My iPhone 3GS with iOS4 does not work now with my Sony CDX-GT700HD. Tried restoring my iPone and resetting the stereo, no luck. Stereo stays in "read" mode. Got a "not supported" message once.

    • Gabe

      Same with my Sony CDX-GT630UI. Stuck on "Read".

    • Todd

      Me too my Sony isn't working

      • Marco

        Same here, same stereo. It doesnt seem sony is going to update.

        • Tony

          Same here…cdx-gt700hd

        • Tony

          ACTUALLY….I powered down everything.Turned the car on first. Then I plugged the usb connection into my iPhone running IOS4. Once plugged in, the iPhone booted up automatically and it started reading it just fine. I tested it by restarting the car and plugging it back in…haven't received any reading errors at all lke I was before.

  • earwigy1990

    I have the Alpine 9460 or 9640 something and i noticed my music can be accessed, but the biggest problem is it has only a circular thing u spin to scroll threw ur music and before (previous iOS) it would scroll smoth and quickly (which is ideal when you have over 2000 songs for hundreds of artists) but now NO LIE it scrolls one artist, pauses for 4 seconds, then goes to the next artist, pauses… continues throughout the entire artist list, its impossible to pick something to listen to…

    • Gibbonius

      Exactly the same here.

  • allen

    yes scion xb 2010 pioneer stereo no longer reads ipod

  • 2009 Honda Fit. Flashes UNSUPPORTED. What in the blue hell?

  • Eric

    Most people seems to having success just by connecting it via USB then doing a hard restart of the iPhone.

  • Keith

    I have to go through multiple gyrations of plugging and unplugging…. going in and out of iPod mode… etc. Nothing consistent. I have a Panasonic DEH-P4000UB.

  • Tanner

    Mine was not working with my Kenwood KDC-HD545U this morning. 🙁

  • Ronnie

    Mine isn't working either. I usually plug mine into an 09 stock Honda Fit stereo.