iOS 4: How Is Your Battery Life Now? – More Problems

By Jamie Pert - Jun 22, 2010

As with any new update, especially one as big as iOS 4 which has been rolled out for your iPhone and iPod Touch, you may have found yourself frustrated at certain new problems that have arisen – one being that you may have noticed your battery life has taken a beating.

Over on the Apple forums, users have been complaining of battery issues after installing iOS 4. But is this due to them over-using the phone and checking out the new features? Or is it due to the fact that the iPhone 3GS does not like multitasking?

These are probably the two main reasons for the battery life reduction, as the previous iPhone’s do not have as bigger battery as the the new iPhone 4.

One user even mentioned that they phoned Apple Support, to which they suggested a full restore as they were losing around 1% battery every two minutes. Where as after a restore, they were back to normal battery life, losing only 1% after 25 minutes of non-usage.

Are you running into iOS 4 battery life problems? Share them with us and our readers below.

Source: Apple Forums

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  • horseshoe

    If you put the iOS device into Airplane mode, then this battery problem goes away. This suggests to me that the device keeps the WiFi connection active, thereby draining battery power the whole time. When the device goes to sleep, so should the WiFi, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

    I'm a little disappointed in Apple. It seems their growing a bit complacent with their dominance.

  • NTT

    Disabeling all the aplications that run in background, the wifi, bluetooth, and the notifications "push" can improve the battery life on your 3Gs iPhone. I tested and its OK, my battery is like before than i had the OS3. So double tapp and press the icons 2 sec than you tap the red "-" that stop the application.

  • Roland

    Since updating my ipodtouch 2g the battery time is very very short.
    Over night the battery is empty in standby. Befor it was good for a week.

  • Darren

    Took mine touch to the Apple store last night and they gave me a brand new touch and I'm happy again. V4 cut my battery life in half, not really for the Ipod touch

  • doug

    I have just been advised by my cell provider that my phone needs to be replaced after upgrading from 4.0 to the latest OS4.1 for my iphone 3gs 16gb. Battery life has dropped to less than half a day from the previous 24hours + (or enough to easily get through a busy day). Proposed remedy is to get my phone replaced under warranty to a unit thats running the earlier OS and NOT upgrading it …

  • Dugg

    My god most of you need to take remedial spelling. Your opinions are almost instantly discredited when you can’t even correctly convey what you’re trying to illustrate. That being said, the battery life on ios 4 is completely pathetic, to put it kindly

  • Kate

    I have a 2nd gen iPod touch and I updated to OS4 because I thought it would improve battery life (Bad idea!) I really hate it! With 3.1.3 my battery last about 30 hours (for music) and now it last 15 hours! I just need my battery back!! I'm desperate.. I need some advice, please. I don't even use wifi!

  • Ben

    its all because u have the multi tasking feature on OS4 so when u close an app down it is still actually running but in the background. so if you play a game and close it down u havent and u know how quick the battery on any apple device will run down if u play games 24/7. so on your iphone double tap the home button and this thing shows hold one of those apps down and then a red circle will show in the top left hand corner of the apps just keep tapping them until all of your apps are closed then u r ok. and every time u close an app down unfortunatly u will have to do this. i know its a pain!!!!