Dyson Air Multiplier: New floor-standing models

The British summer has arrived and offices and homes will now be getting their fancy looking Dyson Air Multiplier’s out from storage. However, with only one model to choose from they were not practical for all – that is until now. The British inventor has now unveiled a new range of floor-standing models, but they come at a premium.

Goldie Momen Putrym from Sky News reports that the new range of Dyson fans uses the same technology used in turbochargers and jet engines, as a result you get 50 percent more air-flow than a standard fan – as well as the fact that they are much safer to have around children due to having no blades.

We are not certain how many consumers in the home will pay £299 for a fan, but we know that these designer fans with a purpose will do very well in the business sector. Sir James Dyson said that these new floor-standing version of the Air Multiplier will be ideal in hospitals and laboratories – doing away with the need for bulky air-conditioning units.

Previous models have gone down very well with consumers, we just fear that the £299 price tag will be out of reach of most – has Dyson shot themselves in the foot by cutting off a huge portion of the market?



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