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Breaking News: Microsoft Officially Announce Price for Kinect

After much speculation about the price of Microsoft’s new motion-sensing-device ‘Kinect,’ Microsoft have officially revealed that the price of the unit will cost the same as the Xbox 360 console.

Microsoft made the announcement today, and said that Kinect – formally Project Natal – will be priced at the $149.99 (the price that was leaked previously). This is also the same price as Microsoft sell the 360 Arcade Spring 2010 Bundle for online.

Although there are 15 titles that have been confirmed for Kinect so far, including Forza 4 and a new Sonic the Hedgehog, none are thought to be released as part of the Kinect deal which comes with the Kinect sensor, Power suppy, User manual and Wi-Fi extension cable.

I do however believe that Microsoft will also release Xbox 360 bundles, probably ranging from around $200 upwards, but what kind of games and bundles would you like to see Microsoft release? Do you believe $149.99 is a fair price for Kinect?

Source: Tech Radar


  • seriously….

    Come on people! how much have most of us dished out for stupid over rated games that we beat or figured out the key to within the first couple of days? stood in line for stupid phones with touch screens? or EVEN THE I PAD! we are not talking about the rip off wii here! we are talking about a voice activated, controller-less gaming device that puts you as the player personally in charge of what goes on around you! forget the stupid pets and yoga! think about star wars and call of duty! i would gladly pay 150 for the newest technology from the leading distributor of gaming!

    • fat Dutch smoker

      Real talk. That’s what’s good

  • omg

    in my opinion its too much money..
    £100 for a kinect?!?!!
    the new xbox itself is £200 and ps3 move is a lot cheaper tbh:
    n top of that theres xbox live which is like £30 a year.
    AND the failure expenses are like £60 for the RROD
    pure scam Microsoft :(!

  • not worth $150

    i personally think that $150 is not completly fair or reasonable. even though it is a gateway to new ways of electronic gaming, and has unheard of (in the video game world) tech, after the wii's somewhat of "baby boom" in the gaming industry, kinect is only a 2,3 or 4 steps up. I think that $ 100 $110 $ or maybe $120 might make a little more sense. I own a wii myself, and it most definitly nothing of what I expected. the graphics for most games are somewhat… ps1 or gameboy like. also, every move is predetermined and all you have to do is get clsoe. on star wars games, you could pretty much shake the controller like a coke bottle and win. yet, on the kinect, you are the controller, it is the moves your body makes that appears on the game. and these are those HD, microsoft xbox 360 graphics. the wii was $150 starting, yet you have to pay $250 or so for a 360 then you pay $150 for the kinect. so overall, kinect is better but it's price is a little outrageous.


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