Apple iPhone iOS 4: List of Problems after Installation

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2010

Once again, it seems the launch of a new iPhone operating system has not gone as smoothly as anticipated. We have a new list of a few major problems that users are experiencing after installing iOS 4.

As reported from BGR, some users have reported that they don’t have any problems after installing the new software, but a lot of you are saying otherwise.

One of the biggest problem that has surfaced after the update was available is that contacts are being deleted, despite the backup function that is available. BGR also state that Push Notifications is not working properly, while some of you are reporting that the update fails to install all together.

You can bet that Apple are already working hard on some of the problems mentioned, but how widespread are they we wonder?

Head to BGR for the full list and let us know if you are having any problem with your iPhone after installing iOS 4.

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  • Glad 5 came out, 4 was fine really, but 5 was a huge step in the right direction.

  • ChuckG

    iOS4 is a disaster! First it blew EVERYTHING off the phone! After days of reconstructing files, now it insists on adding a "1" before phone numbers used from contacts which makes 11 digits so text fails! The only solution seems to be delete contact and enter number manually (I think).
    Tomorroy I'm going down to the SPRINT store and look into a Android phone.

  • steve

    i ran the os4 update on my 3g iphone, last weekend daylight savings began and the phone auto adjusted as expected however the alarm set for 6:15 am now rings at 5:15, have reset time and alarm, no change

  • Helen

    1. Cannot receive a phone call & message unless the caller is within few inches from me.

    2. Multitasking doesn’t work

    3. Cannot forward email with attachments, the screen is getting static with the word “Loading” on the top (fine without an attachment)

    4. The text in the textbox enlarges as soon as I click the Return button

    5. Applications are closed by itself.

  • Jazzman 5000

    When I update my iPod Touch (aka iTouch) to ios4, I have problems:
    -Boot screen problem
    -Battery problem

  • Tom Killen

    All pictures already saved on the phone have lost quality, and my ipod just cuts out after 10 seconds!

  • DIO

    facing problem after installing iOS4.. apple should release it after better testing…

  • Chris

    when i upgrade to ios 4 on my 3g.. i cant pick up any wifi signals anymore =/

  • Mike

    Mandi, I've got a 3GS and those are the exact same problems I'm having. Since the iOS4 download, my reception is crap, 90% of my calls get dropped after a few seconds, I get constant voicemail password requests and all of my apps and safari are incredibly slow.

    This sucks.

  • Mandi

    Since I have updated the software on my iphone to iOS 4, I have had a lot of dropped calls, a voicemail password request which i type in, but the notification only pops up again, for some reason all my music can only be accessed through the artist section (when I go into songs, there is nothing there), and last but by far the most bothersom, when I try to answer a call, whether its sliding the lock over, or pressing the answer button when the screen is already unlocked, it wont answer. I have to press it three or four times, and even then it slowly answers.

    has anyone had these problems? I have the 3GS.

  • eraos

    After instoling IOS4:

    1. lost contacts

    2. the display freaze from time to time

    3. the internet crash 3-4 time/day

    4. the Apple 3g 16 mb become from a greate phone a real desaster

  • guido

    O ja, Safari isnt working anymore. So weird. It opens up, tries to connect to my email server but then it just disappears again like I pushed the home button.

    Never had this before. And it only happens when I connect to my webemail server. Not when I use google.

    And all these advertisements on the bottom of the apps I dont like either.

  • guido

    Having the 3GS for about 7 months and was always running smoothly.

    After updating to IOS4 it already crashed/freezed 2 times.

    The multitask option is nice but is shit in a way too. When I close my navigation program it keeps running in the multitask mode. So the voice turn left, turn around etcerea keeps going on. So to stop that I have to stop the program again in the multitask bar. So its double work.

    All the time I get warning messages that Data Roaming is switched off. Never had this before.

    Battery runs out much quicker. Even with the carcharger plugged in and running my TomTom app the battery is going down.

    So far the only improvement I have noticed is that the camera is much quicker.

    I dont know if its possible to restore back to IOS3.

  • itbiker

    After upgrading my 3g phone my music and audio books will not advance to next song or chapter of the book like it us to. It keeps playing the same song or book segment over and over. The only way to advance is to do it manually.

  • Chris

    I have an issue after updating where if I'm listening to music and receive a phone call and return to the music after, my volume level is about half of what it was. The only way to restore it is to restart the phone.

    I have also recently been having issues switching between Edge and 3G. It has gotten so bad that I no longer use 3G. When i took it in to the Apple store 2 weeks ago, the updated something for me and changed my sim card. When it still happened 1 week later they did the same again, insisting it's the software or the where I live. I never had a problem on 3.1

  • David

    I have a less-than-1-year old car adapter – the iSimple PXAMG/PGHNI1 Nissan iPod Adapter, that is installed in my dash. It worked great before with my Iphone 3gs & Ipod Touch 3rd Generation. Since the IOS4 update, neither will work at all in my car. Both keep getting looping messages saying "device not compatible with Iphone/Ipod". Hard reset didn't fix it. Apple says it's "working as designed" so according to Isimple, I now have to reopen the dash, buy a h/w dongle and install new firmware. Creating a new external device interface for the Iphone 4 might be okay, but changing interface specs on existing phones seems shoddy to me. This is a multiple-hundred-dollar problem.

  • ballzie

    since I’ve upgraded my 3GS my phone just hasn’t been the same. it has slowed down slightly, but my bigger problem is that, at least once a day my phone shuts down and it’s a nightmare to switch back on. I’m happy with everything that the new update brings but there is some major issues that need sorting out, if anyone else has this problem please comment!!

  • Brit

    since the upgrade on my 3GS, my keyboard lags CONSIDERABLY after a few words, and i find myself making errors i never made before (?) like i somehow am hitting enter constantly, or making more errors than normal when typing, and the phone wont correct them, NOR will it correct words that it used to! notes will not save any updates unless i specifically hit *done* after adding info to it– never had to do that before, phone has shut itself down for no reason, and when it came back on, photos were lost. also camera takes quite a while to start up sometimes, sometimes wont start at all, and/or freezes.

    the keyboard thing is my biggest gripe but no one i know seems to be having this problem, im ready to say goodbye to my iphone all together in favor of a physical keyboard again, its ridiculous to not be able to type properly!

    • ballzie

      like your problem my phone shuts down for no reason and is very difficult to switch back on again, very annoying to say the least!

  • Rowan Smith

    My 3GS has lost the “hands free” voice recognition ability. Used to work first time every time. now it doesnt work at all – gets every name wrong! How do I go back to iOS3??

  • mike

    As soon as I downloaded IOS4 to my 3g, I lost wifi. It would show my router, and show it as connected, but wouldn't work. I reset every possible setting, from erase all settings to reset network settings. Also tried manually entering it in, under other network, and manually did wep. Nothing at all works. On top of the wifi issue, just about every app runs slow or crashes. Everything was perfect in 3.1.3 not one problem for me. Now its a disaster, IOS4 is horrible imho.

  • Kyle

    Ever since updating to OS 4 my 3GS has been running more slowly and buggy. Text messaging in particular takes longer to load, as do many other apps. When I'm editing a note, sometimes it will not save what I have written, and when I go back to the note it is gone. It also changed the dates of many of my older notes to all say they were created on the same day!



  • Rocky

    i just update my i phone with IOS 4.. It showed software downloads was successful but the screen on my i phone just showing the symbol of the apple…Wat does it mean?I dont understand..Anyone can help me??Please……

  • KPR

    I am probably lucky, however my 3GS which is about 3months old now tries to shut itself down during a phone call whether incoming or outgoing, when you check the recent call logs the call has not registered. It simply shows the white apple on the screen and then the red slide button appears to shut it down. I do this and start it back up and it works again, the cutting off is regular but not on every call. This is a nightmare.

  • Jon

    The upgrade to 3G Iphone took ages. The music transfer started and then I went to bed… When I was driving to work today I noticed that there is no music on the phone at all.

    Safari: when using safari is a web forum the typing goes out of the visible area without auto-scrolling. Real slick.

    I get the feeling that Apple have now hit that 'we're invicible so we don't need to try anymore' phase. Quality has really gone south over the past year.

    Getting quite frustrated with apple these days.

  • Chris Gilbert

    Mine freezes battery life halved volume less than half.
    But the worst problem is, the 3G doesn't work with my vodafone sure signal at home.
    I can hear the caller clearly but they can't hear me
    Needs a fix asap

  • ashley duncan

    my old 3g works very slowly after the installation of the new software and i cant get a good signal any more either.
    Apple deny their is a problem,but my new iphone 4 was also had very bad reception and has now been sent back to o2.

  • Appaholic

    My iPod feature on my 3gs is not working anymore and the phone is running slow, really slow. Texting lags and some apps crash.

  • Jonathan

    Whenever i call someone or someone calls me, after the conversation has ended, the touchscreen will not respond for about 30seconds. The problem just started today.

  • Majo


  • Jennifer

    I am not able to send most of my mms video messages to anyone who does not have a 4.0 or a 3GS iOS4. Some videos go through and some do not. I went to apple to get a new 3GS that did not have the new update already installed since no one knew how to fix the problem. I followed the instructions on how to sync/restore my NEW phone and since my last backup was done after the 4.0 upgrade on my previous phone, it messed with the contacts and I lost EVERYONE on the phone.
    Also, all of my game apps that I purchased, the scores are deleted so I have to start all over again.
    THis is the worst update I've ever experienced!

  • Ddub

    my 3gs is horrible now, i always get an error telling me to check my network, never had this problem before ios4.
    my email stops working all the time!!! so i need to contantly recongifure and delete accounts.
    i get crashes with almost all applications… not sure if its because of the app not being tested properly
    my battery life is so bad, i cant just leave it on standby overnight anymore.
    man apple sucks now, especially since my iphone 3gs's keep breaking… by themselves too.

  • jbail92

    my ipod closes randomly on my iphone 3gs and sometimes i have to restart it because it wont turn on

  • BLayne

    When trying to update, my phone attempts to backup first, and get hung up on this step.

  • karl

    buttons wont activate phone 50% of the time
    random freezing and crashing
    apps wont download or update properly
    reception seems like its worse
    I was unhappy with this phone(3GS) and AT&T before now it is unbearable. With the current smartphone lineup growing and droid getting better and better I am considering an EVO and saying goodbye to Apple and their issues.

  • pankaj

    i m facing the same problem data network on edge and gprs not connected
    i have to restore it again and again since updated.
    from my side its not good update from apple.
    they had to improve the update.

  • pinkfandango

    I downloaded iOS4 yesterday – firstly it deleted ALL my contacts. i was able to import SIM contacts to get some of them back but of course not the ones i had saved directly to the iphone.
    today i find that it doesn't save ANY phone numbers on the recent call list – either ones received or missed. pretty unhelpful if you don't already have the number and want to call them back…definitely seems as though this "upgrade" was rushed through.

  • 3GS and 3G Suck

    You should've bought an iPhone 4. Quit your bitching that your old devices suck now.

  • Matt

    I have a iphone 3g only because where i live i can only run on the stupid EDGE network rogers offers..

    I updated to iOS4 yesterday and was majorly disapointed. All my contacts are gone!!!! it backed my phone up before it did the update to!! WHAT THE F IS WITH THAT?!?!

  • Jason

    This is awful, when i try to play music the screen pops up for a second and then returns to the playlist or ipod menu without playing the song, its almost as if the ipod function on my iphone has been removed, cant play any music despite it being there. Awful!

    • Dave

      I had this – sync'd to my Mac and it sorted it out. Now the same thing is happening with the App Store applicaiton though.

  • Stephen

    I have not only lost contacts after upgrading my iPhone, I've lost EVERYTHING as it somehow restored itself to factory settings without any intervention from me! As a business owner I cannot begin to describe how devastating that it for me. All my clients numbers and details are gone! The only things recovered from iTunes were playlists and Apps, however, even these were reset to factory settings.
    iPhone is a great phone but it is just unbelievably frustrating that these things are rushed through to users without proper testing being undertaken first. Thanks Apple for NOTHING!!!

  • I have a bug were some how when return to my mailbox my keyboard never removed it's self and now the whole bottom quarter of my screen in the mail app is completely useless. Which actually makes the whole application useless because now even when the keyboard isn't visible the overlay for the keyboard is blocking memfrom touching the buttons like reply

  • Natm84

    I have been experiencing multiple issues. I have the 3GS. Slow, freezes, keeps cuttingboff my calls, and it keeps bringing up the message that this accessory is not suitable for device. This comes up when charging phone and when opening apps. I cannot charge my phone overnight as I have to keep pressing dismiss for the charge to continue! Not impressed.

  • Juanita

    My battery life is non existent and this only after a few phone calls..

  • Ted

    Wow, and I thought my glitch was bad, I feel for you guys, especially where the phone has crashed… Updated yesterday and so far I’ve noticed:

    – when playing music, the screen will randomly come on for a bit, then vanish.

    – it’s overall slower, like when the phone is locked I would double tap the home key to change song, but now I have to triple tap, I guess it’s only a mild thing, but it’s annoying.

    , and changing songs seems to take a fraction of a second longer.

    – when I double tap it brings up that menu thing, but when I’m in landscape mode, typing, like now for example, and I want to change song or app, if I double tap, its still in

    Portrait mode…

    That’s about it I think.. Hope they update this shit..

  • Dave

    Upgraded my Iphone 3GS to iOS4 and now my ipod functions are not working. The ipod app closes within a few seconds of opening. I cannot play anything.

  • Dean

    After installing iOS4, I can't download any apps directly to my iPhone 3G. They just stay stuck "loading". Maybe it has to do with heavy traffic on Apple's servers because of the iPhone 4's release, but I don't know. I want to buy the limited sale .99 games, but they won't install.

  • Lynne

    Since I updated the software all of my photos are now blurred. Any suggestions?

  • snoswtar

    MY 32Gs is completely stuffed now and will not restore after several attempted upgrades to iOS4 – HELP!!!!! Tried troubleshooting with apple techs with no solution. Wish I could just go back to earlier OS – phone was running perfectly until now!!!!

  • russell

    I updated to the version 4 every thing worked fine except it would not register my sim card the apple team tride every thing and it kept comming up with the no sim message and they offerd to replace my phone then i remmembered that when I started the upgrade it had been set in flight mode so as a desperate attemt I turned the flight mode on then off imagine my surprize when it found the sim and activated it hope this helps some people

  • Joe

    since I upgraded my phone is continually crashing and at other times shutting down. It has been a disaster and I really regret downloading the latest update. Apple didn't have their homework done.

    • Majo


      • Rosalie

        Me too. Crashes every few minutes even when in the process of sending emails and randomly turns itself off when not in active use. No longer compatible with the docking station. I only upgraded because my 3Gs had a catastrophic failure and wouldn't even charge. Had to reinstall firmware and then restore settings.

  • Steven

    I have an iPhone 3g and after the update it won’t let me restore and when I plug it into itunes it stops working and shuts off. This is the worst update ever!

  • Bill

    All photos in my "Photo Library" (not the Camera Roll) are extremely pixellated.

  • iphone user

    "No sim" problem

  • djwondee

    – SMS character count does only work when MMS subject is enabled
    – severel iPhone OS 3 apps crashes while determine location
    – Navigon 3D view is scrambled

    iOS4 on 3GS

  • jee

    I updated my iPod touch 2nd gen to iOS 4 and for about 2 days it has been working fine but today it just forced itself into recovery mode for no reason and it tried to restore from backup but it could not!!!!!

  • Urban

    Since upgrade my phone shuts down after an hour or two. And could only be started by plugging it into power or computer. The battery has not run down and I can continue to use my phone directly after restarting it whithout the need to charge it.

  • Cyril

    The iPod volume of my iPhone 3Gs is lower than ever (25% down).

  • Pat

    Installing iOS4 issue that I have encountered:
    – everytime a note is edited, iphone sends the note to gmail inbox
    – wallpaper rendering for lockscreen pixellated
    – with multi tasking you will end up lots of apps running in the background if you don't turn the apps manually
    – more to come

  • Will

    Im having problems too with the connection to safari on EDGE and 3G. Is not working at all. My voice mail is not working either.

    • Jo Anne

      My voicemail isn't holding messages and now the iphone is asking for a voicemail password?!?!?!

      • EK

        You have to call ur self and setup a voicemail passcode then use it when it prompts u for it in the popup

  • Colin K

    I did the os4 update yesterday. Didn’t notice any issues until today when I plugged my iPhone into my jvc he’d unit in my car to play music. It tried to connect to the phone but after little while said no USB detected. It worked fine yesterday before the update. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Robert

      Robert-I have the same issue. After upgrading my 3gs to os4, I can not play music through the Iphone USB cable to my 2009 Honda Civic. Besides the No USB detected, I get a message that my phone is unsupported. It worked fine before the upgrade. I would like to know how to fix this also!!

    • Glen

      Same issue here, started out saying "restricted device" then turned off and on iphone, would play a song for a second then show "no usb device" turned iphone off and on again, now plays through usb but i have no control from the headunit or iphone.

      • justin

        I had the same issue w/ my Acura TSX. Just says unsupported.

    • Glenn

      I have the same problem – updated to IOS 4.1, and my iPhone cannot play through my Renault Laguna. I have tried it on other vehicles, and the same problem. It was working before the upgrade. I now have to play either through bluetooth on my car radio unit, or via aux cable, but I cannot control the iPhone from the vehicle's radio control units on the steering wheel. Very frustrating

      • Ian

        I had the same problem with mine, you need to update the software in the stereo unit, plug the iphone in via USB and press the power off and home button at the same time until the apple icon comes onto the screen. This does a minor reset and as the iphone reboots, it will update the stereo software at the same time

  • saj

    problems with my 3gs ios4 rebooting randomly, tried to restore now its stuck in restore mode and when i try to restore it gives me error code 29. my 3gs is 3 months old and never been jailbroken,

    did apple test it?

  • Guest

    Since the upgrade (which was a nightmare in itself) my battery won’t hold a charge and my phone no longer detects wifi connections. I guess the bright side is that my new iPhone will be here in a couple of weeks.

    • guest

      same with me! No wifi at all, can't fix this. Anybody who can help?

  • Casey

    It took my iPhone 3Gs ab 2 hrs to backup w/ multiple tries when updating software. I cant count the times it froze on me as well. All together the software update was 4 hour process ending in a lost contacts & in restore mode with out my consent. Some of the apps did not work for hours as well. After all this I would say wait until all the bugs are corrected before updating.

  • Tees

    mine decided it couldnt update so then it did a restore now its stuck and just sitting there! UGH

  • movieman1942

    When I down loaded the new 4.0 I got an ERROR notification and that I would have to RESTORE my phone so I did and I lost half of my APPS and some VIDEOS I took with the camera !!!

  • Since the iOS4 upgrade on my phone, the camera now has a lovely 'pink' tinge when I take pictures or film video!

    This problem wasn't there on o/s 3…. so come on Apple, help me out!

  • satinder

    I am unable to load the software have been rying for 2days it keeps going to back up and freezes. 🙁 was looking forward to it.

    • ATLEagle75

      I'm having the exact same problem on a 3G.

  • Chris

    My issue is that I'm not able to lock my device with a code. At the setupmenu the options are inactive (grey). I also experience some problems with my exchangeaccounts. I can't enter the screen with the options to sync my agenda, e-mail or contacts. Actually by taping the account (at Mail, Contacts and Agenda) my phone will return to the startscreen. BTW the proces of backing up my iPhone took 21/2 hours and ended with a failurescreen….;-(

  • Alan

    Since the backup for my iphone 3G was taking a couple of hours without moving past the a, I decided to do a RESTORE. This seemed to go Ok, but now itunes says that there is NO SIM CARD installed and refuses to do anything. The iphone just displays the screen requesting that I plug into itunes – trying powering off, to no avail ????????????????

  • dmitry

    after updating everything was fine. but when i tried to restore a back up, it just cycled, can`t do nothing… it just show apple loading screen than retore screen and again and again…
    What to do 🙁 ?

  • nightavatar

    @rogue527, To close (turn off) apps: If there’s an app showing up in the multitasking bar that you’re not using often, you can hold your finger down on it until the icon jiggles. Tap the — (minus sign) button in the corner and the app closes.

  • Shawn

    I'm missing the iTunes app? Is the iBook loaded automatically with the 3GS? If so, I mission that too.

  • kris

    I've lost all my contacts which is a disaster in my profession. I need help fixing this bad!

  • TinCan

    To exit an app u gotta hold down the icon till it shakes then hit the red minus sign like if you were deleting it, as for the loudness all mine are working as they did before, except when I play music from the iPod the loudness is cut in half. Sucks cus I use my iPhone to play music from the speaker alot

  • SoAmazin

    same problem with mine… even the music volume is cut

  • GreyPaint

    You close apps by double-pressing the home button, to bring up opened apps, then hold a finger on an app and they will all shake and a close icon will appear on each one.

  • Lewis

    So far my issue is that my call volume has been cut in half. Everything else, apps, ringers, music are all just as loud as before. When making a call however, even at max volume, it's half as loud as it used to be. I'm actually straining to hear the other person on occasion.

    • josh veselka

      same problem, any cures yet?

      • Luca

        iphone 3g ios 4.01 same problem. drastically lower volume in hearphones
        Does anyone know a solution? or if Apple is taking care of this issue with the next release ?

    • Michael

      Same issue over here. It's now virtually impossible to have telephone call in the car.

  • rogue527

    After an update to iOS4 on my 3GS all data transmission up or down failed on my phone unless I had a WiFi connection. The only way I could get it to work was by a complete restore and not to restore from a backup. I had to re-load all of my apps and set EVERYTHING up again from scratch. Worst update experience I have ever had.

    Also, the multitasking feature leaves EVERYTHING running in the background since NO app has an exit or close option, yet…

    • SoAmazin

      Mine works smoothly, except my call/music/speaker volume is low….U can close the apps running in the background, just press an hold 1 of the apps then a red thing pops up to close them!!

    • ron

      wrong… hold the icon in the multitasking bar until a red icon appears allowing you to exit the app

    • Killn

      To could close the apps by double clicking the home button to bring up the multitasking panel then holding an icon until the red minus sign pops up then just tap to delete

    • Chris

      yes, it has. Tap on an icon at the multitasktray for a few seconds. The icon starts wobbling and a 'minus- badge' appears. tap the badge and your app will close.
      I hope this is just a fix-workaround, 'cause it need to be much easier (i.e. swipe to the empty space above).

    • Gary

      Hey – Rogue527 – the same happened to me – how do you get your apps back please?
      Also – all my contacts are gone – I'm on a new laptop so they are not even on this laptop (in Outlook). When I done the restore it came up in a message I could get my contacts back….any ideas – I am panicing!

    • Alan

      If your in app switching mode hold down on an icon as if you were doing the delete icon method in normal mode and you will get a shut down app option

    • hey rogue, i’m having the same problem. i restored from a backup and it still doesn’t work – you said you set it up from scratch and it fixed itself? I want to know for sure

    • cody

      to force quit an app, hold the home button

      • TaKashi

        By holding the Home button, it goes to voice control..

    • iwillholla

      Try installing UltraSn0w…it worked for me..I dunno why but i immediately got all of my voicemail and texting ability back, although i am an AT&T user. I did however just install everything as a new phone, but only because i liked the fresh install. But I did restore from backup to get an old text and installed ultrasn0w again to reply to it. Good luck and dont forget to than the dev-team for this…I dont know if they know they saved the day but, they still did it.

    • Tom

      It doesn't leave everything running in the background like you said. iOS 4 just let's you THINK that's the case.

      I know what you mean, you see all apps running in the background, but in fact they are not. See, what happens is that when you switch to another app it freezes the app's state and closes it. When you switch back to it, the state is quickly restored and you get the illusion that it was never closed down! This approach greatly preserves battery life while multitasking, as opposed to Android phones where the battery dies much quicker because they REALY let all apps run in the background.

    • jesse

      you hold the app down then when it turns a little red thin up on the top left click it it will exit