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Wimbledon 2010 Schedule of Play: iPhone app

The biggest Tennis event of the year starts today; so make certain that you are prepared for Wimbledon 2010 with an iPhone app that offers the schedule of play so that you never miss a match. It is always hard while at work or out and about to keep track of each match – Wimbledon 2010 app by The All England Lawn Tennis Club makes it a much easier task.

If you ask any tennis player which event they would most like to win – chances are they will say Wimbledon. This is the same if you ask any tennis fan with an iPhone – chances are they will say that this is the one app that they want to download and install.

Debbie Turner from Only Kent reports that this iPhone app is free; we just hope that it is still compatible with the new iOS 4 when it is also launched tomorrow. The app has a host of features that are all aimed to keep you up-to-date with the state-of-play. Some of these include: live score updates, tweets, news updates, completed match results, video highlights and so much more.

Before you download and have a play around with the Wimbledon app, who do you think will win the tennis event this year? Rafael Nadal makes a welcome return to the event this year, so most believe that he will win this year.



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