Watch Wimbledon 2010 Live Online: ESPN and BBC

Today is the start of Wimbledon 2010 and fans of tennis will be looking for places where they can watch live coverage online. Two of the best websites are on opposite sides of the Atlantic – ESPN and BBC. The former will cost you in the way of a monthly subscription – whereas the latter is free.

The BBC has to be the most obvious choice in the UK, as the channel and Wimbledon go together like burgers and fries. The BBC website is very easy to navigate to a live game, when you visit the tennis section you will see what games are being played live, just click on the tab and you will be taken directly to the game and can view with the built-in player.

The BBC goes even better by offering audio and typed commentary as well – you do not even have to refresh the page.

ESPN is not as good, especially as you have to pay a daily, monthly or annual fee. We already know that they provide great coverage of other sporting events such as the 2010 World Cup, but its tennis coverage is not as huge as you would have thought. Maybe it is all about the money that is generated from the game?

Where will you go to watch Wimbledon 2010 live online?



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