Kaka Red Card: Social Media Reacts

There has been outrage today following the 2010 World Cup match between Brazil and the Ivory Cost – not because of the score but why the ref sent Kaka off. This was totally unjust, so much so that the social media world has reacted to this shocking decision.

Kaka – regarded as one of the best football players in the world had to be sent off, as it was his second yellow of the match. He was seen to push Abdelkader Keita, to the ground, but it was the exaggeration of the impact that has caused Facebook and Twitter users to get angry.

Keita grabbed his face in anger, even though he was hit in the chest. We are uncertain why the ref sent Kaka off – especially as he did not even see the altercation.

Some of the comments on Twitter says it all, with many asking if FIFA will revoke the red card decision – although we are not certain that they can. What did you think of Kaka’s sending off?


  • mithun

    a good nomination for 2010 oscar for best actor keita

  • xxKakaxx10

    Billy and truefan, umm..okay. Whatever you said was right, but kaka doesn't deserve the red card because it was not his fault he was defending himself from the man(keita). Kaka didnt do anythind that harmed Keita. Keita just overreacted after he saw KAKA. It was probably IC plan to give a red card to one of the good brazil players cuz IC sux shit!!

  • Kakalover

    I expect FIFA to analyze what happened and if the ref made a false accusation (which he did) then the red card should be withdrawn..this is in just to KAKA .

  • Fragrance


  • Senjuti

    Kaka’s sending off was absolutely outrageous!!How could the referee just give him a 2nd yellow card without seeing what had actually happened!This absolutely insane!!Fifa should look into the matter!Keita was just acting!It was clearly shown in the replay that Kaka’s elbow touched his chest and he immediately grasped his nose and pretended to collapse!How can a referee be so irresponsible!?

  • Ivorycoast fan

    You're just trolling mate. If you think that was a red card, you're mentally retarded.

  • TONY

    Oscar should be awarded to Abdelkader Keita!!

  • Fash

    does this mean kaka can not play for the rest of the FIFA ??

  • Riaz

    While Keita's exaggeration is reprehensible, Kaka undoubtedly elbowed him in the chest and very rightly deserved to be carded. I am actually surprised that so many fail to see what appears to me to be so blatantly obvious. Kaka is one of my favourite players, but I simply cannot defend his actions. Keita should also have been carded for deception.

  • J.Bejawn

    It was just a bump, I am sick and tired of players falling and rolling over the lightest of hits, there should be video review to weed out these actors. Watch a NHL game or even a NFL game, to clearfy what a hit is.

  • keith

    Everybody has missed the point. Keita attacked Kaka without the ball. Keita as far as I’m concerned should be sent off and not be allowed to play soccer for at least a season. Somehow this crap that we are seeing of players diving/cheating is ruining the game.

  • anie

    kaka so deserved that red card becase its so clear that he saw the other player coming kaka even put his elbo out as if wanting to elbo the other player. Plus the ref helped get brazil their second goal becase the one who made the goal used hand 2 times one by accedent the other one he used his upper arm to put the ball in position so he could kick and the ref dosent even do any thing!!!! And later they pass the ref telling the player he used hand and laughing!!! Brazil is a very goodteam and dosent needto play dirty to win.

  • Ryson

    Players like Abdel-Kader Keïta shoukd be banned.

  • truefan

    I agree with Bill Smyth's comment 100%. Kaka deliberately elbowed Keita. He may have over-reacted (like Brazil's or any teams players often do) but it was a clear foul. PLUS, the ref knew, as did anyone with eyes, that Kaka had JUST hit another player in the face AND checked another player harshly prior to that. He acted like a cocky brat, pushed his luck and got caught. The ref had enough of his arrogance and dirty play and he well deserved the Red.
    Only his rabid fans will see him as innocent. Ah well, love IS blind…

  • SLC

    Bill, when an opponent runs into you there is nothing wrong with holding your arm up to shield yourself and then pushing him off of you. However, "Any simulating action anywhere on the field, which is intended to deceive the referee, must be sanctioned as unsporting behaviour" which is misconduct punishable by a yellow card. For an official, who did not even see the play, to make a call like this in front of the world during a World Cup is damaging to the game and he should be disciplined

  • conal

    Kaka was standing still and the actors studio graduate walked into him from behind, its like giving a red card to a lamppost after walking into it ! Get a grip FIFA and rescind the red card at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Smyth

    I watched it 4 times and thought it was an unfair dismissal. However on the 5 time I changed my mind. Look closely.
    Keita is running forward, not looking where he is going, But if you look closely you will see that, even though Kaka is walking forward, he sees Keita coming and raises his elbow before they make contact with each other. Kaka then elbows him in the chest pushing him to the ground.
    Keita exaggerated the incident, but if Kaka had not elbowed him in the first place, he would have an argument, as it was, he deserved what he got. A player on a yellow card has a responsibility to play clean.
    It's not easy being a referee !!!

    • guy

      so do you expect kaka to receive him with open arms? He didnt push him down, IC player bounced off a little due to the abrupt stop by kaka but then threw himself. kaka put up his arm like any normal player would, he did put a little Extra tap (push) on it but nothing out of the ordinary between players. blood was already boiling at that point due to the dirty playing of IC pplayers, taking any chance they could to injure brazil. referring was bad and it's his fault for losing control of the match. he should have given yellow cards to IC players way before that and they would have settled down.

    • Andrew

      Letting someone run into you without putting an arm up is like falling and not putting your arms out to stop yourself from landing on your face. Kaka did not elbow Keita at all. The ref made the wrong call, plain and simple.

  • kenny

    its a shame for a profesional palyer to do that kind thing.. shame on the IC player. he shud hang his boot after this match..

  • nfh

    kaka are soo not deserve to get red-card ! he's one of the world best player , get real ref ! you're giving red card to Kaka , it's kaka ! haih , the ref must be very proud of himself =='

  • Watcher

    Where is FIFA fair play term? The referee should be suspended, for giving red card without even watching what happen. Stupid act from Keita!

  • Happymegaman

    The referee is not qualified. What a shame.
    It's not fair, the game is all about referee decision.
    What can we say…. And Kaka doesn't deserve it!!!

  • 200degrees

    worst decision ever! ref should not ref in the world cup and kaka should get card taken away!

  • taylor


  • Sarah

    FIFA should revoke the red card. Kaka did nothing wrong. the IC players were beating Brazil players!!! just go watch the game again and look at how many fouls that referrer overlooked.
    so unfair.

    • Senjuti

      I absolutely agree with you!They were continuously beating them up,especially Kaka.He was bound to get angry at some point,surprisingly it wasn't sooner.Once the IC players realized that they had no chances of winning,they started injuring the Brazilian players.PATHETIC!They are a disgrace to soccer!

  • Trust Bvochora

    I didnt expect such barbaric behaviour from the IC team. such acts of desperation were uncalled for. Why did everyone keep bumping into Kaka from behind and the ref kept blamink Kaka for that. I didnt see Kaka going to any player and fouling them. Instead, what i saw were players running into him and Crying out in pain. Who deserved the red card here. Come on people, this is supposed to be a fair sport.

  • Green Guy

    We want to see Kaka in their next match. Fifa should not allow this type of wrong decision from referee.

  • dana

    that is so unfair the guy faked it and a few seconds later he was up as nothing happened

  • MJOB

    FIFA has ruled that they accommodate based on their own interest and not the one of the sport that we all love. Remember the hand of Thierry Henry, FiFA has not even reacted or taken any measures against it. So a referee doens't see an act and then they do whatever they want under the influence of cheeters and the FIFA endorsed it!!!
    FIFA is a disgrace!

  • Pete

    If the second kaka card is not reversed by fifa then they all want sacking, why can't such an obvoius injustice be corrected? Not not as if were asking fifa to send kaka to the moon! The first card was also very questionable! Refs brandishing cards everytime something happens is not the way we want to see football policed, please keep cards for dangerous and delibrate fouls only!

  • nuraru

    that keita was just acting! kaka didn't deserve this. those ivory bulls played harsher than brasil but why none of them being red carded? go check ur eyes ref!!

    • Ashok

      FIFA should take drastical mesures to eradicate such events. The person who pretends like hurt should be sent off by the extra Referee by watching video. Soon or after the game, so that we can see less of dramas on the ground. Keita it's a bad soccer


  • SAZ

    Kaka is a good example of what a true sportsman should look like on the field – his techinical ability combined with humility and godliness gives him an attractive personality. I think it is unfair that he is red carded by fake exaggeration of the Ivorian player taking advnatge on Kaka.

    Anyway truth will stand at last!

  • rahman bd

    must review the dicission,this kind of dicission make ugly the beauty of soccer.

  • tomga

    That is a really short cut of what happened. If you watched the game you saw the IC player running, not looking, into Kaka's shoulder. Kaka is also looking at something else. Kaka did nothing wrong and was thrown out because the IC player was not watching whre he was going.

    • berndar

      I agree completly…. it was totaly unjustified

  • R S Satish

    FIFA should analyze what exactly went on field . FIFA should revoke the red card for KAKA and have a fair chance for players . The spirit of Footbal should be maintained .

  • I totally agree with you. But it is not bad for Kaka. He doesn't have to show up in the next match. Still, he bears non yellow card for the next next match. So, I don't think FIFA has to review it and makes any correction.

  • kochee

    The red card should back to referee..


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