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iPhone iOS4 Update: Feature Priority

As most of you will be aware, we are just hours away from the availability of iPhone iOS 4 – the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system. Once you have installed the software update, which feature will you be trying out first?

It is fair to say that multitasking is one feature that a lot of you are looking forward to trying out, particularly given the fact that this will be the first time that any form of multitasking has been enabled on the iPhone.

Another feature which I’m personally looking forward to, is the ability to organise apps into folders. Having to scroll across countless pages of apps until I found the right one was beginning to become a chore – folders will be one of the features that users will grow to love I’m sure.

Which feature will become a priority for you after installation? Perhaps you are most eager to try out the exciting Facetime chat features that Steve Jobs unveiled at WWDC?



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