iPhone iOS4 Update 2010: Longest day of the year

By Peter Chubb - Jun 21, 2010

Today is big for two things, the day that the iPhone iOS4 is available for download and also that it is the longest day of the year. It has been the longest day for two reasons, we are now halfway through the summer and that iPhone owners have been continually clicking the update button in iTunes.

Some iPhone owners have said that waiting for the download is not easy, with many watching the tweets come in so they know that the update is now live and ready for download. Have you been doing the same?

It will be interesting to see when our readers started checking for the update, was you up early, or do you have an idea what time iOS 4 will be live? Also we would like to know how many times you have clicked “Check for Update” today?

So the day has been longer, and it is still not over for some of us. There are those who will have to wait until they get home from work until they can download the mobile operating system update, are you one of them?

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