iPhone iOS4: Download Release Time – Twitter Updates

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2010

Today is an exciting day for iPhone lovers. For those of you with the iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch, you’ll be able to download the new iOS 4 software today – as long as everything goes smoothly.

Although Apple hasn’t stated an exact release period for when iOS 4 will become available, you will be able to keep yourself updated on the situation using Twitter.

This page here lists all the relevant information regarding iOS 4, with users eager to know when the release time will be. Some people think it may go live at midnight, but I’m expecting the download to become available late afternoon/early evening.

Hopefully Apple will be able to keep their servers up and running during this frantic day. Last year they didn’t cope as we mentioned here, but hopefully by the end of the day, everyone will have iOS 4 running with no problems.

Are you going to be using Twitter throughout the day?

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  • It became available to me (UK) at around 6pm last night. I was really excited but then iTunes crashed and bricked my iPhone, I've tried everything, looked at all the forums and the Apple support but it's no good. So be careful, I'm lucky as it's still under warranty and insured but otherwise that could be expensive!

  • Red

    Yeah I am on 3.1.2 and iTunes 9.2 still only tells me 3.1.3 is available.

  • big o

    Its finally here!!!!! I'm downloading it right now as I typing

  • apples and oranges

    10:12am PST, downloading IOS4 now!!!!

  • minimal900

    now you can install it….

  • karel

    My iPhone is rebooting, after a succesful download of iOS 4 through iTunes !!!

  • jack

    Updating, 1:10pm in T.O.

  • R.Alves

    It´s OUT!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    It s online ! downloading from itunes 10:12 PT

  • mike

    yep mine still says 3.1.3 is still the latest.. so much for 10 am.

  • David Ramirez

    I am thinking in going to see a movie right now, but this is so annoying. Why doesnt Apple tell us the release hour ?

  • Esco

    Its Pose to be released 10 A.M pacific time so mountain 11.am central 12.pm and eastern 1 pm

  • bill

    anybody know what time it will be released

  • andrew

    just went on to twitter and the servers are down…

  • bob

    its being released at 1 pm on the east coast

  • Mikal

    Cant wait and everybody add me on gamecenter its 007 mikalpress@aol .com and we can trade games by giving games as gifts

  • Bella

    twitter is over capacity, what else is new. It's already June 22 in AUS and it still hasn't been released. Unbelievable.

  • Matt

    Still says that 3.1.3 is the latest on iTunes…

  • Thor

    Maybe Pete Hickey is refeering to the public beta ? 🙂

  • BadLeaf

    nothing yet?

  • Robbert

    Just played with it on a friends iPhone 3Gs. It works awesome! The update is online @ 18:00 @ +1 GMT Amsterdam

  • abrar

    still waiting…when will it be released in AUS

  • 99i

    Stilllll waitinnn

  • mydan99

    Got iOS 4 GM… Waiting for public release version… 5 PM UK time are the rumours…

  • Mark

    He is having a wind up me thinks … 5pm BST is my guess…

  • Lasse

    denmark is still waiting too

  • Mmm

    Still nothing. I live in Europe, so it's here 1:39pm..

  • Mark

    Finally I just got it, Eastern Standard Time … big download. Took about 40 min. to finish

  • misch

    cheers from swizerland…

    i also have 3.1.2 and it shows me that the newest ist 3.1.3.

    do i have to install 3.1.3 first?


  • Jumbo

    Still waiting

  • Jumbo

    I think Pete Hickey is trying to pull one over us

  • strilka

    will i see that there is an update ?? becouse i hve 3.1.2 do i have to update to 3.1.3 and then to IOS 4??

  • tehas

    wait how do you have it??

  • I absolutely cannot wait! Might take my laptop into work so I can update there!!

    • Ben

      Hahaha that's exactly what I've done!

  • Pete Hickey

    just installed it! woop!

    • ollie rosser


    • seth

      what time zone are u in?

    • Brittany

      i hate you right now lol

    • Crush

      no, no you didn't.

  • Daniel

    Well, I really want to. But here in China, Twitter is blocked by the Great Fire Wall.