iPhone iOS 4: Would you upgrade with no Facebook support?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 21, 2010

Before we all get too exited about tomorrow’s iOS 4 for the iPhone, there is something that we need to remember – there will still be no Facebook support. We know two things, people love their Facebook and so do they love their iPhone – so would this latest setback stop you from upgrading?

We should not even be asking this question, Facebook should have a dedicated solution for the iPhone – something that Maddy Rowe from Online Social Media agrees with. It is not just iPhone users; MS Siegler from TechCrunch explains how Apple iPad users have to use third-party apps – something that is not acceptable to them.

We do not know why the social networking site is dragging its heels, they have yet to turn on fast app – this feature is needed for multitask use. There is thought to be 55 million Facebook users on the iPhone, so how come they have yet to fully commit to the new iOS 4?

Facebook will have to get behind Apple’s new mobile OS soon; otherwise they could begin to lose members.

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  • FurnicK

    Facebook works on iOS 4. Discussion Over

  • Wes

    Why the **** would we want a dedicated app?! What about those who don’t use it. And those of us who do don’t want it built in. Facebook works great on iOS4 you idiot. This slander should be pulled off. What a crap article. What an idiotic writer.

    • Paintballer16

      the writer means no support for the new features such as multitasking, Facebook will work on the ios 4 just won't be able to multitask.

  • Jman

    Great journalism here. Way to do your research there, buddy. All the existing apps should still work just fine on iOS 4…they just won't have multitasking support until they update them. It was stupid of Facebook to not include at least simple iOS 4 enhancements considering they updated the app yesterday.

  • Xalos

    Hopefully there won't be a Facebook app supported in iOS4.

  • Mike

    pointless article. works just fine, just no new features

  • Rene

    It works fine, I'm running it on the Gold Master at the moment.. Dumb article..

  • Tim

    Who cares about 1 Facebook App? Use your laptop or Desktop to update then.

  • Still no Facebook Support? I'm pretty sure it already has and it still has. Facebook app; Mobile site. Unless you mean features built in to the system itself, which still makes me question why you would say some people won't upgrade for free. Seriously, what's so bad? "Oh no! They didn't add this feature! Let's not get it and miss all the other goodies for us!" I honestly don't see why people won't upgrade.

  • Steve Jobs

    where do you get your information?

    Im on iOS 4 right now and facebook works fine

  • Joshua Garrett

    Facebook, Twitter etc are always running behind because having a dedicated phone app team costs money. Social networking site owners can easier be as greedy as oil companies and banks. Why spend money on security and improvements when they cab keep that money to themselves. It’s not like people are going to stop using them…

    • Thank you all for your interest and support of Facebook. Mr. Chubb’s review of iOS 4 is vague but correct. Facebook currently does not take full advantage of the new iOS released today. We are working hard to integrate all the new capabilities and features into the next release for the mobile app. As of right now we have no date set to release the update, but we hope it will come soon.

      @ Joshua: Yes we do have a dedicated mobile team here at Facebook. We work on all aspects of our mobile platform.

  • Howie

    It will work it just won't take advantage of the new features