iPhone iOS 4: Would you upgrade with no Facebook support?

Before we all get too exited about tomorrow’s iOS 4 for the iPhone, there is something that we need to remember – there will still be no Facebook support. We know two things, people love their Facebook and so do they love their iPhone – so would this latest setback stop you from upgrading?

We should not even be asking this question, Facebook should have a dedicated solution for the iPhone – something that Maddy Rowe from Online Social Media agrees with. It is not just iPhone users; MS Siegler from TechCrunch explains how Apple iPad users have to use third-party apps – something that is not acceptable to them.

We do not know why the social networking site is dragging its heels, they have yet to turn on fast app – this feature is needed for multitask use. There is thought to be 55 million Facebook users on the iPhone, so how come they have yet to fully commit to the new iOS 4?

Facebook will have to get behind Apple’s new mobile OS soon; otherwise they could begin to lose members.

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