iPhone iOS 4: Performance on iPhone 3G Poor – Twitter

By Jamie Pert - Jun 21, 2010

Approximately one hour ago Apple launched iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod Touch, so far we have heard some success stories regarding the update, however there are also quite a few problems.

There are two main annoyances so far, one of these annoyances is that the optimizing images process takes a very long time when installing iOS4, the other problem is that performance on the iPhone 3G is said to be very poor.

This is probably because the iPhone 3G has just 128 MB eDRAM and a 620 MHz processor underclocked to 412 MHz, whereas the iPhone 3GS 256 MB eDRAM and a 833 MHz processor underclocked to 600 MHz.

A few frustrated iPhone 3G owners have venter their annoyances on Twitter, such as bhaggs who recently tweeted “I don’t recommend iOS 4.0 for the iPhone 3G. It has been way sluggish. Almost want to revert to 3.1. But I got an iPhone 4 coming”.

iPhone 3GS owners seem very happy with the update, such as techworlock who tweeted “Early impression of IOS 4 is that it feels faster than 3.1.3”

Have you installed iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G? If so, how are you finding the performance slow or fast?

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  • booldm

    first i did hard-reset
    and now i always run XSysInfo app from appstore to clear memory of my 3g.
    now my device works really fast like it was with iOS 3.1.3

  • Aijaz Mallick

    Hi all,
    After going through tons of forums & articles about iPhone 3G & iOS4 performance issues, I did the following n my iPhone 3G works ultrafast. I have compared its performance with 3GS & even iPhone 4. It is way speedier than iPhone 3GS with iOS4.

    The only constraints are that the procedure consumes much root partition space and you need a mac to do it. I wish this helps u guys as well since we all paid well for our iPhone 3G phones n we DO deserve all iOS4 features 🙂

    well, to start with, i did i used pwnage tool 4.0 (not 4.1) to jailbreak. When it asks for the root partition size in expert mode, initially i tried with default root partition size, it was tooooo damn slow…. then with 1GB, again too slow…. then with 2GB, bit better but yet not impressive. Later i did jailbreak with 3GB root partition and it helped tremendously.

    Do NOT install install any app after jailbreak, just go to Cydia, add the ultrasn0W repo n unlock it.

    Then do hard reset couple of times. The trick is to press the power n home buttons until shutdown msg appears and apple logo comes, keep holding it down for around 15 seconds more. It might turn off completely or restart. In case it turns off, turn it on and again press both buttons, this time it would turn off for good. In case it reboots, keep holding the buttons until its completely turned off.

    Then I used Cyberduck to SSH into phone and deleted all daemons apart from the one I needed [use ONLY Cyberduck)

    Also, DO NOT install SBSettings. It would make it slow. Tried myself.

    The other trick is to only keep required apps running in multi-tasking. Kill other apps.

    N yes, in case u use hotmail for email, route it to gmail. DO NOT use hotmail. I dont know why but this makes iOS4 sluggish.

    Hope it helps.

  • wes

    IOS 4.0 ruined my 3G…DO NOT INSTALL ON YOURS!!!

  • Downgraded to 3.1.2 and it’s pure software bliss 🙂 After adapting to the horribly unresponsive iOS4, I’m shocked by how much better 3.x runs. (And now I remember why I liked my iPhone!)

    Downgrade: it’s worth the headache.

  • rob

    First off, things they did not add for the 3G have been around for some time if you jail break! (home screen pictures, folders ect…) so Why cant I now? I have JB my phone off and on now for the last 1 1/2 years now… I was hopeful with 3.0…..and disappointed and again now, ios 4.0…… i'm disappointed – come on Apple – NOT adding things I / people want – just like the video camera for the 3.0 update now like my phone can't handle You sold me a app a week later….. now my Phone is SOOOOOOOOO SLOW and i dont have things i want…… can I go Back?……… Please let me go back….. can I please……. Upgrade by Jail breaking I wish i did you can even run multitasking with your 3G

  • mhmower

    The IOS 4 update for the 3G is a big, stinky dog! I highly recommend that 3G owners do not upgrade. My wife has a 3G and she saw the same issues when she upgraded too.
    I upgraded to IOS4, found it had significant performance issues and down graded to 3.1.3. When IOS 4.01 was released, I foolishly upgraded again assuming that Apple would have addressed some of the issues. I have just finished down grading once more and here I will stay. My major concerns were the following:

    1- I found very little advantage to the ISO 4 upgrade for the 3G. Most of the goodness was not available for the 3G.
    2- I found Safaria would frequently fail to load the pages requested. When selecting a new page or link, I would just get a blank screen with the URL at the top. I would be forced to hit the reload at the top of the URL space. This was very repeatable on Google.com/news, foxnews, etc.
    3- I found the phone to be very sluggish, frequent pauses in loading or switching screen or apps, and pauses of several seconds when entering text.

  • Randy

    it gets more and more frustrating day by day. it is way too slow and I am starting to become annoyed with my iphone, which was something i never imagined could happen…

    • I second that: I never thought I could hate my iPhone. But iOS 4 has accomplished it thoroughly. Doing the reboot/restore thing seems to help for a few days, but then it’s back to maddeningly slow. (Sounds like poor memory management, to me)

      They need to provide an official downgrade path (my efforts to do so last night failed and frustrated!). iOS4 offers next to nothing for the 3G user — and we are still out there, Apple!

      I tell you, this is NO way to keep customers interested in upgrading.

  • George

    Well, on my 3G, I upgraded straight to iOS 4.0.1. Everything is working great and super fast, and I can change the home background as well. The upgrade only took me about 15 minutes. And I think I love iOS4

    • Bas

      Change the home background as well? I guess you jailbroke your iPhone then? I'd be very interested if you found a way without jailbreaking… 🙂

  • tutin

    I have a 3G and had the stupidity to upgrade to iOS4. It's not sluggish, it's unusably slow. It's absolutely horrible – the calendar takes 10 seconds to load, the internet browser is barely usable with constant lockups for 5-6-7 seconds, even games and apps that ran fine before now get the hiccups.

    3G owner ? Do NOT upgrade. All you get as an extra is the ability to create folders, but you sacrifice 30-50% of your phones performance.

    Score 1/10

  • Bas

    Did any of you read any of the previous posts or are you only here to complain? Have you tried a full restore? A 'reset all'? Or are you just here to complain and bash Apple? My 3G works great after doing a full restore to 4.0.1. Maybe you should try that first.

  • mao

    I wouldnt recommend to update 3G phone. Even after two reboots is slower than previous OS.
    Going back to 3.1 is so complicated that i would recommend not to change OS.

  • Stefani

    The first time I tried to update my 3G it completely froze after about an hour. The next day I tried it again and it succeeded after about 3 hours. Ever since it has been extrememly slow, it freezes sometimes and the apps crash a lot more often. I am going to see if doing a restore on it will help. :-/

  • Adam

    Ran like garbage on my 3G. Despite the capacity for global inboxes and folders I switched back to 3.1.3. Performance was unacceptably slow, and also less stable – I had the occasional app crash which never happened once on 3.1.3. It does seem that mileage varies for 3G owners, but my experience was terrible. Downgrading was a hassle but entirely worthwhile for me.