iPhone iOS 4: Issues With Optimizing Photos All Over Twitter

By Jamie Pert - Jun 21, 2010

If you are one of the thousands of people who have installed iOS 4 on your iPhone or iPod Touch you may have come across a message reading “Optimizing Photos”, apparently this is a very slow process, especially for iPhone 3G owners.

If you check Twitter it is hard not to notice thousands of people complaining about the “Optimizing Photos” process, apparently downloading and installing iOS 4 is a pretty quick process, however if you have a lot of photos on your iPhone you will have to wait a lot longer.

One Twitter user called jnsarra recently tweeted “can’t play with iOS4 until all 1400 of my photos are optimized – boo”, whilst another Twiiter user called Adinism‎ recently tweeted “optimizing photos for my iPhone. 29 out of 2096. guh”

We are not quite sure exactly what the optimizing photos process does, however if you have not yet updated to iOS 4 and you want to avoid this being a slow process perhaps backup or delete some photos beforehand.

Are you stuck on a screen saying “Optimizing Photos”? If so, how long have you been waiting?

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  • Alexander



    My first iphone. I always avoided ipods because I didn't want to deal with this shit.
    Can't sync photos onto my phone.

  • G-Unit

    Only just got round to updating my iPod Touch to 4.0… Upon doing so, I wanted to see what the new features were.. Quite liked the background pic on my "home screen", and noticed that the albums are displayed differently in the music section.

    I then went to my photos, and nearly cried when I saw that all my photos were as described by most here – blurry :(… I quickly googled "blurry photos on my ipod" and found several helpful sites (including this one) which some tips on rectifying the situation

    Am now in the process of resynching/"optimizing" my photos… All 3541 of them!! Joy of joys, gonna take a while, but if it works I'll be over the moon ^___^

    Thanks to the tips folks!


  • Richard

    I have installed OS 4 upgrade on my iPhone 3GS 32GB and all my pics ale in wors resolution, as before. How can I get them back to the original size like before the update ???

    thanks a lot for the help.

  • suhas

    i m not able to play the songs which i have downloaded from internet in my itouch…any solutions..??

  • Rick

    Mines currently at 3,457 of 15,573 – Think I'll be here all day 🙁

  • Jorg

    Same here, 3G 16GB to OS4 and all the itunes library photos went to about 128×200 pixel size! It's annoying enough that itunes wants to "optimize" , but this bug made them ridiculously low res.

    I've always been disappointed with the photo zoom on the iphone too, you cant see the full res of even the 2mpix camera. If you import the photos onto your PC you'll see the 1:1 pixel photo. There's an app for this on itunes that shows the full res of a photo, but its pretty slow rendering. So when we finally have these phones with fabulous displays, they refuse to show pictures properly, lol.

  • Nick

    Take forever to optimize by 5,600 photos.. oh well…

  • josh

    Do what Ryan said…same issue for me, my photos that were on 3.1.2 ended up being all blurry and grainy after upgrading to 4.0. I went into iTunes, just unchecked all the albums, synced (which removed all photos from the phone), re-checked all the albums, synced again, and everything was back to normal. Granted, I only have about 300 photos so this process only took about 2 minutes.

  • kathy

    i'm glad to have found this. i too love my iphone photos. i downloaded the 4.0 and right away noticed that the photos in my library and last 12 months are grainy and blurry. my photos still in the camera roll are just fine. what happened? is this a result of downloading this new software. if so, i don't like it. ryan, should i do what you said for this problem. i was going to go in to my local apple store. i seriously don't think i saw this before last night….

  • ryan

    mine were really low res and blurry. So i
    1. went back in to iTunes
    2. clicked on iPhone
    3. Clicked Photos Tab
    4. un-ticked the Sync Photos box
    5. clicked "don't remove photos" when prompted
    6. Re ticked Sync Photos.
    7. It synced quickly (about 20 seconds for 537 photos)
    Now they're all back to high res – you'll still get a momentary optimising images warning, but only quickly.

    • Jordan

      Legend, thanks soo much! Worked a treat 🙂

    • TattyS

      Thank you for this, it worked a treat for me.

  • Like Brent said, my photos are grainy and blurry on my iPhone 3GS after upgrading to iOS 4. I upgraded using a computer that I don't sync with. I imagine that's the problem, because I never received an "optimizing photos" message. The problem will likely be resolved when I sync at home tonight.

  • Humpy76

    The photos on my iphone 3G after installing are of a lower quality for some reason? If I zoom into high res pictures, they are now very blurred.

  • Derek

    We've had this same problem on the iPads ever since they were released. I have over 3,000 photos and I have to wait for iTunes/iPads to "optimize" every single one of them every single time I sync.

    Been like this for a while now…

  • Brent

    Mine didn't optimize after downloading the update and I noticed that all of the pictures appeared grainy and blurry. Now that I've gone back to iTunes, it's slowly optimizing my over 3,000 pictures. Boo to this…

  • Andrew Borg

    Yes, I’ve been on it for around 20 mins now. The smaller resolution photos are quicker so, i’m assumuing it now stores a larger resolution version of your pics on the phone.