iPhone iOS 4 – Now Live: Are You Experiencing Download / Install Problems?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 21, 2010

Today Apple released iPhone iOS 4, if you are lucky enough to own a compatible device you have probably tired to download/install the newly released OS, but has it gone as smoothly as planned?

With so many apps and configurations out-there it would be impossible for Apple to roll out the new OS without any problems, however Apple will be hopeful that on the whole people’s iOS 4 downloads / installation went smoothly.

Below we have added a very simple poll for you to answer, if you answer ‘yes’, please feel free to add your comments. In your comments please state which device you are having problems with, which app incompatibilities you have noticed and any other information which may be relevant.

If we notice any common problems we will do our best to point you in the direction of a fix.

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  • Leo

    Fuck apple my iPhone battery drain like hell…..?!@&$

  • foz

    i am getting the same error 21 i have itune version 9.2 still i cant upgrade to iOS4 so annoying every time i get error 21 then have to connect to a different laptop to restore :(:(

  • luke

    When i go to download ios4 i-tunes displays a message saying something like…
    "I-tunes could not download the update as the following file could not be found."
    as you can see it does not tell me "what" file cant be found. l looked on the apple site and theres only solutions for if it has a code or what ever…
    i uninstalled itunesthen reinstalled it + lost all my music etc in the process!!!
    not happy : | any body got any pointers

  • kendiggy

    Been trying to update since last night. Thought it was just taking a long time, but when I got up this morning and it had the progress bar in the same position, I figured something was wrong. Shut it off, tried it again, iTunes says I need to restore to original settings and install the new OS… Still waiting, an hour later.

  • Hassan

    Stucked on the updating ipohone software, now more than two hours, any ideas?

  • ndoss

    The update for 4.0 took multiple attempts and failed in the middle of backup many times. Then once it finally recovered correctly, which took 2 hours, it finished syncing and I completely lost service. I have had no service now for over an hour and have been told by AT&T that there is nothing they can do to restore it since I went through this process while roaming in Canada! I'm on their Canada-US plan and they can't reconnect my phone now that I have Version 4. What serious crap.

  • Loren

    Do APPLE even give a shit that this is not working for 90 % of people who are trying. It really does seem like Blackberry is the way go to!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chas

    Half way through the download, i get the backup error message -43. "OK" to continue says will delete iphone data, so only choice is to cancel


    Mine had completely messed up when i tried to update to IOS4.
    It crashed and would not reboot or restore or anything.
    After 48 hours, i realised that if i hold down the power button and home button at the same time for about 15 seconds, it completely reboots. PReviously i had just been holding it for about 8/10 seconds which just continued the crashing loop.
    This worked for me and then the update worked almost perfectly. i say almost, but it's Apple – do you really expect it to run perfectly?!


    Backup on a 3G has run for over an hour and never completed. Now the backup stops at the same point every time and appears to hang up. Now trying for the 6th time.

  • Allen J.

    I have a 2nd Gen Ipod Touch 32GB. I've tried a couple times to install ISO 4.0 over night. with it still showing the Backing Up progress bar with very little done. So I cleared off all my music, videos and pictures so there was a lot less to back up. now it only has 4.5GB to back up. I tried to do the update over night. It was still backing up in the morning. the progress bar was about even with the 'c' in backing up.

    I think I will wait until there is an update of ISO 4.0 and another update to iTunes. Because I had already backuped my iPod Touch before this. and so it should have tried again. and it doesn't take this long to backup. so iTunes isn't doing the upgrade every effectively.

    I thought Apple was above rolling out an upgrade before it was ready.

  • enb

    I have a 2 ( or thred I’m not really sure) gen iPod 8 gb and when I try to upload the software it says if I countine it will delet all media inculeing media I bought on iTunes! HELP ME!!! email me at secretlover123@live.ca. oh I also have a pc and the latest version of iTunes 9.2

  • Bill

    Same problem. Now trying for third day in a row. Progress bar is backing up phone…and does not move for HOURS. no idea WTF is going on. if I abort it, it syncs in minutes. all programs and apps and itunes all up to date. No idea what problem is.

  • Huw Evans

    I have tried several times throughout today (25/6/10) to download OS 4 on to my IPhone 3G and it seems to be stuck on backing up the iPhone. I've followed the advice from Mac Support and it still doesn't seem to want to work ….!!!!! I don't need the hassle but I need my phone …

  • matthew

    I forgot to add, this is a MUST READ

  • matthew

    Here is what finally worked.

    for those that keep getting "This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version." go to the apple menu and pick software update to update iTunes

    then if you are STUCK in backup

    do a normal forced backup

    then do a RESTORE

    it will install 4.0 for you (good idea to pre get 4.0)

    then will ask you if you want to make as new phone or restore from a backup, pick the backup

    it will put back all your apps & their settings

    if you want it to go faster, remove anything that does not need to have settings backed up, such as apps that do not have notes your wrote or high scores or anything
    same with music and video, you can always put them back later

    or, just leave as is and will take care of everything

  • Claire

    I tried to install version 4.0 yesterday… as ive done with all the other updates.. clicked install and then it said restoring your phone to factory settings.. i nearly died.. took 3 hrs and it wiped all my music.. lost over 30 albums.. then it said restoring apps.. so they loaded back on my phone… but my 8g phone now says its a 6.9g phone… it says version 4.. but none of the new features are on there.. everything stalls when turning pages.. cant restore back to version 3.1… I AM HEARTBROKEN…. what are apple going to do about this… should I go to an apple shop.. or o2 shop… can someone help me… every other update worked brilliantly… this one is a disaster… please help

  • dave

    im having a problem downloading the update
    after halfway through downloading the update, it stops and says that the connection to the server has timed out and yet my internet is fine

  • matthew

    for those that keep getting "This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version." go to the apple menu and pick software update to update iTunes

    I had the same problem, where updating from within iTunes left me stuck not needing update

  • jim

    My dl went as long aseveryone else but I'm having a really hard time keeping my signal. My wife has the same 3G phone but hasn't downloaded iOS4 and she is having no problems.

  • richard

    Anyone else no how to fix error 21, installed on different PC but lost everything. How will i get my stuff back from the old PC, can you transfer back ups to another PC.

  • Pmac

    It seems like itunes 9.2 does not run on a G4 imac… WTF Apple!!!

  • Janine

    Trying to update my iPhone 3Gs, after 30 min of waiting for the software update to download and install it stops and shows a screen that says "There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone ….. The network connection timed up." This has happened twice! is it my computer, iTunes or Apple?

  • Nordo

    Going on 21 hrs and it's still backing up. F this.

  • danielle

    tried downloading iOS4 and all fine until the backup, screen now stuck on apple icon and bar with no progress, will irecovery work??

  • Reinhard

    I had most of these problems yesterday, too, after trying to upgrade to version 4.0 software. I gave up and went to the local Apple store and a nice young fellow did the upgrade for me in about 10 minutes. I went home and did a sync and now everything is back to where is was and I have version 4.0 now.

    Seems like problems may corelate to Windows -my computer is a PC on Vista. It was suggested that doing the upgrade on any Mac computer would have worked and then doing the sync on my PC would have restored everything, which is in fact what was done. So maybe some of you with the slow non-progress and non-restore problems could try that.

  • Andrew

    im 3gs and im stuck making the backup… 6 hours so far 66% completed 🙁
    I even took out all pics n videos before to help but still taking too much time

  • kim

    same issue. 1 hour into backup and no progress. error yesterday doing same this. wtf? does anyone know what the issue is?

  • LOR

    I had no problem downloading for my 3G. It did take forever, but they warned me of that. My problem is that I have a MPro120 Pico Projector by 3M. Great little device. It worked fine projecting movies before the upgrade, now it won't "recognize" the device!! Help!

  • vikbe

    iphone 3 g will manually back up in 10 mins but when i try to update to ios4 and it starts backing up the bar progresses for half a cm then stop ive tried 4 times now and left it for up to 2 hours and it will never progress further. i ve turned all programmes off and on re booted pc and phone but no difference. I've given up!!!!!!!
    Poor show apple must try harder!!!!!

  • Nathan

    I also have the This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version message. Any suggestions?

  • Tjordan

    I have the 3g phone. I have tried on three sperate occassions to dowload the new OS4 without success. Each time took well over 8 hours to complete but still no OS$. Im disappointed and frustrated with this whole process.
    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  • Steve

    I ran back up over night for 7 hours and got nothing have removed all files and after 3 hours still backing up… getting bored now…

  • Davedavedave

    Got error 21 – trying this fix now

  • IVAN


  • Rob

    The servers must have been busier last night, I started the download around 10pm and it finished downloading at midnight…..on FiOS. Had a meeting this morning, so I decided to just save the installation for tonight, we'll see how it goes. I did have some big install issues at the 3.0 update, but I'm hoping to avoid that. Either way, my 16GB is almost full, so I'm sure it's gonna take hours to do the whole backup/update/reinstall routine.

  • marsdaddy

    iPhone 3g – took over three hours to make hardly any progress on the backup phase then errored out. iPhone only has 2.5gb of data on it, sort it out Apple… those android phones are looking better all the time.

  • MusicMan

    It's taking forever. I've been "updating" for about 6 hours.

  • Rafael

    I have a iPhone 3GS it could not connect to iTunes Store neither to Apps Store, even with the iTunes that I also downloaded today, I tried to restore and now it is stucked on the maintenance mode.

  • Dave

    I was just about to upgrade my 3G but now I'll wait a couple of weeks. Bleeding edge not for me!

    • billo

      Mee too Dave. I tried to upgrade and ended up in the backup up phone "cave of no outlets". I am keeping at 3.X and will wait for a month or two.

  • Martin

    I started my iPod Touch (2nd Gen.) on the iOS4 upgrade. Went out, came home, and after 5 hours, it is STILL showing “backing up” !

    This is after having tried earlier, when it ran for 2 hours “backing up”. I closed iTunes, restarted the computer (Mac Mini), and tried again. Still no luck!

  • I tried the iOS4 upgrade earlier today-it stayed on "backing up" for 2 hours. I closed iTunes, restarted the computer (Mac Mini), started the upgrade again, went out and came home after 5 hours, and it's STILL "backing up". Ane the progress bar has barely moved.

  • Steve F

    Had error 21 for hours tried loads of times to update, but error is now gone!!! – here is what I did, I have no idea if this will solve your problem but it has worked perfectly for me.

    Windows XP SP3 – Itunes 9.2

    Got error 21 for hours.

    so… Uninstalled iTunes, created a new user in control panel, logged into that user, installed iTunes, updated and it bl**dy worked!!!

    • Steve F

      Note…. after error 21, I used iRecovery to get 3Gs to boot up in 3.1.3 again before the above.

  • A0L

    in 2.5 hrs my 3G never progressed pass the letter A in "Backing up…."
    clicked stop. phone still on 3.xx, seems to work.
    trying to install again….we'll see.

  • tes

    been waiting for 4 hours, the backup progressbar has moved about 5 millimeter… how long should this take?
    iPhone 3G 3.1.3; updating (or trying to) to: iOs4

    • billo

      Same for me… ended up cancelling backup. Then, read all of this online and decided it was not worth it for the 3G.

  • Vin

    Everything started smoothly. Now after extracting software, the 3GS has gone in to a freeze like crawl. It will not progress nor will it restore. Am stuck.

  • dan

    Mine's been "backing up iPhone" for 2 hours now.

  • Ade

    Error 21 and won't restore also. Phone now in recovery mode and unusable. Not happy.

  • Chris

    Been about an hour on backup and only 1/8 of an inch on the progress bar. Hasn't moved in 45 minutes. Still waiting and holding my breath.

  • Sue

    I keep getting a network time out error, apparently this is happening a lot

  • edgar

    why is my backup taking to long is going to be about 1hr n i dont see nothing

  • Ryan

    I downloaded ios4 for my iphone and now my iphone wont work, it keeps showing error 21 and won't restore!!! help pleaseee 🙁

  • paul

    all i get is itunes error -9812 – and it will not restore. all i have is the connect to itunes logo. my phone is useless at the moment. not happy.

  • Phil

    had error 21, after the download had finished
    had to install itunes on another pc, re download ios4, and restore my ipod

    • Kev

      Did this work for you? I tried it and got the same error message 🙁

  • Kurt

    My 3G seemed to go ok at first. Then it said it was resetting to factory specs and now nothing. It's been over an hour. I don't even have any AT&T bars, only emergency dialing. When I hit the on button, I the screen shows a usb plug and an iTunes logo. I shut both of them down and restarted but same thing. This pisses me off!

    • billo

      This has happened to me on previous software updates. I had to go to the Apple Store and have them manually reset to factory settings. Then, back to my ws to connect to iTunes and restore.

  • Tried to run the update, went fine. Backup went fine, took a little while though. Now I am getting error 0xe800006b. It will load about 1/6 of the progress bar and restart the installation. I don't know what to do. Visiting an Apple Store this afternoon.

  • Andy

    stuck on the backup part of the update for over an hour

  • Jason

    My iPhone failed to complete the update and is now in restore mode. I have tried to restore about 5 times to no avail – keep getting error code 1604. Going to try reinstalling itunes now. I really wish I had not tried to update at all now – what a hassle.

    • Graham

      Let us know how you do, I have had the same problem as posted above although I get error 21 when trying to restore. This is just ridiculous come on Apple.

      • You are stuck in a recovery mode loop. You have most likely used Spirit Jailbreak to jailbreak your iDevice. You have to use iRecovery to bring it out of the boot loop. Even if you get uot of the boot loop, your idevice will still crash randomly after some time and reboot. I have this same problem. I recommend that if you still have your 3.1.3 shsh files in your iphone, restore it back to 3.1.3. It solve the problem for me.

    • Marcus

      I am having the same problem. I have never modified the iPhone 3G except as directed by iTunes. Now this pure sucks. I have been at it for 2+ hours and have tried everything I have found on the web to resolve to no avail. Has any one resolved this issue and how. I am running iTunes vs

  • ZadJ

    Took 10 minutes and was working fine

  • wilsoninsf

    Download went fine, but the install and restore process is taking forever. I'm at an hour and a half and still going.

    • Diedra

      And I am actually at more than 4 hours. Very frustrating. Its the backup. The download took and hour, but the backup the backup the backup!!!!

  • Gian

    my iPhone 3G is not too sluggish per se. I was a little disappointed when I noticed that I couldn't install wallpapers to the home screen. I knew I wouldn't get multitasking but the wallpapers is a little too much to stint myself with. This is a little depressing.

  • Jeanie

    Downloaded for iphone 3G. 26minutes into a 28minute download the server reset so – back to square one… this time for a 30minute+ download!!
    I 'think' it downloaded okay this time… now its just saying 'backing up' The progress bar is moving VERY slowly and has been for about 45minutes now! I have no idea if its going to work or not…

    Starting to wish I'd not bothered!! Can't believe I waited all this time for ….. well… this!! *sigh*

  • Chad

    I downloaded and installed for 3Gs. Took some time, but things seem to be working fine (so far). I haven't had a chance to mess with all of the new features, but I have had success with double-tapping the home button to get the little sub-bar at the bottom. Also, I have tested the zoom on the camera. However, I am having trouble with location-specific apps. Google maps has my location off by about 200 miles. Anyone else experiencing location difficulties? Does anyone have information about how to fix this problem?

  • BenG

    I have stopped the backup process three times as it stops at the same point each time. The progress bar is still showing movement but it never progresses…. Come on Apple… I was looking forward tot he new OS

    • Shane

      man same with me but I let it go for the hour and boom all of a sudden it is done the backup process, I do have 2 gig of apps tho, it was exactly and hour from when I started the update that the backup stopped

    • Same thing happened to me! It backed up my iPod touch 2G 3.1.2 fine, but it is stuck at 95% of the installation! Tried it twice, but with no luck.


  • Graham

    I have an iPhone 3Gs, I downloaded fine and backed up fine, didn't mess about with anything just let it do its job.. suddenly it said it could not be installed, now my iPhone is stuck in recovery mode and I am getting an error (21) when I try to restore.. literally nothing I can do with it, I am extremely annoyed and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kev

      Exactly the same as what happened to my ipod touch. I'm getting error 21 as well

      • Graham

        My phone just appears completely useless now and there is nothing I can do with it, I hope this is a problem many people are experiencing so it can get resolved soon!

        • Steve F

          IRecovery will get your phones working again, download iRecovery "google it" make sure you get the USB libs, run with the -s command line flag, when shell opens type setenv auto-boot true <press enter> type saveenv <press enter> type reboot <press enter> phone will reboot to previous os, now the gm build will install on mine without error "dev account registered" but the official release will not install, always error 21, gonna stick with GM for a few days and wait for the solutions to flood in.

        • Kev

          Did a few Google searches and seems to be a common error message. Cannot find a solution though. Looks like all my data has been wiped too

    • Andrew

      Same has happened to me. WHat can I do? I need my sodding iPhone working and now I can't even reverse the "Update" back to iOS 3. Arghhh, help!!!

    • James


    • Steve F

      If you got error 21, nothing will be gone, google for iRecovery it is for windows and Mac, error 21 happens before major changes are done, once you’ve got iRecovery follow the instructions above and your phone will boot back into 3.1.3 or 4.0GM – saved 3 iPhones using this method all with error 21.

  • Guest

    It hung up on the iPhone backup. It told me there was a problem with the backup and it could install the software without a backup but I would loose all of my data.


  • brandon

    i have an iphone 3g, after installation the phone ran slowly when i flipped between app pages. and also, when i'm in a call i can't use the the functions of the phone! when i press the home button nothing happens! and you can't end the call unless you press the sleep button! so frusterating. the screen is just black.

  • frankie

    you guys need to CLOSE the itunes program and RESTART it, UNPLUG the iphone and PLUG again, then click on the update button

    • levitron

      Dude, you think we didn't do that? Hell, I even restarted my mac- still the same message: "this version of itunes (9.1.1) is the current version."

  • Matt

    Hi, I am on 3.1.2 currently, its asking me to update to 3.1.3 – do I need to do this before updating to os4 ? help please?!

  • brian

    DL went pretty quick. but my 3G phone is CRAWLING, and I mean CRAWLING through the backup process.

    • don

      same here, stopped it 4 times already what to do?

  • Kev

    Tried updating my ipod touch and it has crashed. Unable to even restore my ipod to original settings. Cheers Apple! Last thing I'll be buying from you! Had 50GB of music as well. Disgusted!!

    • Kev

      I should add it is error 21 I'm getting when trying to restore

      • SLawson

        same here – my 3G keeps saying that an resets back to the default restore button which gets the Error 21 message again.

        • cally

          me too.. anyway of fixing this?

  • Thomas J

    The backup phase took very long for me.. 20 minutes or so. But the phone just booted, and is showing a progress bar now, apparently doing the update.

  • oliver haywood

    how long should i take to update?

    • Thomas J

      Update took over 30 minutes for me, the backup phase took the longest. After that, two reboots and two progress bars and i am done! So far nothing broken.

      • Brandan H

        Mine took forever too. But when all was said and done, nothing on my phone changed. What gives?

        • Brandan H

          It looks like mine only partially updated. A couple of icons changed and I know how spellcheck on everything, but that’s it. What gives Apple?!

  • lee

    Just sitting on backup without doing anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Same as lee, keeps getting stuck on "Backing up iPhone"

      • Reinhard

        Mine's stuck there too. Over an hour now.

    • Aaron

      I took over an Hour and 10 Minutes for my backup.

      • Alex

        mine does the same it "backs up" for an hour and then says cancelling back up

        any suggestions?

    • g lott

      same exact thing with me! getting frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas J

    And also, you need iTunes 9.2, so 9.1.1 needs to go anyway, me thinks.

  • Thomas Hoy

    When I click update a box pops up that says”This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version.

    • Jamie Pert

      I think you are clicking the wrong update, you do not want to update your iTunes version, you need to update your iPhone software.

      • Kristin Jacobsen

        This is the same error message I received. This is not us clicking an iTunes update option, this is us clicking the update button right next to the message telling us there is a newer version of the iPhone software available, to get it click update.

        • tigger

          I have the same problem – tells me version 4.0 is available, click update, reports "This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version" … argggghhh, i know that! not trying to update iTunes!

        • Lady Ramos

          In Order To download iOS 4 You Need To Have The Lastes Version Of iTunes. Which Is 9.2. Or It wont Work.

    • Brian

      i am having the exact same problem, haven't found the fix yet….

      • Drea

        you need to check yr iTunes update with Software Update, as opposed to "Check for Updates" in iTunes. If you're working off a PC – google iTunes 9.2 and download the update

        Then your iPhone update will work.

    • DavidWH

      i got that too – so updated to 9.2 via another site I found by googling 'ios4 upgrade; then the iPhone upgrades to ios 4 with no problems

    • brian

      I had the exact same problem and had to go to apples website to manually download itunes 9.2. For some reason when I hit the "check for updates" option in itunes it would state that itunes 9.1.1 was the most current.

      Once you update to 9.2 you won't get the "This version of iTunes (9.1.1) is the current version", message. You can then update to Iphone os4.

  • macfan

    Its not offering the update yet. I have a 3rd gen ipod touch and i keep getting the 3.1.3 is the current version message.

    • Jamie Pert

      Where are you from? I have heard confirmation that it is available in Belgium, therefore I am sure other regions will soon follow.