iPhone 4: TomTom car cradle disappointment

By Peter Chubb - Jun 21, 2010

There is no denying that iPhone users are very exited of the prospect of taking possession of their new iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010. Well apart from those who were unable to get in before Apple and AT&T pushed back their pre-order dates. However, before we get too excited we have learned something that will upset those with the TomTom car cradle for the current 3GS model – the new version will not fit.

While looking around on Apple Forums we found that questions were being asked about the fourth-generation iPhone and if it would fit the TomTom GPS car enhancer? A few forum members said that they read on the TomTom website that as the new iPhone 4 was thinner it would not no longer fit in the current cradle.

This will be a huge disappointment if true, as that means that those with the current cradle will have to purchase a new one when available just so the iPhone 4 can fit. This is not good news, not only have you had to spend more money on Apple’s new smartphone, but you will also need to part with another $200 for a new TomTom cradle.

This does make you wonder if Apple does these things on purpose. I now wonder if my new iPhone 4 will fit in my Bose Sound Dock? I do hope so as I am not prepared to spend several hundred dollars on a new one.

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    This is not good news, not only have you had to spend more money on Apple’s new smartphone, but you will also need to part with another $200 for a new TomTom cradle.

  • Grabo

    what a nonsense story – Apple have completely redesigned their class leading smartphone and this has enabled them to pack more advanced features into a smaller case – do you really think they would have kept an unnessesary outdated larger case just so it would fit into a mount that only a fraction of existing users have bought? how naively stupid – do you still ride a Penny Farthing because you bought a mudguard to fit it

    • Shredder

      Excuse me – I do have a penny farthing, which I have kept for many years, because the bell fits the handlebars perfectly – I wouldn't change to a new mountain bike because it would mean buying a new bell, with different acoustics, which I wouldn't tolerate at all.

  • Rico

    The iPhone 4 clips in perfectly, better than the 3GS in my opinion. Anyway, following knapper advice (above) I can confirm sticking a little rubber foot pad on the Tom Tom cradle swivel part, just above the connector at the back, works. It charges and play sound from the Jack plug. Bluetooth works also.

  • EddyWaa

    I just tried the adding a bit of buffer between the push back on the TomTom Dock and the new iPhone4 and it worked a treat. I used what you would put under a chair on a hardwood floor if that helps? about 8 mil thick

  • vambo

    i got it to work with audio by putting a bit of foam above the bottom connector, hardly a great work around. Now i randomly get a message when plugged in that the iphone does not work correctly with the device, when it says this it does not allow the bluetooth to work you have to restart the phone and try again. Even though i have got it work, it does not handle calls very well at all while the bluetooth and sat nav are on together strange sounds and interfence make it useless what a waste of money the tomtom dock was… they must know that there product doesnt work as they have dropped the price of the kit! which rub's even more salt in the wounds! so next question when will they bring out a new holder?… when they do i'll tell them what they can do with it! where the sun dont shine…

  • Rob

    When I do the above, the cradle gets power to the iPhone. But the audio-out from the cradle still doesn't work… anyone have any luck there?

  • @ndy

    Tested the above link on my way to work by using some velcro (soft side) attached right behind the dock connector on the Tom Tom and it works perfectly! Definitely no need to sell your current TomTom cradle.

  • All you need to do is get a sticky rubber foot (I have just pulled one off the bottom of an old router) and stick it to the back of the iPhone connector on the TomTom dock (the bit that you can push back) then when you stick your new iPhone in it will push the dock back and make the connection. Job Done!

  • Jim

    It does "fit" but it does NOT work… I have a cradle and a brand new iPhone 4. It looks to me that the pins do not line up at the bottom, I will tear into it more tomorrow and see if I can figure it out. I am not too worried about modifying the physical cradle if need be.


  • @ndy

    A member on MacRumors is saying that the connector on the bottom needs to be pushed all the way back for the charger and bluetooth to work. New phones are too thin, but pushing the connector back works.

  • AlphaFox

    It fits fine for me. it just doenst work at all. it doesnt even recognize that its plugged into my iphone4. junk

    • Pet

      I have just applied two small strips of self adhesive foam to the part that on the connector that the 3GS pushed in when cradled and now my iphone4 functions perfectly including my music through the aux lead to my car sound system, perfect!0

  • neil

    And thats why I held off buying a tomtom cradle.

    I knew I'd be buying the next iPhone after the 3GS came out and with rumours every time of a change of design it was always possible that the tomtom cradle wouldnt fit the next iPhone.

    I will be interested to hear if it does fit though or even if they bring out a cradle mk2

  • robert3892

    I am sure that is an error on the Apple webstore. The physical dimensions of the iphone 4 are different

    • Robster

      Physical dimensions may be different but the iPhone 4 DOES fit perfectly in the TomTom cradle.

      Unfortunately none of its functions, including charging and Aux out work………

      I find this VERY strange when all my other iPhone chargers and accessories work fine with my iPhone 4.

      Maybe I am jumping to conclusions but I wonder if TomTom did not follow Apple guidelines when the developed this unit??????

  • @ndy

    Apple Store UK states that the kit is compatible with iPhone 4, but no other websites including Apple Store USA or even Tom Tom's website doesn't give a definitive answer: http://store.apple.com/uk/product/TX529ZM/A?fnode