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iPhone 4: TomTom car cradle disappointment

There is no denying that iPhone users are very exited of the prospect of taking possession of their new iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010. Well apart from those who were unable to get in before Apple and AT&T pushed back their pre-order dates. However, before we get too excited we have learned something that will upset those with the TomTom car cradle for the current 3GS model – the new version will not fit.

While looking around on Apple Forums we found that questions were being asked about the fourth-generation iPhone and if it would fit the TomTom GPS car enhancer? A few forum members said that they read on the TomTom website that as the new iPhone 4 was thinner it would not no longer fit in the current cradle.

This will be a huge disappointment if true, as that means that those with the current cradle will have to purchase a new one when available just so the iPhone 4 can fit. This is not good news, not only have you had to spend more money on Apple’s new smartphone, but you will also need to part with another $200 for a new TomTom cradle.

This does make you wonder if Apple does these things on purpose. I now wonder if my new iPhone 4 will fit in my Bose Sound Dock? I do hope so as I am not prepared to spend several hundred dollars on a new one.



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