iOS4 Release: Tips Before Update Time

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 21, 2010

Now that we are less than a day away from the iOS4 release date, we want to show you some more tips before iPhone iOS4 update time. This firmware update is more important for many users, while each person has a different reason, most people point to multitasking as one of the most wanted features.

Over the last 24-hours we posted information on how to get a micro sim, 12 important features ahead of iOS 4 release, and we also asked if you were ready? Those that really want to make sure your ready can read an article by Sebastien on the iPhone Download Blog, which touches on a few areas we have not.

Out of the seven tips, the last two are pretty pointless. But his article – How to Make Sure Your iPhone is Ready for iOS 4 – does touch on some important points. These include making sure you have iTunes 9.2 installed, making sure your device is compatible, backing up your current iPhone, and a few more valid points.

Read the complete article here on IDB, and then let us know any more tips you have in the comments. Happy updating.

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