Download iPhone iOS4: Update Live On ITunes

By Peter Chubb - Jun 21, 2010

Have you been clicking the check for update button in iTunes over the last few hours? Then seeing a message “iPhone software (3.1.3) is the current version”, you will be glad to know you can download iPhone iOS4 now as the update is live on iTunes.

The update can be downloaded and installed on the iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch. Do not worry, as the new iPhone 4 will already have the latest mobile OS installed. Make certain before you install iOS 4 that you backup your device first.

There are those who will not be downloading the update, as they feel that it is not worth it, as they will be taking possession of the new iPhone 4 in just three days time. However, there are those like me and my collogue that will be getting our new phones on Thursday, but still wish to have a play around with the new mobile OS on our old iPhone 3GS smartphones.

Please share with us your findings, is the new iOS4 everything that Steve Jobs said it was?

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  • Diana

    I did the update. Now there isn’t a delete option in my photo albums only share & copy. I know I probably can do this through iTunes but really liked having that option available like it was before the update. I’ve been all over my phone & can’t find it.

  • ryan levkich

    iam downloading it right now yeah

  • Matthew

    My iPhone 3GS crashed during the iOS 4 update and had to be restored from the previous backup. Only other problem is several apps not working correctly. Hopefully the developers will provide updates to fix these soon.

  • kennie

    can i download it without itunes? my itunes have problems connecting to the network, im downloading the ipsw file right now via firefox. would it work just the same? or i really still need to dowload using itunes? please help

  • noone cares

    update just killed my ipod; restore in progress…

  • jhonny

    my touch crashed while updating it …hope apple resolves the problem

  • Steerpike

    If I download this on a computer my iphone is authorized on, but not the one it is synced with for music, will I lose all my music?

  • Mango

    Soooo have the new software… looks good so far!!!!
    Although – cant find Ibooks……

  • tig

    nope still getting no update available on 3g

  • Kelly

    Still no update available in TX…not sure what's going on.

  • Sorry but its not live yet.

  • danthecomputerman

    I'm downloading this right now as I speak! I'm so excited!

  • Vivi

    Downloading now. Oh yeah, baby.