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Crackdown 2 Demo: New Download for Xbox 360

The full version of Crackdown 2 will be available to buy in July, but you will want to know how well the game performs before you commit your hard earned cash. The Crackdown 2 Demo is now available for you to download to your Xbox 360 on Xbox Live.

A few gamers were able to download the demo earlier than intended, but now all Gold subscribers have access to the game. This latest demo is a timed one, you as an agent have just 30 minutes to explore Pacific City – be careful and be prepared to release havoc on those who stand in your way.

According to Scott Grill from examiner, those who were fans of the first crackdown will find this latest version easy to control; there have been a number of improvements to game play and graphics. You as the player will now have much more to do with the full version of the game- we just hope that this demo keeps you occupied for at least one-month.

When you play the Crackdown 2 Demo you could earn yourself 100 GamerScore points – these would come in handy for the full version of the game. Visit Xbox Live now to download the demo.



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