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Clicking for iPhone iOS 4 Release Time

For those who have been living with their head in the sand, then you will be interested to know that today is the day that Apple releases its new iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As you would expect people have been connecting their current iPhones into iTunes and clicking on the update button – this is because no one is certain when the release time is.

A business colleague I know has been sitting in front of his computer all morning – I reckon he has hit update at least 200 times this morning. Some people say that you should just wait for iTunes to update your iPhone automatically – the one problem I have with that is my iTunes is not set to search for an OS update until June 24, it will be too late by then as my iPhone 4 should be here.

The Apple Forums is alive with all sorts of discussions on when the iOS4 will be available, there have even been suggestions that a select few has updated already – but we find this hard to believe.

This clicking the update button is not getting addictive, I must have pressed it ten times while writing this post. Sorry it is not my fault, I have backed up my iPhone 3GS – the button was just begging to be clicked.



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