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Apple iPhone 4: Now Available for pre-order from Three UK

If you have been looking to purchase the iPhone 4 from a UK carrier you have been pretty spoilt for choice as pretty much all of the main UK carriers have announced that they will be offering the handset, we are now hearing that one carrier is taking pre-orders.

This carrier is Three UK, they revealed that they will be offering the iPhone 4 earlier this month. Recently I received an email from Three confirming that they are now taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4, if you check out this link you can pre-order your iPhone 4.

At the time of this post Three’s site was down for essential maintenance, therefore you should check out the above link later on today. When the site does come back online we will check their pricing and tariffs and post it on ProductReviews, so check back later for all of the relevant information.

Update: I think Three made a mistake, as since receiving the original email titled “iPhone 4 on Three. Pre-order now” I have received another email titled “iPhone 4 on Three”, with no mention of iPhone 4 pre-orders, how strange. If there are any Three representatives reading this please email me to tell me what is going on, from here I can inform our readers.


  • Ben

    Hi guys, I called three today and they told me they same as everybody else is saying. But at the end of the conversation the sales consultant said something very interesting. He told me that the Iphone4 would be available in a few weeks and at the latest at the end of July. Ive also tried to email 3 but I have had no success yet but I will keep trying.

  • Cris

    Three sent me a text yesterday saying that my iphone 4 had been ordered for me and that I would receive it by end of week. No details as to price plans yet tho

    • Heydar

      just found this on another forum:-
      "Just called 3, it looks like they might be doing the phone for between £150 and £200 on a £40 or £45 a month tariff with about 800 minutes. (this I was assured was only an estimate and doesn’t mean that is the price)"

      are you upgrading your contract?

  • guest

    i called 3 after getting the email and was advised the email was sent out prematurely and that they apologise, further info will be released as soon as they have it as they dont even have tariffs yet.

  • Heydar

    I managed to reserve the iPhone 4 at my local store. I just went in and enquired about the iPhone 4 and they gave me a printed receipt with my reservation details for an iPhone 4 (only to existing Three customers). But they also commented that there will be limited stock in the store and with them taking in many reservations we all might no get it on the release day 🙁

    • vicky

      How much are they giving you the iphone for as an existing customer?I am thinking of leaving them for another network but I want to know how much the iphone would cost

    • Heydar

      They still haven't released prices yet, also I went into the store today and the sales guy said that the iPhone 4 wont be in store till next week but then I called another store in my town and they confirmed that the iphone 4 will be in store this Thursday and doors are opening at 8:30am. Really messed up lol.

  • Heydar

    I called Three just now and all they are doing right now is registering people that are interested (not really pre-order). They said that someone will contact me as soon as it is available.

  • Michael

    How were you manage to pre-order the iPhone 4 with 3?

    I went on the link 10 mins after getting the email, the page was down for maintenance, just gone back on it and I get the normal 'Register Now' page which just offers to keep you informed of updates…no mention of pre-ordering.

    • Jamie Pert

      I am a little confused to be honest, I wrote the post immediately after receiving an email from Three titled “iPhone 4 on Three. Pre-order now”, however when I clicked a link in the email the site was down for maintenance. Now it seems as if the site is back up, however there is no mention of pre-ordering the iPhone 4.

      I think they probably made a mistake with their site, therefore they have had to remove the iPhone 4 pre-order pages for the time being, I will do my best to keep you up-to-date with the situation.


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