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New Xbox 360 Kinect and PS3 Move: Six months too early

We have discussed the new Xbox 360 Kinect and the Sony PS3 Move many times– such as the other day where we said that the former was laggy and the latter was precise. We understand that both systems are good in there own way, but there have been suggestions that the technology is six months too early for the market.

Jared Newman from Technologizer is the guy who made the claim – so what made him come up with this opinion? Both aim to de-throne the Nintendo Wii, but they have taken this kind of gaming to the next level. However, the PlayStation Move is the closet to the Wii – although with far better graphics.

Newman has now tried two games developed to work in conjunction with Kinect (formally Natal). The games were the finished product but felt more like demos, he added that although it was nice to be able to do more with the Xbox, it was still like a Wii at the end of the day.

This is the same as the PS3 Move, all the games that Newman tried were the same as Nintendo’s old faithful. It is as if both Sony and Microsoft have rushed the new motion-sensing add-ons, and that they could have had least another six months development time.

To learn more about what he thought of both systems, then please visit the link above.


  • from what ive read ps move is a lot bettr than wii and kinect ive already experienced kinect twice and it was laggy in both im no fan boy i havent got a console (wii, ps3 or xbox) so i am not a fanboy i havent experienced the move but i have read many reviews and ps3 out ranked kinect on all!

  • sepehr

    well well guys, i bought the ps3 move and ill say its way more accurate than the wiimote.

    the bulb dont break cuz its rubber. and sony already won the competetion

    • ziggy marlon

      i am what is known in the gaming world as a hardcore gamer BIG TIME i own a wii a ps3 and an xbox 360 now the eyetoy was fun for a short time i think microsoft win big regardless if you look at it from a marketing point of view you see a wii you see the pretty much the same thing as the wii the move then you see something completely different in kinect just say im just a wii owner and i want a change you think i would go for move course not its the same concept being free of holding a controller is the way forward obviously come on imagine a 3d game with kinect how cool would that be i cant see the future or anything but i would say microsoft is treading on the right path.

  • FlawlessG

    Just like Oskari Kinect is not a new technology thats innovative at all ist a newer playstation eye (ps2). Yes the move is almost just like the wii but it can support games with higher graphics and has way better accurate controller. O and the wii is not bad idea to copy its selling very well. i really dont think kinect will be a complete failure its just going to need time to develop and will need to employment some type of motion controller to help with accuracy and lag.

  • Oskari

    I think project natal or whatever microsoft calls its motion sensing, will fail-and big time! The Only games you can make to it are small kids games! It has a bad lag that is visible even on microsofts own demo-videos. And you can't play driving nor fps-games with it… Afterall it is just eyetoy 2.0. And to say from the sonys move… I think it will actually be a succes, like wii but with much better graphics. If there will be good games to it I wuill surely buy ps3. No, if someone thinks, I am not a ps3 fanboy, I own an xbox 360

    • Nate

      Cant play driving games? They have already released 2 driving games. WAKE UP!!! PS3 move is a ripoff of Wii and Kinect is a totally new technology thats going to innovate the way games are played forever!!! PS3 LOSES BIG TIME!!! SHAME

      • Kevin360

        Stop Lying Oskari . Nate just made a HUGE point . Just watch one of the driving gameplays in which you can even open the car's door and sit in it. The Playstaion Move is the biggest ripoff in which they didn't respect Nintendo's Wii idea. Infact, all you did was changed the nunchuck's name to navigation controller and added a stupid sphere on top of the motion controller whereas Xbox have created a different system of playing and you don't even need a controller ! What happens when the stupid sphere suddenly breaks just like all of those ps3 controllers you buy every week ? You don't see the Kinect controller ( a.k.a ME ) breaking huh ? Ps3 got owned.

        • MarcG

          haha, fan boys just dont get it. PS move wins the battle at 2 game conventions and tracks better than kinect. The only people moaning about the "bulb" on the move controller are 360 fan boys.
          Kinect will be fun for mini games and will bring a great experience to navigating around the xbox menus and I like the idea of the voice recognition, but it lacks in many places. It lags, it cant be used sat down and wont be able to play certain game like fps and driving games (yeah they have some in the works but it cant be used sat down so it wont track any movements for peddles and means you only be controlling the steering)
          The PS move is a advanced wii with better possibilities. Being able to track closer to real time and being able to work in current titles and a wider range of genres.

          I want both but to pick one then PS move edges for me. I like jumping around in front of me TV like the next person but I also like to sit down and play games and kinect cannot offer that at this time.

  • just some dude

    I think everyone wins. For the sake of argument, let's assume Kinect and Move are complete rip offs of the Wii and have nothing of real value to offer. Those that like the standard controllers can keep using them and ignore the motion controls. Business as usual. For those that have a 360 and/or ps3 already and are intrigued by motion controls, they will enjoy a similar experience of the Wii on their 360's and ps3's. These motion controls are add ons…not take aways.

    I have a ps3. I hope Kinect adds an experience for 360 owners and I hope Move adds an experience for ps3 owners. At the very least, for a certain group of people the motion control will. I have a ps3. Since Move isn't taking anything away from my hardcore game experience I welcome it with open arms. Maybe…just maybe, I might find enough Move games in the near or distant future to motivate me to get a Move controller and enjoy a different side of the ps3. I might even enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. Time will tell.

    • jack linstor



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