New iPhone 4: Is your order canceled?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 20, 2010

We have been reading some disturbing news on the Apple Forums, where some iPhone 4 customers have noticed that their order had been cancelled. It seems that when people log into the Apple store to check the status of their order – maybe to see if their new iPhone was shipped early – they found that their order showed up as canceled.

As you would expect these customers were on the phone immediately to Apple customer services to see what was going on, but it seems that there is no one to take the call. Some forum members have asked if they actually saw the charge of their purchase come up on their card bill.

One member decided to phone AT&T, it turns out that those having their order canceled could have been very close to the cut-off point when Apple sold all of its pre-order allocation.

AT&T has since escalated the issue to ICU status; they also said that the ICU would call back the annoyed customers within 72 hours. Have you had your new iPhone 4 order cancelled?

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  • Chris

    my tracking information from the at&t website wont let me track my order

  • Bekie

    I got an email from Apple that my iphone4 has been shipped and it's on it's way with tracking from FedEx! It will deliver on June 24th!!! 🙂

  • David Robinson

    My order was canceled also. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple and AT&T. Apple claimed AT&T canceled the order while AT&T claimed Apple canceled. After getting AT&T and Apple together on the same call I was told too bad and order again. The bottom line is they had no reason of cancellation they could find and speculated there was a error in the communication between the two companies. Either way…. Two technology companies could not communicate and I lose out. Apples final statement was "call AT&T Legal dept". CRAZY!

  • Nicole

    Oddly enough my husband put in orders for both his and my iPhones. He has the original iPhone 3g from the first day it came out so he is VERY eligible for an upgrade. I have only had mine a year but got my upgrade moved up by At&t. Last night my husband received an e-mail that the order was canceled no explanation or anything…HOWEVER… they only canceled his order for his phone, apparently mine has been shipped already. The strange part is that he put his order in before mine! I have no idea what Apple is doing but my husband is MAD! I can’t believe that they would cancel his order but still have mine go through….

  • Crunc

    My order was canceled. At first I ended up with two orders even though I only ever completed one. That is, Apple charged me for an iPhone 4 upgrade, but AT&T also charged me for an iPhone 4 upgrade! I found out that AT&T seemed to consider me as having ordered from them, but I never succeeded through, them, only through Apple. So I called AT&T and got them to cancel that order, because my Apple order was suppose to come on the 24th. But then yesterday I got an email from Apple saying that they couldn't completed authorization of my order, and so they were canceling it! But that's not all! I now check to see if I'm eligible for an upgrade so that I can re-order, but now AT&T says I'm not eligible until November or 2011! I.e., my order was canceled, but they still gave me a new 2 year contract!!!!

  • Brad1240

    I had the same thing as Shakaz I wen to the Apple store and nobody can figure out why it was cancelled . I also worked over 12 hours and ordered 2 phones i went thru the other one didnt. Apple has no clue why..Now I have to start at square 1…..

  • ShakaZ

    Yes, my order was canceled last night!!! No follow-up email, no notice, nothing from Apple or At&t. I did get 2 speak 2 an Apple genius. But just to tell me that all cancelled orders were due to a second upgrade eligibility check done prior to shipping the phone. Obviously, the second check did NOT get clearance (for one reason or another) causing the order to cancel. At this point, the order is canceled and I must begin from square one. I spent 12hrs trying to order my phone on the 15th for nothing. I tried calling AT&T today but no luck getting someone who can give me a more clear answer. Am I eligible? YES!! Is my bill paid? YES!! So what can it be?? If it's At&t's fault, I will be asking for a recompensation of some sort.

  • Joshua Garrett

    I’m glad I didn’t preorder from Apple or AT&T. I ordered mine from Best Buy. Not sure if I’ll get one or not. I’m number 23 on the list so I’ll cross my fingers that the local store gets enough to supply me with one.