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New iPhone 4: Is your order canceled?

We have been reading some disturbing news on the Apple Forums, where some iPhone 4 customers have noticed that their order had been cancelled. It seems that when people log into the Apple store to check the status of their order – maybe to see if their new iPhone was shipped early – they found that their order showed up as canceled.

As you would expect these customers were on the phone immediately to Apple customer services to see what was going on, but it seems that there is no one to take the call. Some forum members have asked if they actually saw the charge of their purchase come up on their card bill.

One member decided to phone AT&T, it turns out that those having their order canceled could have been very close to the cut-off point when Apple sold all of its pre-order allocation.

AT&T has since escalated the issue to ICU status; they also said that the ICU would call back the annoyed customers within 72 hours. Have you had your new iPhone 4 order cancelled?



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