New Apple iOS 4: List of Compatible Devices & Multitasking

By Jamie Pert - Jun 20, 2010

If you own an iPhone, iPod or iPad you are probably wondering whether your device will be compatible with iOS 4 when it launches tomorrow, if you carry on reading this article thing should become more clear.

Let’s start with iPhone, iOS 4 will run on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, therefore anyone still using the original iPhone (2G) will have to put up with iPhone OS 3.1.3 which was released earlier this year.

Just because your iPhone is compatible with iOS 4 it doesn’t mean that you will see the OS’s full potential, only iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 will support multitasking, custom wallpaper and Bluetooth keyboards, therefore it seems as if the iPhone 3G’s iOS 4 potential is quite limited.

If you own an iPod Touch let’s hope it is either second or third generation, both devices will support the new OS, however the first-gen iPod Touch will not. Again there are some features unsupported by some models, only the third-generation iPod Touch will support multitasking (32GB and 64GB models).

All iPad versions will support iOS 4, however from what we can see this update will not launch until sometime during the fall this year, as we hear of a more accurate launch date we will keep you posted.

I hope this information clears things up, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section below and we will do our very best to answer them.

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  • Added to that, several of my colleagues had some problems upgrading from a Jailbroken 3.2 platform to iOS 4.0. So as a rule of the thumb, it would be best if you shift first to un-jailbroken OS before heading on for an upgrade with this.

    Also, multi tasking only works with 3GS and the new iPhone 4. Things you didn't know about the iOS4

  • Bballn

    @speedbird thats the 3Gs

  • Tomorrow is a big day I caant wait to get my hands on iOS4 I just hope that iTunes does not go on an all time slow with everyone downloading at the same time!

  • Speedbird

    The custom wallpaper will be available on iPhone 3G – there is a small picture of one featuring this update on Apple’s site… look at the bottom of the page.