iPhone iOS4 (4.0): Firmware download in 24 hours, are you ready?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 20, 2010

We do not know the exact time but we do know that iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be available for download tomorrow. We thought this was an ideal time to ask if you were ready for the firmware download? Let us not forget this will be a bigger event than the iPhone 4 Pre-order on Tuesday just gone.

We thought that this is the perfect time to look back at what we know so far about the new mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The most recent post that we wrote was asking what time the download will be? We looked back at the release time last year for iPhone OS 3.0 to get a better idea – thankfully we have had a few comments where they say that they know the actual release time.

We know that the new iOS 4 will be available for the new iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G, but not for the original 2G model. However, we know that not all of the 100 new features will work on the older models – such as multitasking. The reason that all of the features work on the new IPhone 4 is because of the new more powerful processor and double the amount of RAM, which we reported in a recent post.

Last year the iPhone OS 3.0 download update had huge problems – Alan NG wonders if this year will see the same issues, or if things will go smoothly for Apple?

Finally for those who did not know, the new firmware update was originally called iPhone OS 4.0. However, Steve Jobs said that they had to rename it as the mobile OS is now being used for more devices than just the iPhone.

Are you ready?

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  • RayT

    What's happened to photo resolution in the Photo albums? Mine have totally gone to the crapper. I had hoped a resynch would have sorted it out, but no…

  • Guest

    Problems so far: It apparently reset my home router to the defaults while updating the firmware, the new wallpaper screen has totall crappy resolution if you use one of your own photos, "threading" for email by default (but I discovered you can turn it off), wallpaper on app screens (too busy for my old eyesight!) without any options for none or black, I could go on. This is the worst release EVER. What was Steve Jobs thinking???????

  • fel

    4.0 is now live!

  • Pam Joy

    Haven't been this full of anticipation since waiting for the Beatles to appear on Ed Sullivan.

  • ASIF

    NO UPDATE IN UK AT 16.39

  • Andrew B.o.r.

    I’m ready and now waiting, still checking every 30 min.

  • Ken

    If it's anything like previous OS releases, I'd expect it at roughly 1:00pm EST.

  • Pablo

    Have a working 3G with iOS4 jail broken with the multitasking and background wallpaper features unlocked.

    • Andrew

      Will it be as easy to unlock multitasking when the actual firmware comes out?

  • Grigoris

    woohooo, i have a 3g but wont bother to download the firmware i pre ordered the iphone 4 getting it in 3 days now 😀 well in two hours lol

  • massive

    ready and waiting 🙂

  • Travis

    Well I'm deff ready because I'm already running it 🙂 lol thank the interweb for haveing leaked Copys of it.

    • Tyler

      Why would you bother downloading a leaked version of the software?

      • alconchino

        well duh so we can try it out before the rest of the public lol