iPhone 4, iOS 4 and Future Expectations

By Peter Chubb - Jun 20, 2010

The new iOS 4 will be available for download tomorrow, and comes just three days before people take possession of the new iPhone 4. Apple has a lot riding on both these new releases, which is all due to the constant bombardment from Android. So what is the future expectations of the handset and the mobile OS that goes with it?

Android still has a long way to go, with Ian Paul on Reseller News reporting that there will be 100 million iPhone users by 2011 – how many of them will be iPhone 4 users we do not know. But judging by pre-order sales of 600,000 in the U.S. it will not take long for the new Apple smartphone to become their biggest selling model yet.

The research conducted by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, expects numbers from 42 to 48 million by the end of 2010. If there will be 100 million users by 2011, then sales will really have to move up a gear – one way could be to open it up to other carriers in the US, such as Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Huberty believes that more than half of current iPhone owners will choose to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 this year. The reason behind this is simple; most iPhone owners currently have the original 2G and 3G model – maybe because they could not afford to get out of their contract to get the 3GS this time last year.

Do you think that the new iPhone 4 and iOS 4 will be able to hold its own against Android in 2010?

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  • Bammaster

    Open source code will always have more features over closed source, and is worth it despite the occassional virus which can be avoided if you know what you are doing. So the android wins on os for that reason. Also android is on multiple providers whereas the iPhone is AT&T and considering their horrid service, I among most people will not switch to AT&T for the iPhone. Lastly hardware wise the iPhone wins with the apple A4 because of it's clock speed, 1GHz and the fact that the video is also integrated into that chip. However I personally amnit a fan of the new shape. Next the android phones generally have a better camera, and there is a much larger variety over the iPhone. The iPhone unlike some droid phones does not have an external keyboard and even with Bluetooth keyboard integration in iOS 4, I don't think I want to carry a giant keyboard around with me all day. Overall I think the battle between android and iPhone is towards android. The android just has more features that takes apple years to integrate, like honescreen backgrounds and "multitasking". The iPhone may be more reliable and not get viruses but as I said earlier can be avoided.

    • Dillon

      Sometimes less is more, simply offering more of so

      ething doesn’t make it better. Apple will continue to beat out other platforms for a often unrecognized reason, if and when my phone fails me as all electronics will do eventually I can go to an actual brick and mortar store and have the problem fixed of replace. The customer no longer has to rely on the carrier to solve the problem or deal with the manufacturer run around or lack of acknowledgement of an issue. Apple simply does what many people ask companies to do “stand by your product”, and acknowledge and remedy failures when they occur.

  • Manny

    Are you kidding? The question should be can Android do enough to even come close to the iPhone. The iPhone is the clear leader in this race and everyone else is trying to catch up.