iOS 4 for iPhone 4: What’s The Release Time?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 20, 2010

Tomorrow will be June 21, 2010, the day that iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be made available for download. We know that iPhone users will want to know what the release time will be, but Apple has yet to announce this. This is nothing new; we were kept in the dark this time last year as well with iPhone OS 3.0 update.

We thought we would try to offer an insight as to what time the release of iOS 4 will be, so did some digging at the last big iPhone OS update. On June 17, 2009 iPhone OS 3.0 was available to download at about 10:20 a.m. PDT, so you had best be ready for the slow Apple servers to take the strain of millions of downloads.

If this will be the same time this year, then just do a simple search on Google to work out the time zone difference for the country that you reside in. I will probably download the update as soon as it is available, but some may choose to wait a while in case there are problems, which Alan Ng explains in a recent post.

There is said to be 1500 new APIs for developers and 100 new features – just as it was last year. However, Steve Jobs said that this is the biggest and best update yet to its mobile operating system.

If you have any details on the release time of iOS 4, then please let our readers know.

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