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iOS 4 for iPhone 4: What’s The Release Time?

Tomorrow will be June 21, 2010, the day that iOS 4 for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be made available for download. We know that iPhone users will want to know what the release time will be, but Apple has yet to announce this. This is nothing new; we were kept in the dark this time last year as well with iPhone OS 3.0 update.

We thought we would try to offer an insight as to what time the release of iOS 4 will be, so did some digging at the last big iPhone OS update. On June 17, 2009 iPhone OS 3.0 was available to download at about 10:20 a.m. PDT, so you had best be ready for the slow Apple servers to take the strain of millions of downloads.

If this will be the same time this year, then just do a simple search on Google to work out the time zone difference for the country that you reside in. I will probably download the update as soon as it is available, but some may choose to wait a while in case there are problems, which Alan Ng explains in a recent post.

There is said to be 1500 new APIs for developers and 100 new features – just as it was last year. However, Steve Jobs said that this is the biggest and best update yet to its mobile operating system.

If you have any details on the release time of iOS 4, then please let our readers know.


  • Arturo

    iOS 4 is now available, they released it 4.0 at 1:00pm EST

  • Still nothing available for Germany. Rumor was at 9 am pacific time (18:00 over here)

  • David


  • macbarros

    rumor has the time at 10am PST (Pacific Standard Time)!
    12:35pm at Sao Paulo Brazil and still waitting!

  • Joe Mc

    It is 10:15 a.m. here in Chicago, Illinois and this is Central Standard time. No iOS 4 firmware release yet, but I am hearing 12:00 noon it will be available CST.

  • Ryan

    Not released here in the UK yet…

  • adamz

    georgia, anyone?

  • Kmac

    Does anybody know the release time for Indiana??

  • andrewlaw58

    It's 7:49 AM in Chicago, Illinois and still waiting. Won't be soon I don't think. I'd say somewhere around 12. πŸ™‚

  • Anakin

    So close and yet so far … In Danmark it is 14.13 and no sign of any iOS4

  • ipodfreak

    how about NY state? any one what time it'll be available to download?

  • Does anybody know the release time for europe?

  • GlendaSings

    Mildly entertained by the people on this forum who seem to only be aware of the existence of the good ole USA…as if there aren't literally millions of users all over the world waiting for this update! Not sure how much difference it would make to stagger it over US time zones when the USA are less than 50% of total users world wide.

    It's nearly 5pm on 21st June, Australian Eastern Standard time, and no sign yet – so I guess they're not doing it on world time zones.

  • vincent

    idk i heard it was going to be 9am in Californian but right now its 206 am in florida and it still wont let me download im going to wait till 3 am then if not f this

  • Tyler

    yeah this is quite interesting, its 12:15 am here in Minnesota and obviously it hasn't been released here yet but they are pretty smart to release it at intervals like they do. no server crash, and happy customers!

  • Brian

    It's up!! Downloading now in FL

  • steve

    nope 10:04 a.m. psd

  • helletwoody

    i got it from itunes 8.2 and its around 11:58 am i am just getting right now i am so proud ,,, i hope to be the first that is downloading it….

  • niga

    does it prevent from jailbreaking?

  • frenzal

    Doesn't matter which country you live in Apple goes by US time πŸ™ so even though us aussies have been living through Monday for 15 hours already (Thats right I'm talking to you from the future!) we don't get it until you catch up to us.

  • Kpod

    It's my birthday and the iOS is coming out today. Lol. Idk but I'm pretty excited about it. It's all I've been thinking about since winter when I found out about it. πŸ™‚

  • alltruism

    Official release time is 5:00pm PDT. The OS will be released at on unified hour, split per time zone. The past OS was released on one unified hour, split per time zone. To differentiate a timed release per time zone would cause sporadic mega downloads. A hub can process unlimited downloads per server if the time is unified per hour, split per time zone. The user downloading the OS will be the only one to experience load delays, the hub remains uneffected when utilizing this process. Split 5:00pm EDT per time zone to calculate the release.

  • i would expect it to hit their servers from 00:00 on 21st of June in PDT. but based on other people's comment above I guess us Sydney siders will be waiting for another half a day

  • andrew

    What time do you think it will be released for the chigo area??? (central time zone)

  • It's now 2:35pm, June 21st here in New Zealand, and still no update.

  • woot!

    They are going to release it at 4:00am EST because then it will be 12:00am in Seattle which is where the Apple HQ is.

  • 73landau

    I installed iOS4 GM version 8A293 last Thursday. The Apple site accepted my UDID without being a developer. Everything works great. From my understanding, the public release will probably be the same πŸ™‚
    Redsnow also allows battery %, wallpapers and multitasking on my 3G :yes:

  • Yongky

    Hopefully, James, according to our respective time zones. It’s 7:35am on June 21st here in Sydney, Australia, and I’m pushing “Check for Update” every 5 minutes.

    • Karen

      Don't bother, 10am Californian time is more like 2am Tuesday Aussie time

    • and

      is it out yet there

  • Barry

    It will be released at 1943 uk time

    • Crimson

      How Do You Know That?

  • brandon

    Here's the deal, it WILL be released tomorrow.

    No TIME has been set, and Apple would be smart in not stating a certain time it will be available to everyone because there are millions of iDevice users, and for them all to be accessing the servers to download would be slow to say the least.

    It would be smart to release iOS to say, the east coast first at 5am or something, then release to midwest at noon, and west coast at 2pm or something of that sort.

    and the release date IS 6.21.10

    • Buster

      If that was to happen, the west coast would get it first since Apple is a California based company

  • Chris

    Its already the 21st of june 2010 here in Singapore and the update is still not available!

  • UkGuy

    I wonder if Apple would learn from last year and follow the time zones at say 10:30am local time. Would solve the mad rush, and I won't have to wait until the evening πŸ˜‰

  • I live in Texas and last year with 3.0 I was able to download it right at about 1230 central time. πŸ™‚

  • James

    but what time? And will it be released to everyone at the same time or to countries according to their time zone??

    • Brandon

      based on time zone, even for USA.

      think about that, millions of people downloading a couple hundred megs at the same time….. from the same servers……. i believe when they released 3.0 it went to east coast at 7am, then midwest around noon, then west coast around 3pm or so. if your so jumpy and you need the exact minute it is released – a good place to base an assumption off of, would be looking at their trends and when they have released previous iOS version.

      Do some research, google is your friend.

  • oh god, they said that it would be released tomorrow on the 21st!

  • Bobby

    I heard it won't be available until after 1pm.

    • iModder95

      What time zone? 11 AM PDT means 2 PM EDT…

  • john

    it will be released on 11 AM PDT

  • Craig

    "Tomorrow will be June 21, 2010, the day that iOS 4 for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will be made available for download."
    I dont think it is being released on the iPad until Fall, as Steve said at the iPhone OS 4 (before is was renamed to iOS 4) keynote.

  • Fjabaosj

    Will you be able to download iOS 4 directly from your device?

    • macgirl

      No. Software updates require a restore.

      • healy25

        it NOT classed a s restore! its classed as an update!

    • Peter

      No you will proberbly have to download it from a PC with an Internet Connection

    • MacMan

      Negative. You'll have to get it through iTunes 9.2. Depending on your internet connection, it will take some time to download it, and then to update your devce. Last year with the 3.0 update, it took me all day to download and install it on my iPhone. I started it in the morning and went to work. When I got home it was still loading, but was almost complete. All I really had to do was to sync the device….

    • No you need to do it from your computer as with all apple updates.

    • Ktw

      No…think about it…it is an operating system OS. It is the software that runs the iPhone. The install has wipe the old iPhone OS and lay down the new iOS 4. The iPhone can't be in operation when that happens.

      • SWCF

        Actually, many phones do what is called a OTA, Over the Air, update. Androids do it, blackberrys do it, even most older phones did it. Just because it doesn’t make sense to you or you haven’t done it doesn’t mean you can make blanket statements based on assumptions πŸ˜‰


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