Father’s Day 2010: Google Logo (Doodle) Celebrates

Father’s Day is today, June 20, 2010 and is the 100th anniversary of the day that celebrates that special man in your life – the one that will be there for you no matter what. This special day for Dad’s has made it to the Google homepage yet again – with a special logo (Doodle), just like every year.

This year on with have a logo made up of ties and bows that help spell out the word Google, which when clicked takes you to a search page for Father’s Day. As you would expect Wikipedia is right at the top of the results with an insight into the history of the day.

Father’s Day is not just for celebrating Dad’s; it is also for honoring our forefathers. In the early days Father’s Day was met with laughter, whereas Mother’s Day was treated more seriously. However, as the holiday became more commercialized, the former was also taken seriously.

Although we still see to this day that Father’s Day is not treated as highly as Mother’s Day, which I think is a shame. Our Dad’s are just as important as our mothers.

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