Medal Of Honor Beta: Freezing PS3 Consoles?

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2010

For those of you who plan to try out the Medal Of Honor closed beta on the PS3, it has become pretty apparent that the game is prone to freezing problems. I have tested the beta out on the fat model and have yet to complete a game.

I know it is a beta and these things are bound to happen, but the constant crashes are surely a major issue that needs to be addressed. It seems to be happening the most, just after you die and when you are looking at the respawn menu.

It is important to point out that I have only used the fat model, so I can’t confirm that this is happening on the PS3 Slim yet. It is also a bit frustrating not being able to finish a game without the PS3 requiring a hard reboot, especially after EA’s initial problems regarding beta keys.

If you need more evidence that the beta is crashing consoles, I found these related threads which also confirm the issue. There is a link here to EA forums, and then over at IGN forums here.

Hopefully this gets fixed up before June 21st – the date which the beta will become accessible to others. It is still a closed-beta after all, so maybe we should expect such problems?

Has your console crashed too? It would be handy if some of you can confirm that is is occuring on Slim units as well. We’ll let you know if we hear anything from DICE or EA regarding the matter.

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