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Medal Of Honor Beta: Freezing PS3 Consoles?

For those of you who plan to try out the Medal Of Honor closed beta on the PS3, it has become pretty apparent that the game is prone to freezing problems. I have tested the beta out on the fat model and have yet to complete a game.

I know it is a beta and these things are bound to happen, but the constant crashes are surely a major issue that needs to be addressed. It seems to be happening the most, just after you die and when you are looking at the respawn menu.

It is important to point out that I have only used the fat model, so I can’t confirm that this is happening on the PS3 Slim yet. It is also a bit frustrating not being able to finish a game without the PS3 requiring a hard reboot, especially after EA’s initial problems regarding beta keys.

If you need more evidence that the beta is crashing consoles, I found these related threads which also confirm the issue. There is a link here to EA forums, and then over at IGN forums here.

Hopefully this gets fixed up before June 21st – the date which the beta will become accessible to others. It is still a closed-beta after all, so maybe we should expect such problems?

Has your console crashed too? It would be handy if some of you can confirm that is is occuring on Slim units as well. We’ll let you know if we hear anything from DICE or EA regarding the matter.


  • Dillinger

    I got the Medal Of Honor and played it for about a month now and its crashing all the time I thought it was my PS3 and now I can see its MOH wow is there going to be any patches for this?

  • Lee

    it is prety much the same happened with me , about 3 times freezes after i died during the response menu and also when i getting a bonus mumbers , but the most annoing thing to me is that it even not accepting my pass code ????????????????

  • michael

    it freezes every time i play it. good game bad companys.

  • Batman

    This only happens to me either when I’m respawning or when Im aimin the weapons, again this only happens when in the Taliban group.

  • Carpella

    Pees me off when I'm getting high scores and trying to unlok futher gadgets. I can't play it anymore it's p'd me off so many times practically every game I play no matter which side I play. I don't know about EA fixing it before 21st June today is now 15th July. One other main disadvantage is that the weapon loadouts never save neither can you invite friends or speak with friends. This is a beta version and one would imagine being able to test everything fully.

  • David

    I do understand that there is a patch supposed to come up for this soon, but for those who want to play and are on the Taliban side, there is a way to get around the scorechain freezing. When you are about to achieve a scorechain, ex. 30/40 or so, instead of killing someone with your gun or sidearm, use your knife. For some odd reason, I haven't had it freeze when I used the knife.

    That is just on my PS3 60GB Fat, though. Also, just don't check your score when you are dead. Only when you are alive. That way it won't freeze when you press select during the spawn. I haven't had it freeze when I was alive and pressing the select button.

  • Nethrin

    I can confirm getting your first killstreak as the terrorist you freeze. I just joined a match, there was 4 guys standing next to a building, i mowed them down, the instant i killed the 4th guy, game froze.

  • letstalk78

    so who is going to buy the game ,i will give it go

  • Mark Roche

    have the new slim model and its freezein! have completed a few full games whitout freezein but does occour reguarly! seems too freeze when u kill somebody or get killed also happens when u get ur kill streak bonous!

  • Tom

    crashes my slim model too.
    Especially while gaining my support bonus or pressing select on the respawn screen… oh and expect a freeze when you c4 a tank with the sniper too.

  • smokes

    Yes it crashes on PS3 Slim, just after i get a kill streak going. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!!! BFBC2 IS WAY BETTER.

  • we are tier 1

    I guess the point is, when playing as a terrorist, you are not supposed to get a killstreak…unless you die! way to propaganda moh beta! hahaha! simple:
    1 – dont get a kill streak with a terrorist
    2 – dont press select
    3 – on the xbox360…oh my, its been delayed! hahaaha!

  • Matt-of-doom(PSN)

    Yea it happens to me to usually right when i get my first set of score chain or i'm just after i've killed someone

  • Ryan

    Indeed it does it on the slim as well. At least for me. usually when i try to access the scoreboard on the respawn menu, but it has occured while killing someone for the third time without dying, ("killstreak")

  • letstalk78

    can not wait for the full game

  • letstalk78

    happens to me as well but this is why you have betas,but a very good game i think

  • letstalk78

    happens to me but enjoying the game this is what betas are for.

  • bran

    feeezes for me and i have the older model cant even finsih some games

  • akhillll

    yea the ps3 slim version freezes a lot, right when you die and sometimes it just randomly stops working maybe once every 2 games i have to reboot

  • Haggerznaple

    Not that I need to post this, given that a few people before me have confirmed this, but yes… it freezes on the PS3slim as well. For me, it seems to freeze most often right as I've either killed another player, or been killed myself. It's just a beta, though, so I'm not too concerned. They'll fix it… hopefully.

  • jPad

    Froze for me every game, just waiting on EA to patch it before I even bother booting it up again.

    Using an original PS3 Fat launch model.


    freezes on slim too. Hopefully the will fix it soon. The game seems pretty good.Would be nice to finish a whole game on beta.

  • Mike

    I just installed the beta and I can't even get the game to load and it freezes.. Right after I hit the start button the title screen it'll goto the menu and it says "connecting" then it freezes…

  • frank

    Slim ps3 here. Freezing about every 1.5 games.

  • Commodore

    Happens whenever I get a killstreak on Taliban

  • Warrka

    happens on my slim after a game in a half

  • Enkeixpress

    Wait for a patch from EA.

    • letstalk78

      do you know when ther will be a patch

  • ugh…..

    happens to me when im on the terrorist team as well. never on the U.S. team though. after i get a kill allowing me to get a kill streak it freezes. this really should be fixed before the 21st.

  • tn9nex

    i have the slim ps3 and it freezes for me too, mainly when im a terrorist and kill someone on the opposite team. It has froze on me at the respawn screen as well.

  • Eric

    Same with me, when I hit select after I've been killed, it freezes. I got a fat one though. they need to do something about player movement. Watching other people run around, shoot and jump was HORRIBLE. It was very choppy and stiff. when characters jump, it looks like someone pickup an action figure and held it there for second and lowered it. They got a few patches to work on. I also prefer having crouch as R3 instead of circle.

  • base

    Yep. Whenever Talaban gets a kill steak the game crashes.

  • Ya i keep freezing too on my ps3 fat model. this needs to be fixed

  • Cable201

    This happens most consistently when I get kill. I don’t know if it’s just the kill after 30/40, but my PS3 has frozen 7 times while playing the Beta. It’s almost always right after a headshot. The last 2 times it froze on a tank kill with and RPG and a knife kill, both playing as a terrorist. I don’t know how much experience I’ve lost, as I tend to be on a streak when it happens, but it’s just annoying as hell.

  • Yeah it is freezing for me too. I just installed the beta because my GameStop just received the keys and tried it after downloading. It has frozen 2 times so far on my PS3 Slim. It keeps happening right when I die after maybe 2 or 3 deaths. Quite annoying since I can't even finish a game, let alone stay in one for more than a few mins. Hope it is fixed quickly. I also noticed that the game is pretty laggy (not my connection) but the reaction, such as movements after kills.

  • romero830

    It freezes on me when I get to a 40 point squad bonus typically. Not sure if its just the code trying to process too much at once, but its right when I get the kill that gets the bonus.

  • Billou

    Freeze 5 or 6 times for me, on my 60Go Fat. One just now.

  • derrickgott007

    so much for following the NDA(non disclosure agreement) huh? You all fail as beta testers.

  • andrew

    for me this happens every other game and happens most when i get a kill streak (mortar/uav/rockets)


    I can confirm that it DOES crash the ps3 slim as well…..i've played 4 games so far, and my ps3 has froze 4 time lol

  • Alex van der Colff

    Yeah mine has frozen 15+ times. It is just no longer playable.I love participating in closed betas but this isn't worth it, which is too bad because I loved the BFBC2 closed beta and expected greatness from DICE but ohwell maybe they will fix it by the 21st. Anyways it's a beta.

  • PrideNLife

    Yepp it froze on my ps3 slim for the 11th time this morning. Figured id give it a go, which it wasnt too bad for a while, then in the past hour it froze 3 times. Yesterday was a bitch though…froze on me 8 times everytime id get a high killstreak or pass that 30/40 mark

  • emitwohS

    Game freezes up 90% of the time I get a killstreak. Happens a lot more on the city map then the hillside map. I think it also has something to do with getting the killstreak for the first time in a match. This is on the PS3 slim.

  • DrBroFist

    Happens sometimes as soon as I kill someone, haven't played for more than 10 minutes at a time

  • Jim

    Froze on my PS3 as well after a killstreak. Also froze checking scoreboards.

  • jb76

    froze on every game i've played

  • andygee

    mine always crashes once i reach a kill streak, its only with the taliban soilders too, so so anoying, the game seems fantastic just wish i could finish a game, october will see the end of mw2!!

    • 8bit knight

      I have the same problem with the crashing and the killstreak thing but i am playing on the computer. So it must not be a ps3 only problem

  • anas

    YEAH! it froze twice on my ps3! it was when i was in the respawning menu!

  • Brasticus

    my slim is crashing after kills. shot a guy in the head with a pistol as a defensive kill and it froze, sniper kill and froze, generally if it is a kill that will grant me extra points (headshot, defensive, savior, revenge, etc) there is a good chance it will freeze.

  • Ryan

    It happens when you are on the terrist team only for me never happened with select but if you look in lower right hand corner when you spawn you see 0/40 when this gets to 30/40 DIE becasue if you get a kill that puts your points anywhere above 30 then it freezes, so you will never get the first killstreak as a terrist, this does not happen when on the US Ranger team.

    • rocks

      just knife the third kill works perfectly… Ive gotten the killstreak as the TERRORIST many times…

  • rowben86

    Yeah it's happening to me. I press select to look at my score and it freezes.

  • Magnum340

    yes on slim also. happens everytime in spawn menu when you press SELECT. Also happens randomly during game. But I can complete more games than crash as long as I don't hit SELECT in spawn menu.

    • zanmeatt

      It happens on my slim ive only had it for a month and in the beta it happens when theres a group of 3 or 4 people after im a bout to kill them but it just freezes. When i look at my score same happens. But its never happend on the army team. I think im not going to play the beta any more and if it happens in the real game when it comes out im going to trade it and hopefully this never happens.


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