iPhone iOS 4 Download: Bigger than Pre-order

By Peter Chubb - Jun 19, 2010

There is no denying that on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 it was a huge day for Apple, as this was the day when you could pre-order your new iPhone 4. What was meant to be a great day for both Apple and their customers, turned out to be a nightmare. If you thought that this was a big day, then just wait for Monday, June 21, 2010, as this is the day that iOS 4 will be available for you to download.

There were serious problems with the Apple iPhone 4 pre-order system, we just hope that Apple do not suffer the same kind of issue with its OS download update. But if you thought that the iPhone 4 pre-order was a big deal, then think again. 600,000 pre-orders on its first day was big, but millions of downloads within hours is even bigger.

This will be the best and biggest download yet and will also be available for the iPod Touch and the iPad. The spike in Internet traffic will be huge on the 21st – we just wonder if Apple servers will be able to cope with the high demand?

WWDC 2010 was a massive day for traffic in the Internet, but Monday has been coming for one-year – we just hope that Apple do not let us down. We recently asked the question if you would download iOS 4 on the day or wait? I know I will be doing it on the day.

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  • goust rider

    where can I download ios4 for itouch?

  • Jacob W

    I can't wait. And it's FREE for the iPod Touch. This is awesome. It's like Xmas, in June.

  • Glen

    Can't wait … Wonder what time it will be available??

  • guest

    I'll wait. I don't have 3gs so it won't be a huge improvement.

  • Lon

    Not iPad.

  • 1 day to go,cant wait for ios4…

  • Jim

    What time do you think this update will be available on the 21st? For example, historically have they been available at midnight or 8am?

  • Joe

    It's not really that apple servers became overwhelmed. It was AT&Ts upgrade process that was glitching up the process

  • getthefactscorrect

    The iPad also? I didn't think the iPad would be updated until the fall of 2010

  • Dddd

    On the day!