Xbox 360 Slim: Video Shows Case Mod

By Jamie Pert - Jun 18, 2010

Over the years console mods have become more and more popular, however whilst browsing SlashGear earlier I was extremely surprised to see that solomods have already modded the soon-to-be release Xbox 360 Slim.

The mod is not amazing, however pretty impressive given the fact that the new Xbox 360 was only unveiled earlier this week. Solomod have cut a window in the top of the console and filled the gap with transparent perspex/lexan, they have also added some pretty blue LEDs.

You can see the modded console in the video embedded at the end of this post, it is pretty cool as it shows the disc spinning, which means that when the game isn’t spinning you will be able to see which disc is in the drive, genius!

I am looking to buy the new Xbox 360 next month, however I will not be modding my console just in case I get the GROD, will you?

Source: SlashGear

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  • John

    The new xbox 360 is lighter than the 360 elite which I own. Where did you get your information from?

  • Obviously, we can call them slim if we're just talking about its physical appearance. Although, one should realize that its weight is a bit heavier than the old xbox 360. Probably, because of the goodies inside of it. All questions answered on xbox 360 slim

    Its good though that the price is still 299 USD.

  • SVB

    Very cool. Microsoft should consider doing that.

  • Rob

    What happens when the console stops working in 2 or 3 weeks? You know microsoft sure as hell isn't going to fix it for you..