United States vs. Slovenia: Twitter Finds World Cup Live Streaming

Today is a big day for the 2010 World Cup, not only do we have England playing later against Algeria we have United States vs. Slovenia. Both should be good matches and both England and the U.S. need to come away with wins. For those who will be on their computer looking for a live stream of the first match Twitter makes it much easier to find them for you.

If you thought that there was only a couple of websites offering live streams of this and other World Cup matches, then you are very much mistaken. Just looking at the Twitter results four more were adding while writing this – showing that there will be no shortage of sources.

Social networking has certainly helped improve coverage for the World Cup, as has the number of iPhone apps. These applications have made it easier to keep up to date with all the latest news and standings.

Visit Twitter now for these live streaming searches.



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