Sony PS3 Move Precise, New Xbox 360 Kinect Laggy

By Peter Chubb - Jun 18, 2010

Both Sony and Microsoft showed once again their upcoming motion-sensing devices at E3 2010. The system for the PS3 is called Move while the new name for the Xbox 360 device is now called Kinect (formally Natal). It is no secrets that the two will be compared to each other, both have their good and bad points.

Matt Peckham from PC World has been looking at both systems and feels that the Sony PlayStation Move is more precise than the new Xbox 360 Kinect, as this was often laggy. I know that I will get slated for this, please remember that this are not my words, I am just reporting what Peckham said.

However, the PC World writer did say that the motion tracking “wands” on the Move is lacking an ultimate app, but when it comes to precision it is on the money. He has certainly made a bold claim saying that going from Kinect to Move is like upgrading to high fidelity.

Sony will be competing with not only Microsoft but also Nintendo with its Wii console, however, it seems that Sony has the upper hand on both. Although we cannot see either the PS3 Move or the new Kinect for the Xbox 360 affecting sales of the Wii any time soon.

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  • Epun18

    Wow…PS3 out sell Xbox only because it comes with a blue ray player. Xbox is still better for sports games. PS3 Move is just an upgraded version of he Wii. Kinect at least tries to change the way the games are played.

  • tinkerbell

    big up the wii lol 😛

  • jhuokilytrewq

    i think kinect is a better idea than playstation move but i dont think it will be better over all

  • Victor

    @ JonnyMfg:

    you dont lol you just play goaly and father mother for virtual children XD

  • JonnyMfg

    My only question is how do you play a shooter game on the Xbox 360 kinect, or for that matter any adult game?

  • Potato_Guy552

    You idiots , YOU STILL NEED A CONTROLLER WHERE NINTENDO CAN STILL KICK YOUR ASSES ! Kinect doesn't even need a controller , so shove the playstation move UP YOURS !

    • guest

      okay good point but id rather hold a controller in my hand than be the complete dumbass cursing at the tv because of my lagging ass kinect. i mean if you're that lazy that u complain about holding a lightweight controller for any time u probably shouldnt have bought a gaming console to begin with

    • badabum

      Sooo… how do you move forward, backward or turn without a controller?

  • guest

    hmmm.. my freinds say they rather stickk with the xbox arcade rathere thaqn the knew kincet cause the new one u cant play call of duty on it and they say yo look silly waving yournarms about!

  • anyone

    At least xbox showed that they can produce something magnificent, by taking the gaming generation a few year later, they'll make it more precise through out years!

  • Michael

    You may be sick of hearing that the PS3 is far superior in most everything but that doesn't change the fact that it is. 🙂

    – Also, PS3 is selling way better than XBox 360, and despite 360 being sold 1-2 years longer/prior to PS3, the PS3 will soon surpass total sales of the 360. Thats because if you take week to week since launch of both systems, the PS3 has always sold more than 360.
    If you factor in all the failtures and re-purchase of 360, the PS3 has already long surpassed sales of the 360.

  • Really?

    I derive an odd sort of pleasure knowing that on the internet, people always complain that the xbox sucks and every aspect of the PS3 is way better. -rolls eyes- Doesn’t matter what sony puts out or what games are being put out as an xbox exclusive. PS3 is always better. Funny thing about that is that there are more gamers on XBL than PSN and at E3, the Xbox booth was oozing gamers. I don’t think that PS3 users can take that the Xbox is win, even though the PS3 DOES have better graphics.

  • LameSauce

    Oh wow! "You can't use Kinect without standing up"! Dude, you give gamers a totally bad name. If you can't stand up to play a game, go outside and run a few laps before promptly dying from a heart attack on the side of the road. All of your opinions are invalid until the product actually comes out and you have a chance to play it. Why do you think you have an educated opinion when you've never had hands-on experience with the product? This discussion is pointless, so go outside and get some fresh air.

    • Dr.Wheels

      What about all of us paraplegic gamers? Just because I can't stand up to play a game doesn't mean I'm lazy and out of shape. Or what about people who want to relax and play a game after a long day? Or someone who is sick from work and wants to unwind? If you want to get exercise, you go outside and do something. If you want some relaxing entertainment, you play video games or watch tv. I think you need to step back and look at how narrowminded your post was.

  • exxbot

    Why would MS show us scripted and staged demos of Kinect games?

    Next time, Microsoft should hire veteran actors who don't get nervous during shows like these. Because actors and celebrities are key for a winning E3 keynote in this video game industry.

    • ali

      Kevin Butlers speech made my day.

  • it depend on what they expected

  • Reason

    Not surprised. Kinect is crap. Can't imagine playing a full version of a game with it.

  • Snoop

    Closer to 1 to 1 than expected… That doesn't mean it is precise. I think it would be hard for the Move to not be much more precise than the Kinect.

  • saada

    “Kotaku, G4, Game Informer, IGN etc all have said that Kinect was closer to 1 to 1 than expected. I would imagine that they have had much more hands on time than anyone else.”

    yeah right, why do you think not a single hard core game has been announced? ITS AN EYETOY

  • moor


    got any proof? because i have heard just the opposite.

  • JonahFalcon

    Look at the videos of the stage-demos for Kinect and you will see noticible lag for most of the games. Either that or the on-screen motion will occur before the demonstrators motion (meaning it was staged).

    Lets be straight: neither Move nor Kinect have a killer app, but then again neither did the Wii. But while people bought the Wii anyways because they saw potential, hopefully people now realize that the any potential for Kinect or Move should be proven first, because the Wii never ended up delivering what was promised. I agree that the Move gave the closest reproduction of 1:1 motion, so really Kinect has much more to prove.

    Do not believe the hype. Don’t believe in the ‘potential’ of these add-ons. Wait until it is proven before plunking down your cash, or better yet, until you can try them yourself. And good luck making enough room for Kinect in your living room…

    • Patrick

      I agree, motion control is more a selling point than a "new gaming era". It's fun for a few minutes then you're back to your controller which has come close to perfection from many years of trial and error. If one of the three competitors come out with something which really IS amazing, I'll consider it.

  • Kaizin

    Honestly, I think neither one has the advantage in the lag department. Because it is wireless, and because they both rely and cameras, there will be lag, and I don't think either one has the advantage over the other unless it is so drastic that it makes the game unplayable.

  • tsuu

    1:1 does not dictate response time the last time I checked.

  • Chulo

    Sure buddy if you say so. Dont know what world your in from before the E3 show and after everyone besides the ppl paid off by Microsoft have said the lag is very noticeable and compared to the move they are not on par when it comes to precision so lets cut all the BS out!!!!!

  • klokdol

    Everybody acknowledged Move was far superior to Kinect. MS E3 conference was embarassing.

    Actually, IGN and Kotaku even reported you can't even use Kinect without standing up.

    What the heck was MS thinking ? Kinect is a disaster in the making.

    • exbot


      Ooh, that hoits…. a lot!

      Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!


  • vinthedean

    I think that Sony will eventually get that Flagship game for the Move. But I think that by getting support from major games (EA Tiger Woods, EA Active 2, Socom 4, Killzone 3) it helps.

    The one that I failed to see why Sony did not go after was a Harry Potter Game. Imagine if that Sorcery Game they showed at E3 was a Special Edition Harry Potter Game. That would have been phenomenal. They could use the popularity of that Franchise to help sell the Move.

    Just a thought.

  • The_Moron

    Contrary to "The_Guys" Desperate damage control.Everyone said Kinect was a laggy mess.
    Deal with it.

  • Kotaku, G4, Game Informer, IGN etc all have said that Kinect was closer to 1 to 1 than expected. I would imagine that they have had much more hands on time than anyone else.

    • vinthedean

      Or more money from M$.


      Just kidding. I couldn't resist