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Sony PS3 Move Precise, New Xbox 360 Kinect Laggy

Both Sony and Microsoft showed once again their upcoming motion-sensing devices at E3 2010. The system for the PS3 is called Move while the new name for the Xbox 360 device is now called Kinect (formally Natal). It is no secrets that the two will be compared to each other, both have their good and bad points.

Matt Peckham from PC World has been looking at both systems and feels that the Sony PlayStation Move is more precise than the new Xbox 360 Kinect, as this was often laggy. I know that I will get slated for this, please remember that this are not my words, I am just reporting what Peckham said.

However, the PC World writer did say that the motion tracking “wands” on the Move is lacking an ultimate app, but when it comes to precision it is on the money. He has certainly made a bold claim saying that going from Kinect to Move is like upgrading to high fidelity.

Sony will be competing with not only Microsoft but also Nintendo with its Wii console, however, it seems that Sony has the upper hand on both. Although we cannot see either the PS3 Move or the new Kinect for the Xbox 360 affecting sales of the Wii any time soon.



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