School Bans Army Hat: Violates no weapons policy

By Peter Chubb - Jun 18, 2010

A young boy from Coventry was not happy when his school banned him from wearing an army that he had made to honor the armed forces. The school said that it violated its policy on no weapons or drugs – despite the fact that the hat just had small toy solders stuck on it.

According to Kathryn Sotnik from WPRI, David Morales was asked to make something for a school project – the camouflage hat with the men just like those from Toy Story were stuck on top. The 8-year-old thought that this was the best way to honor the U.S. armed forces.

Once he had made the specially designed hat he then wore it to school the next morning, only to be told that it violated school policy and that he had to remove it. It does seem strange that the school has a no weapons policy and that they think that small green toy soldiers holding guns falls under that category.

The child and his parent were not happy with the decision, but it is one that they will obey. Do you think that the school has gone too far?

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