School Bans Army Hat: Violates no weapons policy

A young boy from Coventry was not happy when his school banned him from wearing an army that he had made to honor the armed forces. The school said that it violated its policy on no weapons or drugs – despite the fact that the hat just had small toy solders stuck on it.

According to Kathryn Sotnik from WPRI, David Morales was asked to make something for a school project – the camouflage hat with the men just like those from Toy Story were stuck on top. The 8-year-old thought that this was the best way to honor the U.S. armed forces.

Once he had made the specially designed hat he then wore it to school the next morning, only to be told that it violated school policy and that he had to remove it. It does seem strange that the school has a no weapons policy and that they think that small green toy soldiers holding guns falls under that category.

The child and his parent were not happy with the decision, but it is one that they will obey. Do you think that the school has gone too far?


  • Piaget

    Anybody who would like to express their feeling to Principal Denise Richtarik, may do so at this email address;

  • Topdog

    Sounds like a bunch of idiots running the school. Start holding classes in a padded cell and have all kids dress exactly alike , this will stop the spread of violence. Then when the realities of everyday life occur, the kids will be better prepared to handle them. You could also have all schools under the same rules,same pay and same expectations. Make it a little more like a state run institution and then all will be ok in the world.

  • Matthew

    This is the liberal school establishment gone amuk! My son was sent to the principal's office for pointing his finger as if it were a gun toward another boy doing the same thing. He was sent to the principals office and was threatened with expulsion if he did it again. He was 6 years old in first grade when this happened. Seems normal to me.

  • RJC

    I think it is about time that common sense should be used. Teachers and schools should let kids be kids. There was less violence when kids were playing cowboys and indians with play guns than there is today that kids can't play with toy guns or toy soldiers.
    Maybe the school systems should go back to class to see what the differnce in toys and real guns are, RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reta Abbott

    I think it is stupid. What ever happened to patriotism? I beleive our soldiers who fight and die for our freedon every day should be honored in every possible. Who ever heard of anyone being killed by a plastic gun. Not a weapon!Duh! Love the hat! Good job.

  • Ron S

    And then we wonder why our students are falling farther and farther behind the rest of the world. Common sense just does not exist anymore in schools

  • Steve C

    I think the policy is probably written vaguely, and staff and teachers try as best they can to correctly interpret it, but it shows an obvious need of modification. Teachers surely know that a "weapon" is something used to cause injury or death, but a small plastic figurine does not fit that definition unless the boy used it to injure, maim or kill. School books can be so used, but do they call them weapons? These people are too zealous, and history is full of such "well-meaning" but delusional blunders.

  • Semper Fi

    If that is school policy, remove the toy soldiers and wear the camo hat w/flag to honor U.S. armed forces. A "Hooah" Thankyou to David for remembering all our men & women serving in the armed forces.

  • anonymous

    I believe in the right of self expression. He was just honoring the men and women that protect our country. The school went a little bit overboard on their decision


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