Property for sale and Google Maps

By Gary Johnson - Jun 18, 2010

People who are house hunting may see a property they like in the paper or in an estate agents window, but when they drive round to view the house the surrounding area might not be desirable. Now house hunters will have more tools at their disposal thanks to Google Maps.

Gerald Lynch from TechDigest is reporting that house hunters can now search for properties through Google Maps. People looking for properties can search by location, number of bedrooms, price and type.

Google’s product manager Andrew Foster said “About half of the queries on Google have a geographic component. We want Google Maps to be a map that contains all of the world’s information,” “We know that many UK home buyers are already using Google Maps in their house-hunting, and by adding property listings to the map we’re putting everything together for them in one place.”

Click here to try the service for yourself.

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