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Oprah: $10,000 and an Apple iPad for staff

There is no denying that one of the most popular products of 2010 has to be the Apple iPad, so it was no wonder that Oprah Winfrey gave each of her staff one as a free gift – well that and $10,000 to go with it. We know that they would have loved that check, but I am certain that they were on their iPad even before they went to the bank.

Having Winfrey give away an undisclosed amount of iPad’s to staff is like free advertisement for Apple – who better to market your product for free than the billionaire media mogul? Although its not as if Apple need the help right now, news that the company has shifted 600,000 new iPhone 4 smartphones on its first day proves that.

The iPad and the iPhone 4 is now battling it out to see which of the two will sell the biggest numbers, but I would not hold out much hope for the iPad. Yes the sales have been fantastic, but the iPhone seems to be on another league.

More details on Reuters

If you were given the choice of a free gift from your employer, which would you choose the Apple iPad or the iPhone 4?



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