iPhone 4: Watch Free WWDC 2010 Session Videos

By Alan Ng - Jun 18, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who are signed up on Apple’s developer website, as you are now able to download a large collection of session videos from the recent WWDC 2010 event.

As reported from Apple Insider, there are over 100 sessions to choose from, ranging from Steve Job’s keynote itself, to other specific areas of Apple’s event which took place in San Francisco.

While the videos are only available to developers, this is the first time that Apple has provided free session videos to WWDC attendees and other developers who were not at the event.

If you remember back last year, Apple charged developers who didn’t attend the event $500, to gain access the session videos – so this is definitely good news for you.

Head to their website here to get started. Are you happy with the news?

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