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iPhone 4 Spec Update: 512MB of RAM

WWDC 2010 is now well behind us, during his keynote, Steve Jobs finally announced the launch of the iPhone 4. The Apple CEO did not give much away about the hardware inside – yes we know the size of the storage and that it has an A4 chip taken form the iPad. What we did not know is the speed of that processor and the amount of RAM. However, we have just learned that the iPhone 4 packs 512MB of RAM.

If this report is true, then it has twice the amount of memory as the current iPhone 3G models. This makes perfect sense, and could be the reason why certain features of iOS 4 will only work on the new fourth-generation iPhone. Arnold Kim from MacRumors picks up on the fact that this is also twice the amount of RAM as the iPad.

If this does turn out to be correct, then apps and other features will run like a dream on the new iPhone – and let us not get onto the speed of that A4 CPU. It is thought that the new iPhone 4 needed the memory boost as to make full use of the Multitasking capabilities of iOS 4.

Other features that will benefit from this include the iMovie app and some of the new games coming up for release. We will have to wait and see how well this RAM boost helps with overall performance, we have one-week to go.



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