Internet Kill Switch Should obama have it?

Should any one man have the power to turn off parts of the Internet – well that is what a new U.S. Senate bill hopes to gain. The aim is to allow U.S. president Barack Obama to have a kill switch in case of an emergency. This has certainly caused an outrage – with people asking if Obama should have it?

In the proposed legislation, broadband providers, search engines, and also software firms will have to comply with these emergency powers. If the need arises, then the Department of Homeland Security will take over with Obama taking control of the Internet. Those who fail to comply will be fined.

The authority that has control will only allow the federal government to keep certain networks up to help keep the country running. However, according to Declan McCullagh from Cnet News, the 197-page bill looks set to have huge opposition.

One of the biggest fears of this proposal has to be the amount of power that the U.S. Government would have – giving them absolute power of the Internet. Do you think that Barack Obama should have an Internet kill switch?



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