Free Chevrolet Volt Home Charging Stations: Kind of

The Chevrolet Volt will hit the streets later this year and as a way of driving up those sales GM will offer the first 4,400 free home chargers. However, there seems to be a catch as the free charger is not the most powerful system – just 240-volts.

Those of you looking for a more powerful system, then you will have to part with at least $2,000. This offers much faster charging than standard units, which I am certain that you will need with the busy lives that we now lead. Still, the basic charger is still something for nothing I guess.

The DOE is working with Chevy on this giveaway, but as with all free things there is a catch. Those first 4,400 Volt drivers will have to agree to allow the U.S. government to gather information – it is hoped that this will help them offer a greater use with the electric vehicle.

According to Sebastian Blanco from Autoblog, both Nissan and Ford will be offering similar deals when they launch their electric vehicles.


  • oldevguy

    IMHO, these charge dock providers are trying to milk this situation for all it's worth. Just because the feds are picking up half the tab for the docks the installation prices have gone thru the roof. In my case AVs first quote was $2400, of which $1300 was for running 3 feet of cable and mounting the dock.Oh yea and plugging in a 40 amp- 240 volt breaker. When I protested they lowered the install fee to $1000. That's for about 1/2 an hours on prem. work. Even if you throw in a couple hours travel time that's outrageous!
    My electrical contractor will do it about 1/4th that much.
    AV will sell the dock alone for $771.07 and SPX will do the same for $490 + shipping around the end of Oct. I feel there will be more folks producing docks in the near future and will wait a couple months to get mine.
    Thanks for listening,


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