Free Chevrolet Volt Home Charging Stations: Kind of

By Peter Chubb - Jun 18, 2010

The Chevrolet Volt will hit the streets later this year and as a way of driving up those sales GM will offer the first 4,400 free home chargers. However, there seems to be a catch as the free charger is not the most powerful system – just 240-volts.

Those of you looking for a more powerful system, then you will have to part with at least $2,000. This offers much faster charging than standard units, which I am certain that you will need with the busy lives that we now lead. Still, the basic charger is still something for nothing I guess.

The DOE is working with Chevy on this giveaway, but as with all free things there is a catch. Those first 4,400 Volt drivers will have to agree to allow the U.S. government to gather information – it is hoped that this will help them offer a greater use with the electric vehicle.

According to Sebastian Blanco from Autoblog, both Nissan and Ford will be offering similar deals when they launch their electric vehicles.

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