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Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 6 Screens from Nintendo 3DS Release

When I was still at school there were two games which really got me into role-playing games, one of these was Final Fantasy 7 and the other was Zelda: Ocarina of Time, therefore you can probably understand my excitement when I heard Ocarina of Time was coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

This news was revealed by Nintendo on Twitter two days ago with this tweet “Wow! Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 are both coming to the Nintendo 3DS”, full details are not known however the game will definitely have a 3D makeover.

Recently GameTrailers released a video showing some screens from the upcoming game, I have captured the six screens and embedded them below. To be honest they look exactly the same, if not worse than the N64 release all them years ago, but don’t forget the visuals will be 3D.

Check out the screen below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: GameTrailers


  • Eion Kilant 739

    Well the game looks good, but I'm a bit worried about the 3DS itself.

  • FangBlade

    it says that Starfox 64 will also be for the 3DS, but why not the original Starfox!?!?!?!?

    • Eion Kilant 739

      Well the Original Star Fox caused Star Fox 2, but because the N64 came out: Star Fox 2 was never released and the game was remade on the N64.

      Soon after the original two Star Fox games (Star Fox 1 and Star Fox 2) were labeled non-canon by Nintendo.

      But I realy hope that they remake the new Star Fox game correctly, none of that adventrues crap.

  • Guy

    What a waste of money so what if the graphics are "better" its the game that matters besides the 3DS is supposed to be around $250 and only have 3-5 hours of battery time on the lowest brightness setting.

  • GirlontheInterwebs

    I don't get people's thing against the Water Temple. I was 8 when I was old enough to play that game properly and I did it with ease. In Other news, I started crying when I heard about this. I'm soooooooooo excited!!

  • Stephanie

    The colors are brighter and there's a bit more detail, but overall it's the exact same. I still prefer pulling out my dusty old N64 and bashing the cartridge in just so I can play with my bulky, semi-retarded controller and slightly glitchy graphics 😀

    • Eion Kilant 739

      You don't give the cartrige a thurough blow job before you use it (sewatIdidthar)? Dust could cause problems with your game. But yeah, I'm playing the original aswell.

  • Ivi

    i love all zelda games, but ocarina of time is my favorite!
    I'm so excited, that the game will come out in 3D on nds, but more then that i hope that they willbring out an makeover for wii or xbox or ps3! that would be awesome!!

    • The Legend of Zelda is for Nintendo ONLY.
      I will never count it as Zelda if its for Xbox or ps3.
      Thats just stupid

      • I completely agree with you on that.
        Having LoZ on anything but a nintendo system would be madness…… hell it might just be the end of the world as we know it when that happens….

        • matthew

          i wish they redid ocarina of time on a system like wii. that would be badass

        • Cameron

          It's on the Gamecube, and you can get it as a Virtual Console game on the Wii.

  • Mycanoi

    skyward sword cant be the first realy, hyrule alrdy exists underneath the sky where link lives atm.

    And about the four swords beeing the last title, i ahve my doubths there too, seeming in the minish cap, link gets his green hat, wich then becomes a habit of all the future heroes . ( seen as at the starting of minish cap, the hero mentioned was a man, with the sword, and no hat at all ). Also, the minish cap has vaati as major badboy, he's there in the four swords too, ergo, hes still alive. I think vaati gets killed before ganondorf appears.
    Just my opinion of the matter 🙂

    • Eion Kilant 739

      I dissagree, look at the beginning of the Minish cap, A hero came down from the sky, or something along the lines of that is said in the begining or in the plot twist. One of the two.

      Besides, the hat is hardly relevant, the just had to give link his hat some how and that was how he got it.

  • Ali

    I read online Skyward Sword is the start of it all, clearly,,,, Fourswords is last, as it is forged from the master sword and Skyward Sword is first, it is about the creation or so i heard… Could be wrong… So please dont get pissy 😛

  • jerrica

    skyward sword is a pre-qual really? whered u hear that at?

  • link

    dude i can't wait for the new zelda game

  • CrusaderDeleters

    woah. This is what everyone has been waiting for, amirite? A better-graphic'd OOT. I hear Skyward Sword is the Pre-qual of OOT, Since they HAVE to make the storyline fit in line of OOT, SS is probably going to be nice.

  • Thomas

    i dont care what the visuals are i just hope its as fun as the old one and that they fix that god forsaken water temple problem

    • corin

      i agree :/

    • Jake Suhr

      What was wrong with the Water Temple? I loved that challenge. Hell I never forgot how to beat the game over the years and now when I go to the Water Temple its a piece of cake.

    • Jonathan

      They actually will be because now the item/gear select menu screen is on the bottom touch screen. Now you can switch on/off the water boots with ease. YAY! 🙂

    • matthew

      i know the whole water temple gets on my nerves everytime i beat it. its fun and all but i hate having to keep lowering the water level.

  • duncan

    that was then this is now there were no DS's when it originally came out

    • Eion Kilant 739

      That is not what "Only for Nintendo 64" meant. It meant that as of it's release it was not going to be published for anyother console. Later on, however, this changed.

  • zane


    • awesome

      that can't be true! I just beat it on my gamecube as a gamecube game just a few days ago

    • Kid

      that meant it was only for the 64 when it came out.

  • Charlie

    omg i love the original game i started playing it when i was 3, my dad's finished it, is it really coming out on DS !?

    • Scoot


  • Did you ever play the master quest version? Damn that flipped the game sideways.

  • Justin

    Perhaps you should replay the game. I did the other day and it's easy to forget. These new graphics look so freaking smooth. They clearly gave the game a complete overhaul.

    • Jamie Pert

      Perhaps it has been a long time since I played it!


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