Xbox 360 Slim vs PS3 Slim: Dimensions – Which is smaller?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 17, 2010

Earlier on today we posted an article which compared the Xbox 360 Slim with the original Xbox 360, now it only seems right to compare Sony’s Slim console with Microsoft’s.

When Sony released their PS3 Slim last year it prompted many PS3 gamers to sell their original and buy a slim, this new console measured in at just 290 × 65 × 290 mm and weighed 3.5kg.

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 measures in at 270 x 75 x 264mm and weighs 2.9 kg, this makes it smaller than the PS3 slim, however there is still an external power brick, this is smaller and lighter than the previous power brick.

To be honest I was never bothered by the size of the first-generation Xbox 360 as it didn’t exactly make my living room cramped, however I can’t deny that I like the new design.

If you want to get a real look at the original Xbox 360’s smaller brother check out the unboxing video here.

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  • leo

    eu prefiro o xbox 360 slim

  • leo

    ps3 e legal mas não conseque autrapasar o xbox
    isso e tudo em tã falou
    e nois

  • nick00105

    we get espn. zune and netflix T_T suck it blu ray and fb annnnd twiiter

    add nick00105 on xbl

  • sebastian

    xbox 360 is better than the ps3 because it has more better grapics and it has kinect the only good thing about ps3 is the blu rey ps3 is for fucking retards, stupid assholes who said that the ps3 is better, but i dont say that halo is better, call of duty are the best games ever made, and the xbox 360 slim doesnt have the red ring of death i play it like 7 hours it doesnt hapend nothing

    • Darraghdavis

      where do u live and have you cried yet? ur xbox got ring of death yet? homo….

    • Darraghdavis

      u play xbox for that long u sad mother fucker your xbox probably does have ring of death u sad prick go suck your dead fat mum

      • Ryan STURGESS

        Hmmmm. I believe you took it over the top there. Yes so what he may well play his 360 for hours on end and it may well have RROD. You see you mis calculated a couple of important facts.

        1: Its his 360
        2: his money paid for it
        3: H enjoys it leave him be. 
        4: H can do what the hell he wants to it.

        So sebastian if you read this good on you. I like Xbox as much as you and so do another couple of million people. Dont let Darraghdavis put you off. 

        Ok moving on what console do you own davis. Oh right i forgot it really does not matter they are all equally as good. 

        So all my message is to every gamer in the world no matter what console you own you must feel comfortable playing it so happy GAMING and don’t let other people ruin your enjoyment

        I bow to you danny as you have the right attitude to gaming. 

        Just to add there a 2 things here in common find them and comment lol:

        Xbox made by -MICROSOFT
        PS3 made by – SONY
        GAMING PC’s run on windows – MICROSOFT (Best graphics are in the PC)

  • Danny

    Who gives a s*** which is better. its not about the graphics, its not about the online play, its about how much fun you have, either by youself, or with mates. I still play some of the old consoles, like the the xbox, i still have fun on that, i dont care about the graphics. Whats the point of playing a game that you dont like but has good graphics? You should like a game because of the story line or the fun you have, the graphics are just a bonus. One day, the graphics are going to be so good, the game will look fake.

  • @Brittany..I have both consoles but i really am an xbox have to take xbox for sure
    1:better and more comfortable controller than the ps3's
    2.multiplatform games run faster on xbox because of the better GPU live is way better than the PSN..PSN is laggy with no features and pretty much sucks,unlike xbox live which gives you many features but you have to pay 50$ for a year
    4.exclusive games is a personal opinion,,for example if you like shooter games you must take XBOX!!if you like action games take ps3

  • Brittany

    okay well I want a new Xbox360 Slim and NOW people are saying I should get PS3?!?! What should I get then?! All I'm saying , is that , if you people keep going back and forth about both consoles…so many people are going 2 be stressed and then not know what to get.
    Help me out here because you people are turning this into a huge thing. Yes , I know this battle between MSFT and Sony has been going on for MANY years. But , it's starting to get crazy.

    • brittany make the right chice pick xbox its way better than ps3 i got ps3 the first day i got it brand new it fails turns off by itself and overheated in less than a week unlike xbox360/slim its much more better better cooling system faster online no lag and the absulute shittest think on psn is than u have 2 have the same game to talke to friends and xbox u just have to join a xbox live party or great a party watever game u and your friends are playing u can tailk anyway if u get xbox and xbox live feel free 2 add me my gamertag is nemases1438 i am playing HALO 3 AND HALO REACH at the moment so there u go psn can go suk some terrorist dik on MW2 stupid ps fanboys how ridicules.

  • Hermann

    PS3 online gaming – Lag, get disconnected with no reason, players with more bandwidth always take advantage playing for example CoD MW2.
    The games and graphics from PS3 are fine and its really difficult to see any difference comparing to Xbox, the only issue I see is the online.
    I'm planning to buy the XBOX S, since almost all the users say that the Xbox Live really works without any lag, can someone confirm if it really works fine?

  • nez

    And for all you people saying that xbox live is better can all go to hell if anything psn is way better I had both psn is way smoother and easy to get used to xbox live with its 50 doller price tag and complicated steps to get connected is gay halo is gay the same game over and over shooting aliens all day is for loosers who have no sex life and probably never will

    • Fatboy

      And you sound like a fat bitch! Ps3 omg I jerk off the gaystation all day. I eat twinkies and love the cream. It reminds me of my fathers fat one. I swallow it.

  • nez

    Point blank the ps3 is a way better system it lookes better it preforms better and dosent get silly red rings of death. It also dosent have to make or should I say copy of its competitor to make it a good system xbox sucks the games suck and the graphics are poor ps3 has wayyy better graphichs the new xbox looks like a giant black shiny vcr with a vent that still gets hot like a stove so ps3 is way better in every way

  • james 114

    To be honest i both admire both consoles they are extremely good however I prefer the Xbox over the playstation because I dont really mind watching movies in definiton and not paying for online because I think xbox live dominates the online feature of the both. I like the playstation3 but I think that it could have a wider range of games such as THE BEST SHOOTER GAME EVER: HALO! I think that the playstation 3 was a last resort for sony because the PS2 IS CRAP! In all i prefer the xbox but I will still respect the followers of ps4

    • nez

      I find that very funny that you say the ps2 is crap because why is it that the ps2 is still gitting new games and the original xbox got dicontinued? Answer that for me.or the fact that I can go to gamestop and sell my gamecube or ps2 but not a xbox because its discontinued?

  • ahmed

    the new xbox is much better and smaller then the ps3

  • johnnie walker

    i believe that no more gaming consoles should be made as boyfriends in bedrooms performances go down hill as lack of concentration!

  • skinnyllamas

    im an xbox 360 kinda of guy i like ps3 you know free liv internet acces yeah cool but the 360 just feels good. all the info is on the dash bored when you cennect to live but on ps3 you have to golooking for it im just tolazy to clik X on an icon just to see what new.then yeah the internet thing my ps3 was cennected with wireless right next to my router and i tryed the internet thing it was really slow me being inpationt after 30 sec of loading just turn on my labtop and look up want i wantin like 5 sec so yeah. then one thing that always bothered me was the ps3 contorler it pissed me off was that it wass to small there was no nutral zone in the stick so every exact TWICH MY THUM DOSE it pics it up then it dies alot like tons

  • Mw2 killer GR /my xbox live gamertag add me plz


    Features PS3 Slim Xbox 360 Slim

    Hard Drive 250 GB 250 GB

    Hard Drive Upgrade Yes Yes

    Chipset 45nm 45nm

    WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g (max. 54Mbps IEEE 802.11b/g/n max. 300 Mbps)

    USB ports 2 5

    AV connections AV, HDMI, optical audio output AV, HDMI, optical audio output

    Video Playback Blue- Ray DVD DVD

    Backward compatible Yes Yes

    Online Multiplayer Yes Yes

    Touch sensitive buttons No Yes

    Power supply Internal power supply External power supply

    Wireless Controller Yes Yes

    Dimensions (width x height x length)

    29 x 6.5 x 29 cm 27 x 7.5, x 26.4 cm

    Weight 3.2 kg 2.9 kg

    Online Play Free 50$ per year

    Base Price $349.99 $299.99

  • jam

    i think the desighn of the 360 is sleek and great but the ps3 has better graphics. even though more people would buy the desighn,gaming experience,and online play. i recommend the 360 because of the desighn and the very maximum giggibites. but thre ps3 has more grapphics and bluray. but please choose on size, weight, desighn,graphics,compatibilaty,gaming,ECT.

  • """"""trigga2.6""""" if you like shooter games take xbox if you like action games like heavy rain or god of war take ps3…….it's your choice…..i have both of consoles and i like more the xbox slim because of the halo,gears of war…….and because of xbox live which in my opinion beats the ps3 network which is kind of "lagy" and it sucks….but for xbox live you have to pay 50$ a year…not much but it's up to you!!!!! also if you want α console for online gameplaying or playing with your friends you should by xbox but if you want a console only for you buy ps3!!

  • trigga2.6

    what should i get 360 or ps3

    • Ash

      Xbox 360.
      I have had both consoles and trust me 360 is the kings crown

  • chris

    the new 360 is great better than ps3

  • kahwaldeh

    Do not forget that the xbox360 without the AC adapter, even if you add a weight and size of the AC adapter the ps3 became the lighter weight and smaller

  • kahwaldeh

    Do not forget that the xbox360 without the adapter, even if you add a weight and size of the adapter the ps3 became the lighter weight and smaller

  • XBOX


    • Affie 24

      I must agree Xbox get all the latest updates before PS3 and if you don't believe me, the 360 got both CoD Mw2 map packs before Ps3. We also get a wider range of games such as thousands of arcade games and I don't remember Ps3 getting smash hit games such as HALO 3 and Gears of war.

    • Dwchface

      Why are you yelling?

  • Bill

    They cant put blu ray in the 360 becuase sony/ps3 have the rights to it

  • GameFreek

    Got to admit as a PS3 owner, I do love having free online gaming and blu-ray. However with regards to GAMING I feel the 360 is one of the top contenders, if not the leader.


    Firstly it's the internet gaming community that is purely fantastic and much more comprehensive than Sony's, plus the 360 the ability to score achievements whilst playing games, it's also another wonderful feature of the 360. Something that Sony has tried to replicate in its 'trophies' feature in the PS3. Which really isn't that impressive as most of the games I own for the PS3 don't support it, with the exception of Far Cry 2.

    There were only a few things Microsoft had to do to make their console appealing to a wider audience, and they were:

    1. Fix the reliability issues.
    2. Reduce the noise of that blinkin' disc drive (the sound was horrendous).
    3. Reduce the size of the 'power brick' or get rid of it completely.
    4. Build Wifi into the console.
    5. Find a means of supporting blu-ray via a peripheral device, something not too dissimilar to the HD-DVD addon.
    6. Allowing people to backup AND write data to a peripheral device, like an external hard disk drive. (Although the Slim allows people to back data up to 16GB onto a USB pen drive)

    Oh yeah and the obvious one is make the whole unit a lot slimmer, which they have achieved marvellously!
    It's just a shame that they've not made any ground on points 5 and 6, I wish they had because I'd be absolutely jumping for joy about its release.

    Unfortunately Microsoft is not very creative with regards to the 360's design, considering they've copied some of Sony's design features on the PS3. For example the touch sensitive buttons and glossy black covering for the console.
    Nevertheless the 360's aesthetic faculties make it all the more appealing to the eye, and make me want to purchase it.

    Like the reviewer has already mentioned, the size of the console is inconsequential it's hardly going to fill a living room. I'd only be purchasing the console for the gaming experience only, blu-ray in my opinion doesn't really make monster waves in the gaming world. Sure it has a colossal storage capacity on a single disc, but more than likely games developers are going to under use that particular feature, whilst producing cross-platform games like Assassins Creed and Call of Duty among others.

    The DVD medium is just as flexible as Blu-ray for gaming purposes, look at Bungie's leaps in graphics in the upcoming Halo game.
    All that is done from clever use of compression and graphics design, storage is not really an issue.

    So for now my money is on the 360, I'm definitely gonna get one I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a 'Golden Turkey'.

    • Pitseleh0

      Good comment. But I would disagree with one point. "The DVD medium is just as flexible as Blu-ray for gaming purposes"…is not quite accurate (though I sort of agree). They are not the same, just different. Graphics and whatnot are all in the programming, the disk and drive only influence it in this manner: DVD cannot hold as much information as a BluRay (by far). Not that the quality is less, but it just isnt as big a storage space. For instance, Final Fantasy 13 is 3 DVDs rather than 1 BluRay. The flip side of that coin is the drive itself. Similar to how CD-ROM drives were very slow early on (say 2x or 4x) BluRay is still in its early stages and suffers from that. That is why so much data from a PS3 game is installed on the HD, to speed up the read for gameplay. DVD does not suffer from that bottleneck. However if BluRays end up going 52x like CDs did then there wont be any problems at all.
      So is one better than the other in terms of gaming? Depends who you ask. I prefer the BluRay myself, but I give credit where credit is due. DVD has an upside. I just override the BluRay bottleneck by putting a 500GB drive in my PS3 and not caring how much stuff I install on it.

  • Guest

    Honestly, both consoles are GREAT, however, I favor the PS3 for it's great exclusives. The Xbox has awesome exclusives, such as Halo 3, but Killzone 2 is much better. My brother has Xbox, and he lets me play it. When I play Halo 3 online, I notice something. The controls and gameplay. Ranked matches are essentially races to the best guns, and whoever has them first will probably win. Otherwise, it's shooting each other and hoping you don't die first. The aiming is also PERFECTLY solid, which is uncomfortable. There is NO recoil, except for the SMG, but all that does is pull the sight up a bit. Killzone 2 has very unresponsive controls, but if you practice with skirmish or unranked matches, you can learn to evolve from common FPS's, like CoD, which IS good, but it's different. In Killzone 2, if you aim down the sight for every kill, you won't have 10 for at least an hour. I got the hang, and now I am one of this weeks top 300 players. That's under 1%. BUT, Killzone 2 also DOES have a bad story, at first glance. If you would go to and view the entire storyline, you can see how it actually combines the whole story into a fluid, 1% possible story, starting from the end of nuclear warfare. Halo 3 has an epic, easy to get into story, Killzone 2 has awesome firefights in Single and Multiplayer modes. And that's all I have to say about that. [/gump] That settles a dispute over 2 great games over both consoles. For me, at least.

  • The PS3 is a better console. I have owned a Xbox 360 and it broke 4 times! I had to pay for the online 60 $ the wifi 80 $, and the controllers always killed the batteries I 20 $. So I sold all that garbage and bough a PS3 . Bluray,Free Online, PSn store has movies for rent and buy, better hardware, reliebale, wifi built in, bluetooth built in, and it can connect to my surround sound speakers.

    • David

      And only half a dozen decent exclusive games to play on it. Developers need to pull their finger out and not give us sub -standard ports.

    • LuiZ

      because u dont take care of the Xbox

  • XboxStarKiller

    MSFT is a sham, they build a smaller console with 1 fan and same heat problem. Only Idiot Xbox or Idiot Consumer will buy.

    Is like selling manure, nobody would eat manure, but if it package in a candy or a NY Style cheesecake, people will eat…Xbox is a garbage..

    • MeTaL FrEaK

      u r right about Xbox-360 slim edition…. only one fan … which one is too keep kool…. but at last they added wi-fi… ps-3 sli… i heard that it has now breakdown problem…like overheating…. why the hell sony do this to PS-3… i really dont get it … n also PSP- 4000 go… i really aint get it

    • guest

      wow thats a great way to put it

      • guest

        the over heating issue is fixed

    • mate you are garbage xbox slim has way more to offer in xbox live its got the best wi-fi u can get in a console (been proven) unlike the ps3 slim this xbox slim ia actually SLIM ps3 is figger than a bloody suit case and they call it ps3 slim my ass xbox is and always will be better microsoft is soo much bigger than that childs play sony so.. suk on it mate that goes for all u ps3 fanboys

    • PURExr0Adki1l

      I think Xbox 360 is much better that PS3. The first xbox I bought worked perfectly for 3 years and is still working. It really depends on what xbox you buy. If you get an old version of an xbox (xenon, zypher, falcon), then you will probably get Red Ring of Death. If you get a jasper xbox then you will probably get a good xbox that will last a long time. Because every xbox microsoft makes is better than their last xbox, I think that the xbox 360 slim is really good and will last a very long time. I heard that the xbox 360 slim is almost immune to all Red Ring of Death problems.

  • Dwad

    The advantage of the PS3 is that it is much better than the 360 console.

    • Evan

      totaly your opinion. I for one, like the 360 due to the games it shares with pc that i cant play on my pc. I also like the superior service xbox live has to offer.

      • ghinasky

        but Valve will be changing that fact now on the PS3

      • manfid

        what xbox games you cant play on a pc?

  • Ryan

    It may be smaller but the ps3 has blu ray in it. As for the design I like the black copy ps3 much?

    • Ryan z

      its not copying when everything now is all glossy coated everything is fridges tvs remotes all glossy if they kept the same dust look it wouldnt look modern

      • jam

        i think your so true glossy does look more modern and it feels smooth unlike the ps3 wich is sort of rough on the hands

    • TimeLord

      who cares about blu ray.
      its not much diffrent than HD

    • edge

      i dont care about blu ray becayuse i dont need it. 360 has better games and same 1080p

    • LuiZ

      it docent matter if it has blu-ray

  • renegade987

    The new Xbox isn't a slim, just a new updated model.

    • angelo

      yeah the acctual name microsoft gave it was "new xbox 360"

  • Stew

    Prefer the PS3 Slim, as the power brick is annoying. If you have an original Xbox360, you need ANOTHER power brick for Natal… (and $190)…