Xbox 360 Slim: Has Microsoft fixed RROD?

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2010

We have some interesting news to report to you now, as a info sheet from Microsoft’s new slim line console has revealed that the new unit is seemingly ‘incapable’ of providing a red light upon failure.

If you head over to Joystiq, you’ll be able to see the info sheet that they have claimed from one of their tipsters. It reveals basic specs for the new console, such as dimensions and some of the new features.

However, if you closely at the information, you’ll see that under the Ring Of Light heading, Microsoft has listed ‘Green Only. What does this mean exactly?

Does this mean that Microsoft has completely fixed the RROD issue, or does it just mean that the console will simply display a green light if an issue occurs?

You can bet that Microsoft will clear things up for us soon. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this. What are the chances of ‘GROD’ becoming a household term?

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  • Newton Le

    I have the exact problem I swear to god. My name is Newton Le and i can also provide video and pictures of the red brick. Its not some phony ps3 fan boy video this shit is real. You can e-mail me on my facebook. Ive had mine for a month and a half and it doesn't turn on randomly. Ive tried tons ways to figuring it out but it chooses when it can turn on. So irritated beyond belief

  • Peter

    it has the rrod problem

    here and go to 1:40 to avoid the guy speaking

  • Danny

    Watch the related videos, the xbox will have a red light on the power brick if it fails…

  • beatlesfan1990

    Did you not read about all the stuff they did to make the system run cooler? Think before you speak and make yourself sound like an idiot

    • Zeuqzav

      Well Maybe you should do the same because maybe RRoD is Fixed but now we have the New RDoT (Red Dot Of Tragedy). instead of the ring of light turning red, the dot of light in the middle of the power button is the one thet turns red.

      • kkgkfjkfgfgfg

        Tragedy O.o i thought terror then i read the brackets xD but nice one 😛

  • Andrew

    The main reason for the RROD in the first place was the heat generated by the system (sure there was power brick and A/V, but a mass of the RROD was from the heat). The Xbox 360 Slim has a more efficient fan, as well as a new chipset that produces less heat. it doesnt surprise me that the RROD's have been eliminated. It is not the same product, its new and improved. I think the only problems with this system in the future is the A/V and fingerprints, Thats it! I cant wait to get my hands on my own this weekend!

    • Guest

      Just wipe it down after u get ur hands on it…..LOL

      • sg2k4

        true dat 🙂 cant wait to get mine 😡

    • Anonymous

      from what i heard, the RROD was actually caused by Microsoft using lead free solder on the Ball Grid Array that connects the chip to the board, when the console is put through the thermal cycles of cooling and heating (normal use) the solder will crack and cause resistance on various pins of the chip.. Cooling does have alot to do with it, but hopefully they didnt use crappy solder this time!

  • bocajbee

    RROD death was pratically fixed 5 months ago(jeez it only took them 4 years).

  • tre

    im pretty sure it means its solved becuse it says green only and when u turn it on its green so how do we know so rrod is done yesss!!!!!

    • danny

      The Power brick will have a red light if it fails, look at the related videos

  • john

    ill get ahold of you tomarow alan