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Office 2010 Web Apps: Detailed Review

For years we have depended on installed software to make our computers more than the sum of their parts, but that is all about to change with the introduction of cloud computing. However Microsoft do not seem fully committed to this idea just yet, which is evident with its simultaneous release Office 2010 Web Apps and Office 2010 software.

Neil McAllister from Infoworld has written a detailed review of Web Apps, which also appears on PC World, and it seems that he is not too impressed – saying that it is limited, mediocre and dismal. It is not all bad; he commends Office Web Apps for its browser support instead of being biased to just one – Internet Explorer.

The version that will have the broadest appeal looks to be the free, consumer version. However, there will also be two business versions – SaaS edition and on-premise rendition. All three versions offer the same core functionality, but it is the business versions that add a number of collaboration features.

McAllister fears that if you took away all the fancy Office 2010 look and feel, then Office Web Apps is much the same as Google Docs – not great for a company that prides themselves on this kind of software. For a detailed review visit PC World from the link above.



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