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Motorola Droid X, Droid 2: Release Date for Verizon Unveil Confirmed

We have some great news for those of you planning to pick up one of the upcoming Motorola Droid handsets, as the company has announced an event in which one, or even both devices could be unveiled ‘officially’.

Customers on Verizon will already know about the Droid X and Droid 2, since both handsets have been the subject of continuous leaks over the past few weeks.

With that in mind, Motorola has announced that on June 23rd, the ‘next generation of Droid’ will be unveiled. Press invites are being sent out as we speak, while Verizon and Adobe will be on hand at the event to have their say as well.

Is that an early hint that the Motorola Droid 2 will definitely be on show at the event? Don’t forget that the handset will be rocking Adobe Flash 10.1, so it looks like it!

Let us know your thoughts on this.



  • jesus

    no its coming on th 15th of july . i just checked yesterday with a vz representative.

  • Josh

    The Droid X is going to be available on July fifth but no clue about the Droid 2. I was just at the Verizon Store/ and look online.

  • Yeah, I believe only the X is going to be announced on the 23rd. Aside from considerable unofficial speculation, only the X is mentioned as coming out soon on I hope that I'm wrong though

  • justin

    i heard just the x was on the 19th and the 2 was gonna be aug.

  • Patty

    Why don' t these phones have v2.2????

  • droidfanatic

    are they releasing BOTH the droid x and the droid 2 on the 19th? Or just the droid x?

  • reneeswifts

    On July 19. Verizon and Motorola will unleash the two droids. And it will be like deja Vu all over again!


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