Mortal Kombat Characters List: Your top picks?

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2010

Have you caught up with all of the latest gossip for Mortal Kombat yet? New details were revealed for the game at E3 2010, most notably that the game will feature 3D support on the PS3 next year.

We also managed to see some new fatalities via an off-screen video at E3 – look it up on YouTube. The one thing gamers are dying to find out though, is what characters will be included in the new game.

We have only had 8 characters confirmed so far, these are Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Kung Lao, Mileena, Johnny Cage, Nightwolf and Sector. Compared to the scale of the Mortal Kombat universe, that is a pretty small number.

So who would you like to make an appearance in the game? The possibilities are endless for Warner Bros. and writer Ed Boon, although they have hinted that a lot of the fighters from MKI, II and III will ‘probably’ be included in game.

I’ll start off with my picks. I definitely want to see Cyrax in there. He might be on the ‘maybe’ list of characters to be added, but I hope they put him in as a definite. Liu Kang will certainly be added, as will Shang Tsung. We have already seen Raiden and Shao Kahn confirmed, so that is two more to add to the list. Other favorites I like include Ermac, Kabal and Robot Smoke.

I’m sure you have ideas too, let us know your favorite picks for Mortal Kombat 2011.

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  • Anonymous

    ya know the mortal kombat series is cool but is there ever going to be a mortal kombat 10 or is mortal kombat 9 the last one

  • Anonymous

    here is the list of the dlc characters I want in mortal kombat 9

  • Joe

    No offence, but all you guys know nothing about Mortal Kombat. “The grey haired girl that does like Sonic?” WTF Seriously, ur either talking about Sindel or Jataka! Nevermind though but I can kick all ur asses and u know it!!!! Im superior, i can even kick ur ass with that pussy Mokap!!!!

  • mortalkombatlover

    All of the characters from the mortal kombat armageddon. 🙂 You basically have half of them already. Just add the rest as dlc if possible. If not, just get as many characters as you can. The more to choose from the better. That way people don't get bored as much. More moves to learn, new fatalities. 🙂

  • Well I want

    Kano(deadly alliance)





    Johnny cage(deadly alliance)



    Liu kang(mk)





    Kung Lao(mk2)


    • calvin egbon

      dude so boringggg!!!!!

  • vinod

    is this game released or going to release on 2011 i am waiting

  • vinod

    is this game is online playable

  • I don't know I think any Mortal Kombat without The original lineup including Liu Kang is just a shot in the dark. Liu Kang was my favorite character back in the day because he was like Bruce Lee. The Original Lineup would be sweet Trrilogy all over would be sweet!

  • croatiansensation

    As long as they dont forget the "random select" option for online. That way you can prove to the other person that you are above his/her level….I don't care with wich character i beat your ass 🙂

  • D-inside

    Don't ask, but here is what to expect….keep in mind the 1-3 stories are going to change and so will the 'champion' also events that make certain characters them are going to twist the apperance of some.

    9.Kung Lao
    13.Smoke(his character makes more sinces as a cyborg)
    21.Quan Chi
    24.Shang Tsung
    26.Jonny Cage
    27. Liu Kang (not the champion)

    • calvin egbon

      your stuff is garbage

  • debackerlevi

    motaro,ermac,sinder,noob saibot,smoke,kintaro must be playable in the game because they are so awesome! yeah MORTAL KOMBAT !!!

  • Austin

    Barracka and kintaro/goro would make a great addition to the Mortal Kombat Game, so would Motaro the horse man, noob, smoke, rain, jax, cyrax, kano, chalmean are people as well

  • MortalFan

    The new Mortal Kombat, if it wants to recapture the former glory of it’s predecessors who brought violence to the television screen on a level not previously seen, need to get their original characters back in there:

    Jax, Sonya, Human Smoke, Shang Tsung, Kitana, Kano, Raiden, etc… But? But they also need to remember those other important characters that made the series great:

    Cyrax, Sektor Robot Smoke, Shao Khan, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Jade (or Tanya, whichever is preferable in the situation), Kabal, and possibly even Sindel.

    Get rid of the new characters- all of them seemed so hashed up without much thought or backstory.

    And speaking of backstory? Make it count! All the fighters always seem so 1-dimensional, with so little reason to actually give a damn about who they are, or why they’re fighting. Get rid of Shujinko, Bo Rai Cho, that guy with the cybernetic heart, Havok, Frost, Nitara, and everyone else that looked to be added in on the premise of “Dude, what if we had a character that…”

  • faust


  • Travis

    I know the focus is on characters from the first three games, but one other character I would still like to see is Quan Chi. Otherwise I'd say most of my favorite characters have already been confirmed…except Liu Kang. If he's not in the game, the creative staff can expect a p*ssed off email from me.

  • khole

    i personaly would love to see kabal noob kano smoke ninja or cyborg goro old ass shang sung turning into characters in the game i would also like to see some of the best fan made characters like hornbuckle or toxic the blue cyborg or maybe even tremor the browen ninja just for a change of things but it is said some of the characters might be turning cybernetic that weren't before so idk about that but every thing by far is the shit

  • Fito

    what do you think? :

    Human smoke (hidden)
    Jade ( hidden)
    Sonya (MKII)
    Ermac (hidden)
    Jax (MK2, MK3 hidden)
    Reptile (MK2)
    Kitana (MK2)
    Mileena (MK2)

  • OHimaFan

    All the characters , but if not possible , Noob 'not the robot' and cyrax and hmmm that girl with the grey hair thats long and does like sonic kinda blue waves 🙂

  • Kortal Kombat Champion

    They already have my favorite MILEENA so I am happy. So perhapes Reptile or Khameleon Maybe get some rare Mortal Kombat Characters =)

  • ocj12345

    Oh yeah, and Baraka, can't forget Baraka!

  • joseph

    i say they put in all characters from armaggedon and more of the old sega characters

    • Kortal Kombat Champion

      Joseph…. Armaggedon had EVERY CHARACTER from the MK Series EXECPT Khameleon (not to be confused with Chameleon lol in it)who was actually on the Wii addition for Armageddon. So by putting all the characters of Armaggedon in the game they would in turn put EVERY character from the old games and new lol EVERYONE would be on there =)

      • Javon Batiste

        homie that all sounds great but they are only added characters who wuz in mk 1,2,3, I been playing kombat all my life since I was 5 I have beyond enough experience to kick anyone azz

        • Keemo

          I lived MK all my life as well, I can't begin to tell you how many have stepped into battle with me saying the exact same thing ur saying on here. I'm the crafty veteran, yet so are a lot of other lovers of the franchise. U will lose, because you fight for all the wrong reasons my friend. I'll have to take you up on that challenge, I accept.

  • ocj12345

    Well, I'm hoping to see some superman, maybe some marvel characters, the Mario bros… NO I'm just kidding. Mortal Kombat is one of those games that doesn't work as a crossover. Let's see the original characters from the first game to start, Liu Kang, Sonya, Kano, and I think the rest are already in there. Then we need to have Jax, Kitana, Shang Tsung, Cyrax, maybe Kabal and Noob. Also maybe Ermac, he ended up being a pretty cool character. Get rid of a lot of the clone characters like Rain and Chamilion, and the characters everyone hates like Darrius, Hotaru and most of the new characters. And as a Sub Boss I want to see Goro.

  • Tinman

    Im pretty sure all the characters from MK 1,2 & 3 will feature. However there are a few UMK3 Characters I would like to see. Noob Saibot, Cyber Smoke & Rain. I hear they are aiming for at least 26. Im hoping for 30. Whatever the number is, the game looks fantastic and has rekindled my interest in Mortal Kombat.

    • ''rekindled my interest in Mortal Kombat.''

      You and me both Tinman! 🙂

  • I dont know

    Nice pick of characters Alan, Sub and Scorpion (my 2 favourites) are already there so maybe Blaze (old and MKA version), Sareena perhaps? or Bo Rai Cho…..his fart finishing was awesome =D

    • Javon

      Must I remind you that Bo-Rai-Cho was not in mk 1,2 or 3 so he will not be added it doesn"t make differnce who they add any way cause everyone is gonna feel my wraith anyway I been playing since I was 5 I have about master everything yall best look out for Ryu Hobayashi 19 online You have been warn so tell all yoour friends