Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Giveaway: Gift or Bribe?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 17, 2010

When we heard that Microsoft had given away thousands of their new Xbox 360 Slim units we were shocked, as they would have cost them a huge amount of money. However, this press giveaway has not cost as much as you think – especially when you think of all the free press that they get from it. This leads to the question – was it a gift or bribe?

It is nothing new when companies such as Microsoft give away a certain amount of products for websites and blogs to review – but this giveaway is different, as they do not have to remain where they had been sent. Matt Peckham from PC World reckons that it was unprecedented.

Those who attended the Microsoft keynote during E3 2010 were told that the new Xbox 360 Slim will ship to stores immediately, and that all those in attendance were to get a free unit as well. Microsoft told them that it was a gift, but there have been those suggestions that it was all a bribe.

Peckham says that it was not a bribe but just a way of persuading you to like their product instead. It has been estimated that this giveaway cost Microsoft $500,000, that’s a huge amount of money to throw away. There are those who feel that they should have gave these systems away to a children’s charity – the ones who do not even own a games console.

Whatever the reason, the new Xbox 360 Slim will be a welcome addition to the games console market.

So come on, do you think that this was a gift or bribe?

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  • Carol

    Many years I have invested in Microsoft and have went through much. From the 80s until ’08, I was a solid fan. I lost everything. I remember playing Asheron’s Call. AOL had started an area called Worldplay and forced all the users to either pay to play or leave. I used to hang at the Zone and play spades and hearts for free. I even remember when it was started. Then I heard about Asheron’s Call. Asheron’s Call was way more fun than World of Warcraft. Played it 3 1/2 years straight and had the most awesome gaming experiences. I wish I could get a system and was able to game again. Now I found I have cancer and it would help take my mind off all the pain. Maybe one day I will find myself at the Zone again.

  • Jai boyd

    i dont think its a bribe it just prob they had to much or something…..

    but i wont one and now…… with halo reach,call of duty modem warfare 2 and4 and pure

  • Celidus

    Obviously it was a bribe. If it were a gift then Micro$ucks would have given them out randomly not just to members of the press.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Xbox 360, I just hate Micro$ucks business practices. It's apparent that they fell asleep in all those business ethics classes that they took in college, including Bill himself. Heck, he even stole the Windows operating system from Xerox.

  • jeff

    FU??, they should have gave me one since 2 of them broke on me 3years ago and since I've been playing wii and my old xbox…………..

    I wonder if I called them and asked them for one would they give me one? ahh, probably not but that would be the right thing to do, this just makes me think even more when my xbox 360's both broke they should have fixed them FREE………….

    wish I was their!

  • Paul

    can somebody if there were any gaming fans in that room or just the press who got the free xbox? I think that the gaming fans who spend hundred if not thousands of dollars on games, consoles, accesoires and payment for thei xbox live services monthly or yearly deserve it more than the gamepress who get all the games and stuff for free to review them…. that's just gay.

  • dvorak143

    If people believe Microsoft should give them away to children's charities, then those people who received one should give them away to children's charities.

    Just like someone said 'bout Oprah, it's a gift! Enjoy it as you like. If you don't like it and are all high and mighty, then do your own thing and don't be jealous.

  • The real improvement that I can see with this is its connectivity with KINECT and an expandable storage capacity. Although, I do welcome its new features like (zune connectivity and ESPN 3) as well as with the price! It's still 299 USD.Xbox 360 Slim Complete details

    I believe this giveaway, is just like those from Oprah.

  • Tony

    A gift! There is way to much speculation out there on companies like this… 500,000 dollars for microsoft is like throwing a penny in the sink for even most white collar Americans.

  • RockZillaXXX

    Haha we are talking M$, he is guy who made deals so that his was the only company that could make operating systems, effectively industrial espionage or just greed? Either way

    Bribe Obviously.. and yes it should have been kids who can't afford consoles.. in fact better anyone.

    Love my Console.. but I love my Elite no more than my 60gig PS3, PC, PSP, etc

  • Andrew

    I think its a joke even to consider it a bribe. It was E3! Go big or go home. Microsoft brought out a new product, and then shocked us all by giving out thousands of brand new systems. Doesn't get much more memorable than that! And also, the charity thing can be said for all give-aways! Good PR move on MS's point, and I will be happy to join the thousands who already have the system this weekend! Cant wait!

  • Michael

    Microsoft bribes everyone and everything.. Look how often they bribe game companies to not release games on other platforms or delay on other platforms. Microsoft is all about bribing all the time.

    If they can't bribe you, they buy you.

  • dvdfdf

    I wanted one :'(