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Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Giveaway: Gift or Bribe?

When we heard that Microsoft had given away thousands of their new Xbox 360 Slim units we were shocked, as they would have cost them a huge amount of money. However, this press giveaway has not cost as much as you think – especially when you think of all the free press that they get from it. This leads to the question – was it a gift or bribe?

It is nothing new when companies such as Microsoft give away a certain amount of products for websites and blogs to review – but this giveaway is different, as they do not have to remain where they had been sent. Matt Peckham from PC World reckons that it was unprecedented.

Those who attended the Microsoft keynote during E3 2010 were told that the new Xbox 360 Slim will ship to stores immediately, and that all those in attendance were to get a free unit as well. Microsoft told them that it was a gift, but there have been those suggestions that it was all a bribe.

Peckham says that it was not a bribe but just a way of persuading you to like their product instead. It has been estimated that this giveaway cost Microsoft $500,000, that’s a huge amount of money to throw away. There are those who feel that they should have gave these systems away to a children’s charity – the ones who do not even own a games console.

Whatever the reason, the new Xbox 360 Slim will be a welcome addition to the games console market.

So come on, do you think that this was a gift or bribe?



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