Medal Of Honor Beta Start Time: Do you have a key?

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2010

Today is a very exciting day for one main reason. It is the start of the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta for Playstation 3 and PC gamers. Well, if you have access to a beta key of course!

As confirmed at E3 2010, EA announced that the beta will officially start on June 21st. However, those of you who pre-ordered the game OR have a VIP code from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be able to enter on June 17 – today!

At the moment, EA hasn’t given us a specific time on when the beta will kick off, but they advise us to keep checking the official beta website here for updates.

I didn’t pre-order the game, but I have my VIP code from Bad Company 2 at the ready – what about you? We’ll let you know when we hear more details from EA.

See you in game!

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  • manos

    hi im new this game and i need code plz give my one plz

  • waqar2000

    i need a key for moh beta plz!

  • waqar2000

    i need a key for medal of honor beta!!

  • desa

    ist that code worked?

  • ron

    I have the new metal of honor and its working but when i am in play mode i get a black blank across my screen any ideas

  • ron

    Hi i have preorderd metal of honor from EA games can't play the beta vertion i have noy got the code help please

  • ron

    Hi i have preodered metal of honor but can't lpay the beta vertion help

  • ron

    Hi i also preordered metal of honor but still not got the key i was told by the support team it takes a few hours can some one help please

  • Dhakan

    The code is – ELB2-RALP-JD3G-3QDJ

    • ron

      this code do not work

    • lynn

      it not working…huhu
      mine have 5 space

  • drake

    do i have to have bbc2?to play the beta?

  • plz give me a key >?

  • Clueless

    So do i need both preorder and VIP to play on the 17th or just the VIP.

  • f18superhornet

    what about pc gamers
    they don't have any VIP code, do they?

  • buba

    pls key me )

    • OC SIC BOY

      what must i do/where must i go in oreder to get to the beta and what if i dont remember my ea account membership information can i contact someone to help me out with this? can someone anyone please help me out with this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM DESPERATE 4 THIS INFO

    • waqar2000

      u got key?

  • gamerelite

    vip code is only if you wanna play early, preorders can play 21 june



  • Kale

    you need to go to and enter your EA account. you MUST have bought battlefield bad company 2 brand new and have had a VIP account. IN ADDITION you MUST preorder the game. so far the only way to get a preorder code for the 17th is to preorder the game from the EA store online. gamestop wont have codes til tomorrow (the 18th). hope this clears things up, i spent a bit of time on EA customer support lines so i know this is all fact.

    • ALWX

      DUM FUQS

      • Marx

        what a dumm bitch you are. talking with the people like that.. you should write like that to your boyfriend.

  • source please mate.

  • jay

    what if u dont have ur vip code anymore will ea send u a message

  • Roop

    So do you just type your vip code into the site?

    • anon1

      No, you type your beta key into the site. In order to get a Beta key for Medal of Honor you must 1) Be a BFBC2 VIP & 2) Have pre-ordered Medal of Honor from one of the participating retailers.

      I pre-ordered from GameStop yesterday but have still not received my code.

      • ron

        Hi i preodered mine from EA games idid not get my key what hope is ther

  • Rob

    Do you have to pre-order to receive the access key? I've already purchased BC2 and am wondering if I can just use my VIP code again

    • Yes Rob, you'll be able to get in with your VIP code. What console do you have?

      • soccer

        no alan… u cant get in with ur VIP code… u need VIP code AND beta key to play on 17th…u dumb sh1t

        • Zach Darren

          Yes soccer is indeed correct. You must preorder the game to receive the access code to enter the beta. All that having the VIP code for Battlefield Bad Company 2 does is lets you play 4 days earlier, today.

        • source please!

        • Bob

          actually dumb sh1t you need VIP code and PRE ORDER beta redemption key. Hypocrite…

      • Rafael

        ur an idiot, you need to both preorder and have a VIP code to play on JUNE 17. Otherwise if you just have the preoder but no VIP code then you will be able to play JUNE 21 which is the regular date that the beta comes out. All VIP does is let you play early. Webiste is not up yet tho, they said they are working on getting the site up so we can input our codes.

  • Corey

    Hey I would just like to let you know that you do indeed need to pre-order the game to play the beta. All that Bad Company 2 allows you to do is play it starting on June 17th, rather than June 21st.

  • blahblah

    well…its the 17th and i'm waiting for some kind of announcement..I want to play now but wont pre-order until I see PROOF I can play right now! 12:10am