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Medal Of Honor Beta Start Time: Do you have a key?

Today is a very exciting day for one main reason. It is the start of the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta for Playstation 3 and PC gamers. Well, if you have access to a beta key of course!

As confirmed at E3 2010, EA announced that the beta will officially start on June 21st. However, those of you who pre-ordered the game OR have a VIP code from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be able to enter on June 17 – today!

At the moment, EA hasn’t given us a specific time on when the beta will kick off, but they advise us to keep checking the official beta website here for updates.

I didn’t pre-order the game, but I have my VIP code from Bad Company 2 at the ready – what about you? We’ll let you know when we hear more details from EA.

See you in game!



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