iPhone 4: New Release Date for Pre-Order Shipping

By Alan Ng - Jun 17, 2010

We have some important news for those of you planning to pre-order an iPhone this week, as Apple has again updated the Apple Store with a new shipping release date for pre-orders.

As reported from BGR, Apple only updated their store a few hours ago, informing everyone that the shipping date had been changed from June 24th, to July 2nd.

However, this has changed again. Customers who pre-order the device from this day onwards, should expect it to be shipped on July 14th. As BGR point out, that is a whole 20 days after launch date. Some of you must be disappointed with this after Apple stated they would be better placed to cope with demand this time around.

There is still no update on pre-ordering the white model either – it is still unavailable at the moment. Let us know your thoughts on the new date.

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